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Web Design Contest with $1,000 Cash Prize

Posted · Category: Announcement

Few weeks ago, we have introduced a new web publishing platform called Wix. Wix allows users to create stunning web content without the need to use high end publishing design packages and without the need to code. Wix enables anyone to fully customize their sites without being constrained by the typical template based solutions.

Web Design Contest with $1,000 Cash Prize

Today, Wix is exclusively offering WebAppers readers to participate in a web design contest and have a chance to win $1,000. Joining the contest is easy. You just need to follow 4 steps as below.

1. Register an account on Wix. And then send your Wix username to webappers@wix.com in order to let us know you would like to join the contest.

2. You have 10 days to create a flash website or widget based on the Wix platform and customize it the way you like. The topic of the site must be hotel, spa or restaurant. You can use any content on the Wix site or upload your own media (png, jpeg, or swf). And then submit your work to webappers-prize@wix.com by 27th June 2008 6th July 2008 .

3. You will receive an email acknowledging for your submitted work along with a short questionnaire about Wix. You simply reply the email with your answers of 5 questions of the questionnaire.

4. On 29th June 2008 8th July 2008, Wix will then choose the 5 finalists from the sites submitted. And they will be announced on WebAppers. All of the readers on WebAppers will then be able to vote for their favorite from the list.

After 3 days of voting. We will count the votes and announce 2 winners on 2nd July 2008 11th July 2008. The 1st place will get $700 and The 2nd place will get $300. All payment will be made via PayPal.

*** UPDATED 27-06-2008
We have received a lot of requests for a timing extension. Therefore, we have extended the design contest by a week (until July 6th).

Conditions of Entry and Contest Rules

  • All participants must be registered users at Wix.com.
  • All participants are subject to the Wix.com terms of use.
  • To be eligible, your entry must be submitted by 27th June 2008
  • The winning entry must be the authors own work
  • The winners will receive the cash prize via a paypal account.
  • In order to be eligible to win the user must register to the contest through the e-mail box provided above and provide a link to the wix document by 27th June 2008. In addition, once you submit the wix document you will need to complete a short questioner about wix
  • Wix finalist and community choice decisions are final. Wix reserved the right to withdraw any entry from the competition or decide on a winner.
  • Websites containing profane or abusive content shall be automatically disqualified.
  • All content created for the purposes of the competition can be presented and used by Wix as templaters on Wix.com, with a credit for the content appearing in the Wix blog.

20 Winners of DreamTemplate Free Memberships

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for all of the participants of “Giving Away 20 DreamTemplate Memberships for Free“. DreamTemplate has picked the following winners as follow. You will receive an email from DreamTemplate soon.

1. jeckyll 2. Michael 3. Eugene 4. Peter 5. blog.nerbles.com
6. Conica 7. Lonnie 8. Johan 9. Jonathan 10. Paul
11. Jesse Foster 12. Ben 13. Yoyo 14. Steve 15. trevis
16. XGhozt 17. Mohammad Taki 18. Ghofrani 19. Fipsy 20. Melissa

Winners of DreamTemplate Announced within Next 2 Days

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for all of the participants of “Giving Away 20 DreamTemplate Memberships for Free“. We were supposed to announce the winners on 21st April. However, there are over 160 comments so far, it takes some time to digest and pick the best comments. Therefore, we are still waiting for DreamTemplate to pick the winners.

Sorry for the delay. We will announce the winners once we have received the reply from DreamTemplate. Hopefully, it can be done within the next 2 days.

Thanks again for all of the participants.

Giving Away 20 DreamTemplate Memberships for Free

Posted · Category: Announcement

Designing websites could be a real headache for some of the webmasters. Sometimes, we just want to relax and let some of the professional designers do the website design for us. However, it could be really expensive to hire some of the best designers out there at the moment. DreamTemplate is designed for people who do not want to spend big money on designers and do not have a lot of time to spend on designing their own websites. Unlike similar website templates company which is charging $35 – $70 per website template.

Instead, with less than $60/yr , you can have instant access to 3,000+ Premium Web Templates, CSS / Flash Templates or even Corporate ID Kits, Powerpoint, Word Templates, PDF Templates, Vector Icons and Joomla / WordPress Templates. DreamTemplate tries to add new products on a weekly basis, so that you can keep having some fresh website templates as well.


After Signing Up, you can download unlimited products by clicking the “Download” button under it. You may also decide to “Add” items to your cart and then download them all at once. You can have unlimited use of your downloaded templates for both of your personal and commercial sites as well.

DreamTemplate is very kind to offer WebAppers Readers 20 of Full Year Memberships (Total: $1199) for Free. If you would like to gain unlimited access to over 3,000 templates for free, all you have to do is leaving a comment under this post and tell us what feature you would like to see the most in a template site. And DreamTemplate will pick 20 winners with the best comments on 21st April. What are you waiting for? Participate now!

2 Winners of Giving Away 2x SEO Book

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for everyone who participated in “5,000 Readers Milestone Giving Away 2x SEO Book” Event. It was very successful. There are about 100 people shared their opinions about the most important factors of SEO. I have come up with the following conclusion.

