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Giving Away 3x Classic Pack Icon Sets to 4,000+ Readers

Posted · Category: Announcement

One month ago, we celebrated our 3,000 readers blog milestone and gave away 2 custom logo designs. Now, we are celebrating our new blog milestone – 4,000 readers. We love giving stuff away to our readers, this time we managed to get some really cool stuff from one of the best icon stores – Icon Drawer.

Professional look of your software or website is quite important for the success. Icon Drawer provides us some high quality royalty-free icons for your software, web site, GUI design or presentations. They have done some excellent custom icons for Mac OS X and few Win XP applications as well. Have a look at their portfolio , you will be amazed by the quality of the icons. Here are some of the custom icons they have made for their clients.


Icon Drawer agreed to offer 3 copies of “Classic Pack” icon sets (Totol: $252) which contains 140 high quality icons for toolbar, web sites and presentations to readers of WebAppers. All icon sizes are 48×48, 32×32, 24×24, 16×16 with 4 different icon formats: ICNS, TIF, PNG, Win XP ICO.


To participate is Easy. You can leave a comment or publish a post about this event.
*You can do both.

I will pick 1 Lucky Winner from people who left a comment under this post about interesting thing(s) at Christmas.

I will also pick 2 other Lucky Winners from people who published a post about this event on their websites / blogs.

Deadline of this event on 31 Dec 2007.

  • Dap1

    Thanks for always keeping me up on my web game. You guys always have had an eye for the latest and greatest.

  • wowee-zowee!?!?!?
    It’s always exciting when you guys give away freeee stufff!

  • umm… let me test my luck!

  • Dan F

    More freebies, awesome. Hmm, interesting things about Christmas. One that I always find interesting is how most offices officially only close for “a week or so”, but the brains of the workers in them definately check out on holidays for double that amount of time! I’m from down under, so the typical santa+snow makes me giggle too, I guess that counts as interesting :-)

  • Derek

    Those icons are gorgeous.
    As wee get closer to Christmas, I’m getting less and less blog posts in Google Reader. And you used green text for the instructions and I’m typing this in red text; how Christmas-ey!

  • Stoor

    Nice set you give away here… Hope this is my lucky day

  • merry xmas webappers… so where’s my gift? oh i love icons thx webappers

  • Aemkei

    So, who’s the winner?

  • Merry Christmas all o/

  • Wow! I gotta have these beauties! *starts begging*
    Pick me Pick me!

  • WebApper

    Nice icons. Who can say no?

  • Great way to bring in the lurkers to come leave a comment, too! Dragged me in for sure. Love the icons, so here’s hoping it’s my lucky day.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Josh

    These icons are indeed beautiful! They are in a class of their own IMO. I would love to win a set and put them to good use!

    Great blog and resource! Thanks WebAppers!

  • Peter

    IconDrawer has always produced very nice sets. Now let’s hope Lady Fortune drops by and these gorgeous icons are mine :-)

  • Andrew

    Some really nice icons there. ANother good find, Ray.

    I loves me some WebAppers!

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  • I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks back and subscribed to your feed. Great site and great contest!

  • This is a great site, and I’ve definitely started to get into it more in terms of Flash development and Javascript work. This icon contest should bring a lot of traffic your way! Go WebAppers!

  • The most interesting thing at Christmas is when you spend the time around the actual date in a warm-weather environment. I know here in Florida it just feels odd to me to be listening to Christmas songs while it’s 70+ degree’s.

    To me Christmas == Cold and that definitely doesn’t happen here in FL. Which is why I’m always happy to head to Pittsburgh to be with family because I know when I get there it’s going to be cold and very Christmasy.

  • merry x-mas from here to there…

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  • shw

    I’ve posted about it on my blog – you’ll get some of polish audience :)
    How geek you have to be to want this pack of icons from Santa? I’m just asking because I would like to know how geeky am I :P

  • Christmas is one of the most celebrated events outside of its ‘belonging’-religion’s faithful.

  • Zed

    Dear Santa, could you please give me some icons this year?

  • Looks like a really decent set.

  • zwei

    Hey I’ld like to get in on this too! =D

  • Mmmm… Free icons :)

  • this could be a great christmas gift for me from webappers if ever… lol

  • Wow, I want to sexify my web apps with those icons!

  • Andrew A

    Those icons rock! This site is pretty sweet to. Glad I added you to my subscriber list.

  • are those nice icons, or are you just pleased to see me?!?

  • Sonny

    Hot damn! These icons are sweet!

  • Hmm, interesting thing about Christmas? Well Santa’s uniform used to be green until Coca Cola changed it to suit their marketing campaign…

  • this would make my Christmas wish come true!

  • Pick me!

  • Cheryl

    These icons look real nice

  • This is a absolutely a great site, everytime when WebAppers’ email delivery arrived in my Inbox, i know i must click it right-away! Very nice job job all year long WebAppers!

  • Congratulations for the new milestone i going to blog about this i really like those icons :P

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  • Superb. Always been a fan of IconDrawer’s work.

  • JL Smith

    Sweet icons!

  • Kino

    Nice app this Icon Drawer … For this christmas event, in French we say : ‘J’espére que ce sera moi !’.

  • SR

    Christmas Fact: The actual day Jesus was born is unknown.

  • Rahsun McAfee


    WebAppers is awesome! Posts are ALWAYS on useful things.

  • Great site and so greate promo :)

  • Hello! That’s a nice gif for this christmas. Thank’s to make this wonder contest and regards from Spain. I go to publish it in my blog ;)

  • Graeme Mac

    Commenting to enter

  • Hooray for free stuff.

  • Puck

    Your icons keep me warm at night when I sleep.

