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5,000 Readers Milestone Giving Away 2x The SEO Book

Posted · Category: Announcement

Building a successful and popular website is very difficult, because we need a well-designed website with a lot of unique and excellent contents. And most importantly, we need to be friend with search engines as well, so that they can bring us some new visitors everyday. This is what we called “Search Engine Optimation” (SEO). We can hire some SEO experts to do that for us, however, it would be really expensive. Quality SEO service can cost you $1,000 – $30,000 every year. If we would like to reduce the cost, we can learn SEO by ourselves.

There is a book called “The SEO Book”, I think most of us will be very familiar with this amazing book. “The SEO Book” is one of the best SEO books in the internet. Since 2004, there are over 10,000 SEO professionals have learned SEO by reading “The SEO Book”. It is an ebook with 328 pages available for only $79. And also, you can receive free lifetime updates to the SEO Book.


I found “The SEO Book” really useful for web development. At the same time, we are going to celebrate our 5,000 readers milestone. Therefore, I have contacted SEO Book, they are really kind and happy to offer us 2 copies of “The SEO Book” for Free. In order to get a chance of winning the “The SEO Book”, you can simply leave a comment under this post and tell us your opinion about one of the most important factors of SEO.

e.g. Title tags should incorporate important phrases and keywords to capture additional search visibility

Thank you for all of your support and wish you luck. I will select 2 winners on 28 January 2008.

  • content, content and content. if you don’t have it, you cannot do anything SEO!

  • Oh i’m the first :) greet!

  • Jeroen

    Well, here is my comment to get a chance of winning the SEO Book.
    In my opinion, the most important is your website-content. It’s always about the content. Unique, fresh, good quality and un-duplicated content is the way to go and rank higher in the searchresults than your competitors.

  • I’m always using the tools on the SEO book website, that’s giving very important and detailed informations about keywords searches on the Internet …
    That’s really a good idea to give away 2 copies of that excellent book …
    I’m looking forward :-)
    Thanks alot Webappers !

  • Steve

    Making sure to use your keyword son every page

  • Next to keywords in your title tag, make sure your webpages have a semantic template with the right keyword density in headings, text and (internal) links.

    And then use services like dmoz, del.icio.us and digg to get your site indexed fast.

  • Well I can tell you what it isn’t, Keyword Meta Tags!

    Although you’d think that they would save the world if you listen to the people “in the know” at my office. I feel like bashing my head against a brick wall sometimes because of it.

    Then they hired an SEO “Consultant” company, or swindle merchants as I like to call them, whose sole mission in life appears to be to mystify SEO and make websites look tatty!

    Rant over.

    In my opinion the most important factor of SEO is keeping the mark-up semantic and clean. By allocating your ‘s, ‘s, ‘s correctly you can vastly prioritise the importance of various sections.

    Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the be all and end all, it must be used in combination with all other aspects, however, content is pointless if its all embedded in unreadable images.

    I know it sounds patronising, but SEO focuses on the search engine, so it’s most important to make sure it gets what it want in the easiest way.

  • Jim Neath

    Move all your javascript and css into external files.

    Helps to remove as much clutter from your markup which allows the content to be found easily. Also helps with load times as the files can then be cached.

  • SEO? Good content will get you links from good sites.

  • Christoph

    Use standard html title tags, like h1, h2.., for your headlines.

  • And btw, well done with the +5000 readers milestone :)

  • For me the most important thing about SEO is that people find your webpage ;)
    Sounds a little odd, but it is the most important thing :)

  • Phillip

    I see websites as stores in a mall.
    They need to convince people to get in, how they do that? A easy way could be a nice showcase.

    It works the same way with websites (stores). To convince people for clicking on your link instead of clicking the upper or the downer link while they browse google, you will need a nice title and description (showcase).

  • Forget PageRank. Forget the inbound links. Concentrate on the keywords. Make sure they appear in the page titles AND headings AND content, and make sure there is search volume for those keywords. And make sure the content is relevant.

