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Giving Away 20 DreamTemplate Memberships for Free

Posted · Category: Announcement

Designing websites could be a real headache for some of the webmasters. Sometimes, we just want to relax and let some of the professional designers do the website design for us. However, it could be really expensive to hire some of the best designers out there at the moment. DreamTemplate is designed for people who do not want to spend big money on designers and do not have a lot of time to spend on designing their own websites. Unlike similar website templates company which is charging $35 – $70 per website template.

Instead, with less than $60/yr , you can have instant access to 3,000+ Premium Web Templates, CSS / Flash Templates or even Corporate ID Kits, Powerpoint, Word Templates, PDF Templates, Vector Icons and Joomla / WordPress Templates. DreamTemplate tries to add new products on a weekly basis, so that you can keep having some fresh website templates as well.


After Signing Up, you can download unlimited products by clicking the “Download” button under it. You may also decide to “Add” items to your cart and then download them all at once. You can have unlimited use of your downloaded templates for both of your personal and commercial sites as well.

DreamTemplate is very kind to offer WebAppers Readers 20 of Full Year Memberships (Total: $1199) for Free. If you would like to gain unlimited access to over 3,000 templates for free, all you have to do is leaving a comment under this post and tell us what feature you would like to see the most in a template site. And DreamTemplate will pick 20 winners with the best comments on 21st April. What are you waiting for? Participate now!

  • jeckyll

    What i would love on a template site:

    first: good screenshots!

    second: usable demo with a little more standard content

    third: usable categories (not only black or shiny) :D


  • kingcole

    A color based search engine

  • The feature that would be a killer is the ability to adapt a template to one’s specific needs, based on a “meta-template” of which you’d tune size, fonts, colors, etc… And then at the click of a button, you’d get an archive that contains everything you need to get started.

  • Adrian

    I am an php coder , and i like nice structured content , nice design and the code i whant to be css valid ;)

  • Daniel

    multiple stylesheets… CSS style switcher?

  • