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Apester – Interactive Storytelling Platform for Publishers

Posted · Category: License Free, Polls

Apester is changing the digital storytelling experience by empowering its readers to take a more active role in the content they consume. It’s “Storytelling 2.0”. You can engage with your readers on a whole new level! Use VoicRs to make your users a part of the story, elevate your content to new highs of engagement and virality.

With Apester’s unique user-sentiment based algorithm, the VoicR’s you publish send your users from one page to another, increasing PV’s in a native and engaging way. You can cut through all the noise, reach targeted and highly engaged users with exciting native campaigns. Increase brand awareness and perceptions with Apester’s personalized content experience.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://apester.com/
License: License Free

Simple Voting System Using jQuery Animate

Posted · Category: License Free, Polls

Simple Vote Using jQuery Animate is a simple idea to use JQuery animate function in voting system. It can be useful for replacing voting system that using many images, the idea is just expanding the div element (css width property) using animate function, we just need to add the same value on the width element.

However, it does not save the voting values at the moment. If you want to do so, you can use session, cookies or database.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://demo.superdit.com/jquery/simple_vote/
License: License Free

Add Social & Engagement Widgets with TicketMy’s Socialbar

Posted · Category: Chat, Polls, Social

TicketMy’s Socialbar makes your website social, interactive and engaging by offering a range of social and engagement widgets, with lots of customization and embedding options. It includes more than 20 useful applications,  including a multi-IM chatting widget that rivals Meebo. It also provides extensive Facebook and twitter integration for websites to have increased stickiness, user traction and engagement.

You can also track the social sharing and engagement of the users with the provided social analytics. Best of all, TicketMy’s Socialbar is totally Free, served from Amazon’s CloudFront CDN and loads in less than 2 seconds.

TicketMy’s Socialbar can be added to a site by simply embedding a few lines in the HTML of the site in a matter of minutes. And it is very easy to add to any blogging or CMS platform, with drop-in plugins available for WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Movable type, Tumblr, Ning and etc.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.ticketmy.com/bumpin/socialbar/
License: Free

Test What People Remember on Your Website with Clue App

Posted · Category: License Free, Polls

What if your website isn’t working like you think it is? Does it seem like nobody’s lingering on the home page, or finding their way to the blog?

Clue App is a tool that creates super-fast memory tests on screenshots of webpages, then lets you see the results. It’s perfect for capturing that all-important first impression of a webpage. Just type in a URL, grab a screenshot, and Clue will create a memory test from it.


Source: http://www.clueapp.com/

How to Implement an Ajax Appreciate Badge

Posted · Category: License Free, Polls

When you publish something online, there are not that many ways to determine whether people like what you have to say. Comments, the cornerstone of blogging, are too demanding, and users often prefer not to post one.

If you’ve dropped by Behance, you’ve probably noticed their appreciate badge, which is a neat solution to this exact problem. With it people share their appreciation for somebody’s work. Tutorialzine taught us how to implement An AJAX Click to Appreciate Badge, which you can include in every page of your website with a bit of jQuery magic.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://demo.tutorialzine.com/2010/07/click-to-appreciate-badge…
License: License Free

Creating a Dynamic Poll with jQuery and PHP

Posted · Category: License Free, Polls

When you combine some neat functionality courtesy of PHP with the cleverness of jQuery you can produce some pretty cool results. NETTUTS has published a tutorial (Creating a Dynamic Poll with jQuery and PHP) for creating a poll using PHP and XHTML, then make use of some jQuery Ajax effects to eliminate the need for a page refresh, and to give it a nice little bit of animation.

Ajax Poll

Demo: http://nettuts.com/demos/test_poll/
License: License Free

Polls Boutique – Free Polls on Every Topic

Posted · Category: License Free, Polls

Polls Boutique is one of the polls resources on the web, offering a wide selection of polls on every topic. In Polls Boutique, anyone can vote on existing polls, and post new polls. It’s simple, quick and free. The polls can include pictures, embedded video, audio, hyperlinks and text.

After voting, users get to see their buddy icon represented near the poll option of their choice, and see what others are voting. It’s a fun way to meet new people with the same opinions (or not) as yours. The results page offers a great statistical playing field with cute pie charts and graphs showing all kinds of different statistical data harvested from the votes.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.pollsb.com/
License: License Free

Starbox Pretty Rating Stars System for Prototype

Posted · Category: License Free, Polls

Starbox allows you to easily create all kinds of rating boxes using just one PNG image. The library is build on top of the Prototype javascript framework. For some extra effects you can add Scriptaculous as well. Check the demos to see what Starbox is all about and read on for more information on how to customize your own Starboxes. Starbox has the following main features.

  • Rerating allows you to adjust your previous rating.
  • You can easily save your rating with Ajax using the build in callback.
  • Improvements to the CSS model, allowing you to style the Starbox based on status (hover, rated and locked).
  • Better seperation of Javascript, CSS and images.
  • A ghosting bar that tracks your average.
  • Custom event ‘starbox:rated’ is fired when your rate.
  • Batched building of Starboxes based on cached overlay images.


Requirements: IE6+, Firefox 1.5.x+, Opera9.x+, Safari, Konqueror
Demo: http://www.nickstakenburg.com/projects/starbox/
License: License Free

Democracy Ajax Poll with Admin Panel WordPress Plugin

Posted · Category: GPL License, Polls

Democracy Ajax Poll is a WordPress plugin which adds polling functionality to your WordPress blog. It grew out of frustration with the only other WordPress polling option, WP-poll. It didn’t have valid markup, it was clunky, and it required one heck of an installation process.

This plugin uses Ajax for quick sending and loading of poll data, although it doesn’t depend on javascript to function. It is fully functional in non-javascript environments, meaning it will work in ALL browsers. The Ajax part is tested to work in Safari, Opera, Firefox, and IE6/Win.

Democracy Ajax Poll also has a full-featured admin panel, which allows one to manage their polls. You can activate, edit, delete, and add new polls from the admin panel. It uses cookies as well as IP logging to prevent users from working spamming the ballot box. It is good looking and also allows in-post polling. The most important point is that there is no linkback of author on the poll, so it looks like it is really your own poll which is better than PollDaddy polls.


Requirements: WordPress 2.0 or Greater
Demo: http://blog.jalenack.com/archives/democracy
License: GPL License

Free Polls for Gathering Opinions with PollDaddy

Posted · Category: License Free, Polls

I think many people are familiar with PollDaddy which is an online tool, which allows you to create free polls and place them on your website, blog, MySpace, hi5, Friendster or Xanga account or anywhere online.

PollDaddy is simple and flexible, allowing you to customize our styles to match your website or email campaign. Deliver your poll through JavaScript, flash, direct link, widget or RSS to survey your user’s opinions.

It looks really nice as well. You can choose different themes for your polls. The only drawback is that there is a PollDaddy.com link on your polls.

polldaddy.png polldadyy2.png

Requirements: No Requirements
Demo: http://www.polldaddy.com
License: License Free

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