    Be patient

  • Three most important factors of SEO by roszman :)

    you need to have good document structure
    you need to have content appropriate to your keywords
    you need to be honest

    cheers ;)

  • Get your content delivered to your target reader as quickly as possible.

  • remembering to optimise for people visiting as well as search engines. And you leave alot of conversions on the table if you do not optimise your own website conversions not just getting more traffic.

  • chandan

    keyword density and prominence also matters a lot.

  • My best suggestion would be not to entirely focus on SEO, and forget about your visitors.
    Some sites manage to rank high on populair keywords, but loose all the visitors they get to competitors because of lousy navigation, fuzzy content, slow loading, etcetera.
    Focus on usability to have something to offer your visitors, the rest comes second place.

  • paddiii

    In my opinion the combination of all these things is the best “SEO-way”. That means: have good content, keywords, good coding etc.

    i think that it isn’t enough to have a good content if you have no keywords or a dirty coding.

    just combine these methods so that you have a bit from all of them and then this seo-thing will work.

    (sorry for bad english)


  • …having search engines to optimise for… :)

  • The most important factor for an optimization for search engines is the intention to share your knowledge honestly. All the rest is hygiene.

  • piotrek

    most important seo factor is seo_value

    seo_value = (keyword popularity/keyword competition)*(relevant keyword/content)*(html structure/validator)

    higher seo_value means bigger success :)


  • Gunnar


  • Jesús Fernández

    Every image should have an alt for describing it

  • Phil

    Hmm? what about to stand out from the search engine.
    I mean yes good content lot of keywords digg.and more.
    BUT YOU HAVE TO BE CLICKED ON even if youre the number one!

  • Remember to use most important and less keywords, this will increase the value of each keyword used. You should be also careful about where you are placing your keywords.

  • nice to know us RSS readers are appreciated too :)

  • Puck

    A must read for everyone!

  • by having simple and efficient regular expression to offer more and more search capability to the search user.

  • First your coding must be valid, than your content with keywords and title. But most important thing is your fresh content.

  • piotrek

    Hi again
    little change, seo_value pattern should be more/less like:

    seo_value = (keyword_popularity/keyword_competition) * (3/(keywords_in_content/keyword)) * (html_structure/validator) * pagerank+1

    it shouldnt be too much same keywords in content – some searchers can take them as a spam. So i’ve choosed max 3 keywords per document (for title,header and paragraph ).
    may the high seo_value be with you all ;)

  • the most important factors in SEO is to have all the attribute on the right tag so that it can be read by a machine ;)

  • Your best bet for SEO is having good quality keywords and phrases in your content without the feeling of keyword stuffing. Your important words should be in strong and em tags to show emphasis on certain words or phrases. Code should be tagged semantically. Headers in their h# tags, paragraphs in p tags, not just floating inside a div.
    You should also have a sitemap in xml and ror format so that you have the highest possibility for search engines to find all your pages. You should also link your sitemap to your robots.txt, again so search engines can easily find all your pages.
    If you have an image for your title/logo and you have images for your navigation, then learn the CSS text-indent trick to remove the words and replace them images so that search engines and screen readers can still see what the link should be, but your everyday visitors will see the pretty pictures you want them to see.
    There is tons more, but that’s my basic guide to begin good SEO.

    On a side note: thanks for all the great content, and good job on the 5k readers!!

  • @readywpthemes
    SE’s don’t give a damn about your code. They are happy with everything, valid or not. They want to offer their visitors the best matches to their queries, not the most valid constructed ones.

    Point is using valid markup somewhat helps in good semantics, and so help define the pages theme and emphasize important strings. But ‘valid’ alone does not help a thing.

  • piotrek

    last correction i promise ;).
    seo_value = (keyword_popularity/keyword_competition) * ((keywords_in_content/keyword)/3) * (html_structure/validator) * pagerank+1
    sorry and peace

  • search book plz ;]

  • Just kidding. Organic SEO is one of my favorite things, it’s like a puzzle, or game you’re trying to win… until the engine changes it’s algorithm, or something else happens, but then you get to play all over again.

