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2 Winners of Giving Away 2x SEO Book

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for everyone who participated in “5,000 Readers Milestone Giving Away 2x SEO Book” Event. It was very successful. There are about 100 people shared their opinions about the most important factors of SEO. I have come up with the following conclusion.

1. Content is King (32 Votes)
2. Valid Code, Semantic Clean Markup (19 Votes)
3. Keywords (16 Votes)
4. Title Tags (7 Votes)
5. Alt Tags (5 Votes)
6. Links (5 Votes)
7. Sitemap (4 Votes)
8. Good Domain Name (2 Votes)

As we can see from the above, most of the people believe the best SEO is to have good and quality content. And valid code and semantic clean markup is very important as well. After than it would be keywords density within your content. I have found all of your suggestions and experiences about SEO are very useful. I recommend everyone have a look at all valuable comments. I am sure you can learn something from them. It was very difficult for me to pick the best 2 from the list, so I have just picked 2 lucky winners randomly.

1. Zike
2. David

Congratulations. You will receive an email for the download of SEO Book shortly. Thank you very much. And please stay tuned with the coming Giving Away Events.

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