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October 2007 Official Google PageRank Update

Posted · Category: Announcement, Information

The Official Google PageRank Update has just happened yesterday. WebAppers has got a mixture of PR5 and PR4 from PR0 in most datacenter. Apparently Google has penalized WebAppers for selling Text Link Ads which I have stopped selling for a month already.

Check Your PageRank here
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What To Do If You Are Penalized By Google
If you see a different PR on different datacenter as well, you probably are being penalized by Google for selling Text Link Ads. If you would like to get your PageRank back, you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and request a reconsideration by clicking on “Request reconsideration” after removing your Text Link Ads and stop selling them from now on.

This Google PageRank Update Does Not Make Any Sense
I am happy with the PageRank of WebAppers, I think I can get a firm PR5 back if I have requested a reconsideration. However, I think there is something wrong with this PageRank Update, because there are some REALLY popular websites are getting ridiculous low PageRank. For example, Forbes.com has got a PR4, YouTube has got a PR3. And Showcase Point is a one month old site which has got less than 50 backlinks has got a PR5 from PR0! I cannot really figure out the logic behind it.

We cannot trust PageRank anymore, what is Google thinking about? Or is it just simply because the PageRank update is still in process, the PageRank of all websites are not valid and unstable at the moment?

What did you get for your websites? Are you happy with it? Are you feeling confused as well?


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