  • Ben

    There are many different techniques for SEO, I will just talk about a few. I feel that they can be divided into two categories, on-site and off-site.

    Meta tags, just the essential ones to avoid clutter: Description and keywords
    Title tag: Don’t waste this one it’s really important. Don’t put your site name in here – describe the content of the page using 2-5 keywords, must be human-compatible – don’t keyword stuff
    Valid code – this includes accurate image ‘alt’ tags but valid code shows search engines real effort has been put into the page.
    100-400 words of content, any more then paginate
    Don’t overuse images and avoid flash for core content

    Links from relevant sites
    Link exchanges with sites which target a different product/theme in the same genre
    Articles which relate to your site with links back to your site
    Digg, stumbleupon, social-bookmarking sites are your friend – use them!

    Some of my SEO successes include being #1 in Google for ‘website hacking’ without the quotes.

    I’m currently working on becoming the number 1 site for university reviews with my new university review site: http://www.ratemyuni.co.uk

    I have also written some articles on seo viewable on http://www.benwiggy.com/webdev/tutorials.php

    I would really like to win the SEO book as I’m keen to learn more about SEO.

  • The most important SEO tips in my opinion is as follows:
    use valid code, utilize the title tags, place important information within header tags and use alt descriptions on all image tags.

  • Honesty is a good factor of SEO.

  • Julián

    Yep, I wish I would get this book!! The one that can own the SEO Book is the one that can own the all ones! ;)

  • Juan

    Probably the most important factor (as mentioned in other comments) is CONTENT. Without strong, relevant and succinct content a search engine will penalize you harshly.
    Other than that: valid code, as much relevant metadata as you can (AND NOT A DROP MORE!), clear and concise informational architecture, accessibility.

  • Clean Markup and page-specific keywords, definitely.

  • I’m in!

    I would say the most important factor of SEO is getting keyword related links from ‘major’ web sites.

  • The most difficult task for a SEO is to have content. Nowaday everyone is fashinated with all the aspect of being SEO, a sort of Secret Agent of the web. First mistake is to try to optimize a site without content… Good content gets good ranking by itself!

  • Good clean code and maximize ALT and Title tags.

  • shw

    SEO is important but it have to go with good content or functionality of website. If you don’t have it – soon people will get out even if they click on you link on search engine – as soon they will realize that ‘oh – that’s this site again’ they will close the tab/window and go to another link.

  • The Content of course (if you don’t write about things people search, how would someone find you?) and headlines/bold text

  • Keeping it simple! Make your xml compliant ensuring to use the correct header styles and styles.

  • KNau

    Over a long enough timeline good content will ultimately outperform SEO trickery every time.

    Since that’s already been said, I’ll add cross linking within your own site using pages that have similar but not the same keywords. Don’t use the same tags for every page.

  • SEO is all about visibility. The more visible your content is to the search engines the better you’ll rank. You can increase your contents visibility by increasing the links to that content. Even better, you can increase the links and have them all use keywords in the anchor text. Same goes for title tags and content. More keywords=better visibility. Keywords are key!

  • Measurement! It’s important that you keep track of the affects that your changes to everything else have on your page ranks, clicks, etc.. Otherwise, you’ll never know what SEO ‘tricks’ are working, and which are just nonsense being peddled by people who are pulling SEO rules out of their buttholes.

  • I believe a content rich website with strategically positioned keywords are important for SEO.

    I’m looking forward to winning a copy of this book :)

  • Obey the search engine’s guidelines (no hidden text, keyword stuffing, etc.).

    Also, get links from quality, relevant sites.

  • SEO is your friend.

  • EDF

    One of the most important factors of SEO, is to realize it’s about the web site: how the search engine, and the PEOPLE using the search engine, see your site in the listing.