1. Content is King (32 Votes)
2. Valid Code, Semantic Clean Markup (19 Votes)
3. Keywords (16 Votes)
4. Title Tags (7 Votes)
5. Alt Tags (5 Votes)
6. Links (5 Votes)
7. Sitemap (4 Votes)
8. Good Domain Name (2 Votes)

As we can see from the above, most of the people believe the best SEO is to have good and quality content. And valid code and semantic clean markup is very important as well. After than it would be keywords density within your content. I have found all of your suggestions and experiences about SEO are very useful. I recommend everyone have a look at all valuable comments. I am sure you can learn something from them. It was very difficult for me to pick the best 2 from the list, so I have just picked 2 lucky winners randomly.

1. Zike
2. David

Congratulations. You will receive an email for the download of SEO Book shortly. Thank you very much. And please stay tuned with the coming Giving Away Events.

5,000 Readers Milestone Giving Away 2x The SEO Book

Posted · Category: Announcement

Building a successful and popular website is very difficult, because we need a well-designed website with a lot of unique and excellent contents. And most importantly, we need to be friend with search engines as well, so that they can bring us some new visitors everyday. This is what we called “Search Engine Optimation” (SEO). We can hire some SEO experts to do that for us, however, it would be really expensive. Quality SEO service can cost you $1,000 – $30,000 every year. If we would like to reduce the cost, we can learn SEO by ourselves.

There is a book called “The SEO Book”, I think most of us will be very familiar with this amazing book. “The SEO Book” is one of the best SEO books in the internet. Since 2004, there are over 10,000 SEO professionals have learned SEO by reading “The SEO Book”. It is an ebook with 328 pages available for only $79. And also, you can receive free lifetime updates to the SEO Book.


I found “The SEO Book” really useful for web development. At the same time, we are going to celebrate our 5,000 readers milestone. Therefore, I have contacted SEO Book, they are really kind and happy to offer us 2 copies of “The SEO Book” for Free. In order to get a chance of winning the “The SEO Book”, you can simply leave a comment under this post and tell us your opinion about one of the most important factors of SEO.

e.g. Title tags should incorporate important phrases and keywords to capture additional search visibility

Thank you for all of your support and wish you luck. I will select 2 winners on 28 January 2008.

The Winners of Classic Pack Icon Sets

Posted · Category: Announcement


1 Lucky Winner from people who left a comment


2 other Lucky Winners from people who published a post about this event

Sponge Project


We will send you the icon pack by today. Thank you for all of you participated in this event.

If you did not win this time, please stay tuned. We will continue giving out some really good free stuff to our readers. Thanks for all of your support again.

Open Web Awards: Final Winners Announced

Posted · Category: Announcement

The voting in the first ever Open Web Awards is over and Vizu has validated the results. The Open Web Awards live event will be held on January 10th at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Thank you for everyone who nominated and voted – in excess of 250,000 votes and nominations were cast. You can view 13 winners in each respective category of the People’s Choice component of the awards. And the sites were chosen from the nominees list by top bloggers from more than 30 of our partner blogs.

Giving Away 3x Classic Pack Icon Sets to 4,000+ Readers

Posted · Category: Announcement

One month ago, we celebrated our 3,000 readers blog milestone and gave away 2 custom logo designs. Now, we are celebrating our new blog milestone – 4,000 readers. We love giving stuff away to our readers, this time we managed to get some really cool stuff from one of the best icon stores – Icon Drawer.

Professional look of your software or website is quite important for the success. Icon Drawer provides us some high quality royalty-free icons for your software, web site, GUI design or presentations. They have done some excellent custom icons for Mac OS X and few Win XP applications as well. Have a look at their portfolio , you will be amazed by the quality of the icons. Here are some of the custom icons they have made for their clients.


Icon Drawer agreed to offer 3 copies of “Classic Pack” icon sets (Totol: $252) which contains 140 high quality icons for toolbar, web sites and presentations to readers of WebAppers. All icon sizes are 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, 16×16 with 4 different icon formats: ICNS, TIF, PNG, Win XP ICO.


To participate is Easy. You can leave a comment or publish a post about this event.
*You can do both.

I will pick 1 Lucky Winner from people who left a comment under this post about interesting thing(s) at Christmas.

I will also pick 2 other Lucky Winners from people who published a post about this event on their websites / blogs.

Deadline of this event on 31 Dec 2007.

Open Web Awards First Round Voting

Posted · Category: Announcement

All professional web developers and web designers on WebAppers, please vote for your favorite Social News and Social Bookmarking, and Start Pages for the Open Web Awards, a distributed contest to find the best sites on the web. The top three sites in these categories will proceed to the final round starting December 17th, and there will be an awards ceremony at the Palace Hotel, San Francisco on January 10th, 2008.

Mashable Open Web Awards

Category: Social News and Social Bookmarking
Cohn & Wolfe PR & MashableWeb Poll by Vizu

Mashable Open Web Awards

Category: Start Pages
Cohn & Wolfe PR & MashableWeb Poll by Vizu

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