  • IconDrawer has awesome icons, getting these icons will be a great complement to seeing my 1 year old boy experience the beach for the first time ever on Christmas.

  • Wow its icons are very beautiful, congratulations by the 4000 readers greetings.

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  • dustin

    Wowwww… I sumble on this blog and this is the first impression I get?! Happy holidays errbody! Thanks :)

  • Ob

    Wow nice.. thanks :)

  • The nice thing about Christmas is family, friends and fun… it’s a truly enjoyable experience.

    … just waiting to experience it myself someday

  • This would be PERFECT timing! We are just getting ready to launch a site that we desperately need some icons for.

  • futuremuse

    This site never fails to offer useful or interesting tips, tutorials and tools. I’ve lost count of the number of posts I’ve used for my designs. As to something interesting for Christmas, it always weirds me out how California is completely detached from the rest of the country at this time of year when everyone else is digging themselves out of snow banks and we’re contemplating whether or not to wear long pants instead of shorts. Maybe throw a sweater in there somewhere. Thanks for the promo and the opportunity to win! Happy holidays…

  • atzoo

    Nice icons!

    Now let’see if I’m lucky :)

  • Rex

    Extremely well done icons, hope I win!

  • Gio

    My first time here… Happy Holidays!

  • What a great way to virally market your icons! I build custom content management systems and I would definitely use these icons. Very high quality.

  • Thamizharasu


    Giving free gifts on functions like Christmas is great. In addition to that, you are giving free icons set for the developers is double gift.

    I hope this time i can get it.

  • Hiya, consider myself entered :)

  • umm… let me test my luck!

  • Wow, those are just beautiful icons. I’d love to use those in one of my skin/template designs I do. It’s these little things that really make the difference in the look and feel of the page.

    Interesting things.. well, I’m in California, so shopping is like asking for a ‘deathwish’. We had a 3 day debate about getting a real tree or using a fake one. We came to the conclusion (after many valid points) that it was easier to just use the fake one.. Less work, no tree-things all over the floor. Our tree still turned out great! =P

    Oh and, I don’t do “Happy Holidays” – How about some Christmas spirit eh! Marry Christmas WebAppers and Readers!

    That one dood,

  • Rob

    Firstly awesome site, I always check your site daily (as your one of my daily bookmarked sites) first time poster, great information for us web developers and cool looking icon sets .

    The most interesting thing about Christmas is that I live in Australia and while most of the world is covered in snow for Christmas, here in Australia most Christmas’ are spent sunbathing at the beach in 35C (95F) weather. I wonder what santa changes into for down under weather?

    Wish you all a sunny christmas!

  • Victor

    Excellent web portal and design. Thank you for sharing information

  • Genial el sorteo, muy buena pagina de recursos espero ganar algo !!! y tener Suerte! Saludos a todos!

  • Lee

    Here’s hoping for some great Icons this XMas!

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  • snooper

    so i dont have much to say about Christmas, because i’m Jewish :-)
    but hope y’all have a great time over the holidays!

  • Interesting things…hmm…

    Probably hearing “Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney. It’s so bad, it’s good!

  • sasaso85

    Is very important use icons for ours sites. Thank you very much.

  • Luis

    Los iconos estan de pelos…

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  • lets try my luck here lol THANKS!

  • Congrats on the achievement. You’ll be at 5K in no time.

    What’s interesting is the types of gifts some people get that make me laugh. Anything from new socks to a frying pan. :D

  • hqin

    try my luck,thanks~

  • that awesome icon designer….

  • Lefteris

    Count me in.

  • Sweet set of icons, thanks for the opportunity guys!

  • Sean O

    Hi, Just happened upon your GChart post and saw this. Looking forward to some attractive icons!

  • Saurabh

    These icons look great. I work for an educational department and we can’t afford to spend money on icons. If it win these, our apps could look a lot cooler.

  • hcabbos

    Webappers is one of my favorite feeds. Thanks for keeping my up-to-tabs on all kind of web-related stuff.

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  • I usually go to a family trip around Christmas. By the way, I posted about this event on my blog.

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  • Woohoo… free stuff!!

  • The interesting thing for me about x’mas is that
    in Thailand, people really enjoy it although the most of us are Buddhism :P

  • Kasittaik

    For me, the most interesting thing at Christmas is a chance to meet old school friends. We used to celebrate Christmas at school in our childhood, with festive atmosphere and a teacher becoming Santa Claus. Every year some of us remisnisces about such happy memory by actually gathering at school in a Christmas night festival. My school is situated alongside a river whose beauty, when combined with cool night breeze, always give us an impressive Christmas night. And the most invaluable Christmas is none but enduring friendship!

  • First, Thank you for giving this oportunity to all of us.
    About the topic, I think that the interesting thing about christmas is that all people, no matter what religion, wants to have a christmas tree and get some gift, either no matter what age you have, we all like to be a bit childish.
    Another thing that happens in christmas, at least here in Argentina, is that partying makes people to like being sinner and a bit nasty.

  • Count me in please!

  • roll for me…. roll for me!!!! haha :)

  • Amrlafi

    mine mine !

  • Piotr

    Merry Christmas!

  • The most interesting thing about Christmas for me was getting an xbox 360!

  • Mery Christmas to you all! Thank for that oportunity

  • Gunnar

    Would be great to get these icons. Thanks for great site!!
    Greetings from Iceland

  • Sahil

    Just saw this post, while searching. I want these so badly. :)

  • SeViR

    Fantastic!! :D

  • Buenisimo!

  • Marco Barrios

    Sounds great!

  • Krishna Chaitanya

    may be this is the Christmas Treat :)

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