  • Pavel

    The most important thing about SEO is “perfect” content (about actuall theme is the right way). Others “tricks” goes hand to hand with it…

  • The most important thing about SEO has to be content. Without content you dont have much of a website to begin with, who would want to find that?

  • ryan

    SEO: Content is the key…

  • Rob

    Put most of your effort into your home page, make sure it has the most internal links, Take the time to write good copy and emphasize a wide selection of keywords, Try to get larger, trusted sites to link to your home page using a variety of your keywords in the anchor text. Spend a little time every week checking your search results in Google, Yahoo and Live search. Good SEO is an ongoing process.

  • mRs

    Its all About Titles – URL – and MetaTags! And some of the best things are the mod_rewrite!

  • Kayla

    Relevant content aimed for your target audience. It’s important to keep your visitors on your site and have them return later.

  • On/off page optimization, technical configuration, and dynamic content to name a few.

    The most important factor is accurately targeting the keywords and phrases pertaining to your target niche!


  • Alex GT

    Flexibility to follow the content flow,
    Protection on the keywords
    Adaptation to the search engine
    Customize !

  • Now-a-days one of the most important factors to SEO is fresh content. But luckily you can still give your older content some SEO love with deep linking.

  • anne

    Sitemaps and robots shouldn’t be overlooked, they are one of the important factors in SEO.

  • For me is not about writing all the most important words that describe your website, your content or enhancing your semantics, it is about understanding how the search engines work and how the combination of all you have learn about this difference can work together to make your project visible to an audience.

  • Thamizh


    I know content of the website will have more impact on reaching customers. I am week on that. SEO will help me to solve this problem. so i am eagerly waiting to get the free copy of that book. hope

  • For me, having good TITLE tag and matching friendly URL is the way to go. Good sitemap will also be always helpful.

  • The Dude

    You know what? You can join the SEO “arms race” and try to game the search engines and they spend time figuring out how to defeat that (you know Google has a small army of real people viewing pages right?) so my advice is always the same:

    1. Build the page right: CSS and as clutter free as possible
    2. Proper Meta tags
    3. Content Content Content: relevant, user friendly and complete. Refresh and use real ‘key words’
    4. Link text that makes sense (no ‘Click here’ etc.,)
    5. Text links for main navigation
    6. Site map
    7. Links from other sites

    Do the basics, don’t try to play the game, and you’ll be fine.

  • One thing that i thought today while searching a good domain name, is that you need to make your content match the search queries.

    Another one, well a good domain name.

  • I have no clue what the key to SEO is. I really need that book…

  • Your content is the most important part of SEO. Having good content can increase your chances of other sites with good page rank to link to your site.

  • SEO is about brute force visibility. Almost three quarters of website traffic (especially new visitors) is derived from the search engines. However all know how we can receive substantial hits from a web search that are not relevant to what we are seeking.

    Hence SEO.

    It’s about hitting the target effectively, effeciently and quickly (EEQ). The EEQ factor takes in these parameters:

    1. Effective placement within the first (or at worst second) page hits/results. Thus getting the “quick look” seeker what he is searching the web for.

    2. Effecient use of content, tags and shared links that help in search engine positioning. Other considerations include forum and email signatures (where allowed). Pertinent posts with site related forums. And of course much more.

    3. Quick (and easy) displaying of the content/information AFTER the visitor arrives. This insures continued visits and word-of-mouth viral marketing.

    And remember content is king, not advertising, not graphics and though necessary, not the ancillary links on your page (unless highly specific to your subject/content).

    The HOW to all this (we know the why) is vital to effective website positioning and represents the core elements needed to place high on the pageranking of any search engine. It is a skill all top-level webdesigners, webdevelopers, et al, should and need to know.

    Here’s hoping for a free book.


  • Rui

    Quality CONTENT + Quality Backlinks + Website Accessibility

    I will call it the golden triangle for successful SEO the trick is keeping the balance.

    sounds simple

  • Main principle of seo: “Content is king”. The second most important thing is quality backlinks.

