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Web Design Contest with $1,000 Cash Prize

Posted · Category: Announcement

Few weeks ago, we have introduced a new web publishing platform called Wix. Wix allows users to create stunning web content without the need to use high end publishing design packages and without the need to code. Wix enables anyone to fully customize their sites without being constrained by the typical template based solutions.

Web Design Contest with $1,000 Cash Prize

Today, Wix is exclusively offering WebAppers readers to participate in a web design contest and have a chance to win $1,000. Joining the contest is easy. You just need to follow 4 steps as below.

1. Register an account on Wix. And then send your Wix username to webappers@wix.com in order to let us know you would like to join the contest.

2. You have 10 days to create a flash website or widget based on the Wix platform and customize it the way you like. The topic of the site must be hotel, spa or restaurant. You can use any content on the Wix site or upload your own media (png, jpeg, or swf). And then submit your work to webappers-prize@wix.com by 27th June 2008 6th July 2008 .

3. You will receive an email acknowledging for your submitted work along with a short questionnaire about Wix. You simply reply the email with your answers of 5 questions of the questionnaire.

4. On 29th June 2008 8th July 2008, Wix will then choose the 5 finalists from the sites submitted. And they will be announced on WebAppers. All of the readers on WebAppers will then be able to vote for their favorite from the list.

After 3 days of voting. We will count the votes and announce 2 winners on 2nd July 2008 11th July 2008. The 1st place will get $700 and The 2nd place will get $300. All payment will be made via PayPal.

*** UPDATED 27-06-2008
We have received a lot of requests for a timing extension. Therefore, we have extended the design contest by a week (until July 6th).

Conditions of Entry and Contest Rules

  • All participants must be registered users at Wix.com.
  • All participants are subject to the Wix.com terms of use.
  • To be eligible, your entry must be submitted by 27th June 2008
  • The winning entry must be the authors own work
  • The winners will receive the cash prize via a paypal account.
  • In order to be eligible to win the user must register to the contest through the e-mail box provided above and provide a link to the wix document by 27th June 2008. In addition, once you submit the wix document you will need to complete a short questioner about wix
  • Wix finalist and community choice decisions are final. Wix reserved the right to withdraw any entry from the competition or decide on a winner.
  • Websites containing profane or abusive content shall be automatically disqualified.
  • All content created for the purposes of the competition can be presented and used by Wix as templaters on Wix.com, with a credit for the content appearing in the Wix blog.
  • Sounds as a great contest. Will register over there and let you know.


  • o-town coder

    Sounds like fun, but IMHO but this tool devalues real web designers who earn a living from designing and hand coding their work. I can’t in good conscience support the contest but do wish everyone well.

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  • Leland Clemmons

    Since when does “Website Design” equate to “Flash?” What happened to good ole’ XHTML and CSS? Flash sucks, man. No Google readings, no support for screen readers, almost nil accessibility… Any client who wants an entire site in Flash needs a slap in the face.

  • Ric Raven

    These guys from Wix are unbelievable.

    I checked their service a month ago, and I really liked its simplicity.

    But to offer 700$ to create a website with a drag & drop editor?

    Christmas came early this year I guess.

    I’ll see you all in the finale 5.



  • allon bloch


    One of the unique aspects of wix is that it is SEO friendly – we create an XML stream that can be accessed by search engines.

    Wix is not aimed at replaced large and complex web deisgn projects, but many desginers have smaller projects where wix could yeild significant saving in creation time and enable much better interaction with customers.

    allon bloch


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  • I got excited when I read the title. But then I saw it said something about “Wix”.. I kept reading until I read “to create a flash website”. What a turn off, screw flash.

  • THiNK

    Wow, who are these people who think Flash is so terrible. Used properly along with XHTML, CSS, XML, etc. it allows designers to boost the user experience to a whole other level. Sure a site completely done in Flash is a bad idea, but to write off Flash for that reason alone will only close the door to a very robust and usable tool.

  • Not a good start, but email address on Firefox won’t let you enter the @ sign! Kinda rubbish.

  • meh. Flash should only be used for video, audio, or small elements, but there should never be a “Flash Website”. Thats a party foul.

  • THiNK

    You can’t deny though that Flash allows for so much more on the design, user interaction side. Done correctly, you can bring people in to your site who would have not given it a second glance. I admit that many people use Flash very poorly and that there are a few problems, but those problems can be fixed with a mix of tools.

  • Snakegourd

    Is it the 27th of GMT?

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Snakegourd

    We would use the U.S. time.

  • I think the date of submission has been extended to 6th July, 2008.

    I have received an email from WIX about date extension.

  • Hello to all

    We are happy to announce that our design contest will be extended until July 6, 2008.

    This is due to the large number of new users that requested a few more days to get to know Wix a little better


    To join the contest, you must send your name to: Webappers@wix.com

    Your design must be submitted until July 6, 2008.

    You submit your finished design by sending the URL you get when you ‘view’ your design to: webappers-prize@wix.com

    If you need to upload a swf file for your design, or have any other question, please contact me.

    We wish you all the best, and don’t worry if you haven’t started yet.

    You have more than enough time to create a website in Wix, and win $1000.



  • aly

    I have flash version 9,0,115,0 installed but when I attempt to visit wix.com I get only a blank white box where the flash should be. I’ve tried this on both IE7 and Firefox. I even turned off pop-up blocker!?? What’s the trick?

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