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Thank You Sponsors

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for all of WebAppers sponsors, WebAppers sponsors are very high quality, we only accept sponsors which are up to certain standard which also can really help our readers.

Logomaid provides us some really nice logos for us. And they do provide custom logo design as well.

PSD2HTML provides fast high-quality conversion of graphic design for Web into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and its extensions.

ProWorkFlow is a leading web based Project Management, Task and Time Tracking Solution, which is designed to increase business efficiency, and individual accountability.

2 Small Banner Ads are still available. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can discuss it further. Hurry up, they will be gone fast.

Mashable the First Ever Collaborative Open Web Awards

Posted · Category: Announcement


Mashable is one of the social networking news blogs which has over 130,000 readers, has organized a first ever online, open collaborative awards event called Open Web Awards. Open Web Awards is an upcoming online contest for social websites supported, promoted and judged by more than 21 top blogs and blog networks. WebAppers is proud to be chosen as one of the blog partners. There will be a live event in January in San Francisco presenting the awards to the winners in each category.

Nominations begin today. We have to nominate choices relating to the following 2 categories. Please help Webappers to nominate your favourite Social News and Social Bookmarking, and Start Pages. I have suggested some of the popular ones.

Social News and Social Bookmarking

Start Pages

If your favourite ones are not on the list, could you suggest them please? Please leave a comment under this post. Thank you very much.

If you are interested in being a Sponsor for the Online Awards and/or the Ceremony or a Blog Partner, please contact mashable immediately.

The Winners of Custom Logo Designs from Gary Simon

Posted · Category: Announcement

Congratulation, the winners of Giving Away 2 Custom Logo Designs from Gary Simon are:

Gary Simon will contact you shortly with more information.

Giving Away 2 Custom Logo Designs from Gary Simon

Posted · Category: Announcement

We are happy to announce that we have just broken 3000 RSS readers milestone. It means there are 3000+ people who have subscribed to Full Feed RSS, and receiving new blog post from WebAppers everyday. The growth of this blog is really impressive, we never imagine we can have this success in just about 5 months. Thank you for all of your support.

In order to celebrate, we contacted Gary Simon who has been a graphic designer for over 8 years now. His speciality is coporate identity, ie: Logos, business cards, letterheads, brochures, etc… No matter what type of industry your new business is, he can design a logo for it. He guarantee a primary draft within 24 hours when you place your order. I really like the logos Gary designed, they look so modern and professional. You can view Gary’s Logo Portfolio.


Gary Simon agreed to give out 2 Custom Logo Design (Total cost: $150) for our readers to celebrate our 3000 RSS readers milestone. Two lucky winners would be able to have a custom logo design for your exisiting website or new website. You can tell Gray what type of logo you would like, he will be able to design the professional logo for you within 24 hours usually.

To participate, all you have to do is to finish the following sentence

I would like a Custom Logo Design for …

I will pick two winners on 26th Nov. Thank you for all of your support. Do not forget to subscribe to WebAppers Feed in order to receive new resources daily.

The 3 Lucky Winners of Flashloaded 3DEnvironment

Posted · Category: Announcement

The 3 lucky winners of Giving Away Flashloaded 3DEnvironment Flash Components are as follow.

You will receive email from Flashloaded shortly. Thank you very much Flashloaded for giving out 3 copies of 3DEnvironment Flash Components.

Giving Away Flashloaded 3DEnvironment Flash Components

Posted · Category: Announcement, Reviews


We can create animation and interactive websites easily with Adobe / Macromedia Flash. It is fast loading and it is even faster now because we are getting larger and larger bandwidth everyday. Flash is really useful and is a great choice when developing a website. That’s why Flash is really popular nowadays. However, are there any affordable Flash components we can use?

Flashloaded might be a right choice for you. Flashloaded is a division of FFF Web Media Inc which was founded in 2003. Flashloaded is based in Toronto with a team of talented developers, web designers and programmers. Their aim is to provide you the most innovative, at the same time cost effective components for Flash. SO that you can have some of the cutting-edge Flash components at a affordable price.