  • George

    Well if we have to do it ourselves these days (http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=35291) then hey, I say we need some tips.

  • Content of the website will have more impact on visitors. However, I think, SEO plays a major roll in it.Special thanks to Jonathan and The Dude for their detailed information.

  • hcabbos

    Thanks for the opportunity. SEO to me starts with content. Not only having good content but looking for ways to extract the most from each asset whether it’s text, pictures, links, etc.

  • hjcamel

    Tell lies as it is true.

  • shuizhou

    Most of the points above are valid. I don’t know exactly which is the most important factor. But the first thing of all is to make your content availabe from the web and make it visible to a search engine, I guess.

    If I have to name a factor to share the chance of getting the book, I would say it is the CONTENT after all.

  • Zike

    In my opinion the most important factors of SEO is no SEO, is the CONTENTS of the website. Everybody knows “Good wine needs no bush.” If you are the unique and rich source of some information, then you don’t need to do the SEO, because you are the only one. Most people doing SEO because they do not have confidence about their contents, well, that’s normal, not everybody could creates something. Base on that, people need competition, SEO is one of the methods of competition. Besides, something such as advertisements and co-operations are making your website more popular as well.
    so let’s say, make the content of your website unique, rich and useful is the most important thing.

  • sampi

    Most important factor of SEO is that you have bot-readable content (Yaay for css) and links pointing to your site!

  • In my honest opinion I think people focus too much on getting found trough search engines. SEO is always a good thing to keep in mind, but do not forget the true reason you provide information on the Internet.

    For example, this blog was started on a love for new techniques and applications on the internet, which attracted those 5000+ readers, because they share the same interest.

    Think about why you want to share your passion on the internet, make a decent plan for a website, and hang in there. Visitors appreciate wel written content even more, when they truely feel the person behind the article has a public passion. It makes reading the article more fun, and above all, it’s a valueable piece of mind.

    Please do not think i don’t care about SEO at all, it’s a good thing to see people working on getting found, and optimizing their websites. Even better, not getting found, means no sharing of information at all…

  • mao

    seo can let more people know your website,lots of people can through your website contact u. but i think the most important is that can let me earn more salary.
    my english is just-so-so,so this seo book can improve my english.

  • hotwow

    I think the seo book is the most book of every website administrator’s.

  • keep your code clean.

  • Wai

    SEO is good for you health and your site

  • You should SEO your resume on job sites to get more exposure from recruiters.

  • Making the content of your website unique, rich and useful is the most important thing.
    SEO is next.

  • Lara

    I don’t know a lot about SEO which is why I’d love a copy of this book. I do know that good SEO success is constantly changing do to the big search engines constant battle of spam.

  • Angus

    If your sites can really improve people’s life, you should and can get the best return from people, so the search engine.
    I think the best SEO is to try your best to do what you want to be.

  • Content is the most important thing!

  • Buddy

    great discussion. my 2 cents – content that is meaningful and clearly stated with keywords that match what your visitor is apt to search for. No point using all the phrases a client uses for his business if his customers don’t know any of his jargon. Clean Concise and Clear.

  • Jeroen

    #1 – Keyword Usage & Content Relevance
    #2 – Raw Link Power
    #3 – Anchor Text Weight
    #4 – Domain Authority

  • Cannon

    Table less design and clean markup. Nearly everyone can pin and select the keywords they need, and the same goes for a good domain, but in order to push yourself over the edge, having a clean design (preferably divs) with your content listed first in sequence can push you over the edge.

    As they say content is king, but only as good as you serve it. Go with CSS and leave the tables behind.
    (best leave Internet Explorer behind as well -at lease until IE8- )

  • You should place your content as high as you can in the code. Search engines adore fast acces to your content.
    Clean up the code and make it error-free for best usability and good ranking by web spiders.

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