One of the interesting components I have found is 3DEnvironment which allows you to build 3D interactive interfaces and environment in Flash. You can have built-in depth and perspective effects create in illusion of three dimensions without the need of 3D modelling. Full keyboard and mouse support really enhanced the usability as well. The whole 3DEnvironment Package is quite nice and easy to use. You can view some of the examples I particular like as follow


Example showing an animated 3D landscape with grass and trees (Nice for an interactive adventure sites)


This shows a sample website navigation system which was created using the 3DEnvironment component. (Suitable for complex and 3D navigation sites)


This example shows an innovative way to display and zoom in on images using the 3DEnvironment component. Click on each image to zoom in. (Great for gallery sites)

You can have the whole 3DEnvironment Package for $59.95 on Flashloaded. However, do not worry. Flashloaded is very nice to give away 3 sets of 3DEnvironment Packages ($179.85 in total) to our readers. Get chances of having the excellent Flash Component Package is easy, all you need to do is complete the following sentence as usual.

I would like to use Flashloaded 3DEnvironment Package for…

I will pick 3 lucky winners on 10th Nov randomly. Thank you for all participants in advance.

The Winner of SlideShowPro + SlideShowPro Director

Posted · Category: Announcement

Congratulation. The winner of Giving Away 1x SlideShowPro + SlideShowPro Director is Michael McCorry. You will receive an email from SlideShowPro shortly for your account information.

Thank you for all participants.

October 2007 Official Google PageRank Update

Posted · Category: Announcement, Information

The Official Google PageRank Update has just happened yesterday. WebAppers has got a mixture of PR5 and PR4 from PR0 in most datacenter. Apparently Google has penalized WebAppers for selling Text Link Ads which I have stopped selling for a month already.

Check Your PageRank here
PageRank Checker from iWebTool

What To Do If You Are Penalized By Google
If you see a different PR on different datacenter as well, you probably are being penalized by Google for selling Text Link Ads. If you would like to get your PageRank back, you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and request a reconsideration by clicking on “Request reconsideration” after removing your Text Link Ads and stop selling them from now on.

This Google PageRank Update Does Not Make Any Sense
I am happy with the PageRank of WebAppers, I think I can get a firm PR5 back if I have requested a reconsideration. However, I think there is something wrong with this PageRank Update, because there are some REALLY popular websites are getting ridiculous low PageRank. For example, Forbes.com has got a PR4, YouTube has got a PR3. And Showcase Point is a one month old site which has got less than 50 backlinks has got a PR5 from PR0! I cannot really figure out the logic behind it.

We cannot trust PageRank anymore, what is Google thinking about? Or is it just simply because the PageRank update is still in process, the PageRank of all websites are not valid and unstable at the moment?

What did you get for your websites? Are you happy with it? Are you feeling confused as well?


WebAppers Complete Site Redesign Released

Posted · Category: Announcement

Finally, Webappers has a complete site redesign today. As you can see there is a hugh difference between the old design and the current new design. We have spent the last few weeks working on the redesign of WebAppers. We would like to achieve the following improvements from the redesign.

Higher Contrast Between Content and Menu
We found a lack of contrast between the categories menu and the main content part. There is no clear separation between them. So now you can see a relatively high contrast between the categories menu and the main content part. You would not be easily distracted by the menu when you are reading the posts.

Unique Look and Feel
The old design was too generic, we would like to have a unique theme for WebAppers. So that people can recognize WebAppers by looking at the site design.

Reduce the Excessive Use of White Color
There is too much white in the old design. It makes your eyes feeling uncomfortable when looking at the bright white screen for a period of time. And also We found the old design a not too much design elements, so that we have more design elements and patterns within this new design.

Avatar Next to Your Comments
We always found the commenting section of the old theme a bit boring. At the same time, Automattic (Owned WordPress) has just acquired Gravatar recently, it is now more than 3 times as fast. So that, we have implemented the Gravatar system on the commenting section of WebAppers, you can see your avatar next to your comments. We do not need to remeber your name, we can just recognize you by looking at your picture. I hope this can make the commenting section a little bit more interesting and encourage more people to discuss and comment on the posts. ( Go and get your Avatar now )

No Clustered Footer
Compared to the old clustered footer, the new footer is much simpler and useful.

Clear Seperartion Between Components and Design Related Resources
We are trying to separate Components Resources and Design Related Resources on the Right Hand Side Categories Menu. Currently, the categories menu is a bit messy.

I hope the new theme can improve the usability of WebAppers. We are still doing some little modification to the new theme. If you have any opinions, please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you very much for all of your support.


Comming Soon – WebAppers Complete Site Redesign

Posted · Category: Announcement

We have been working on the WebAppers complete site redesign in the last few weeks. You might feel bored with the current design. So that we are trying to give WebAppers a unqiue and fresh look. The new design will be rolled out very soon. Please stay tuned.

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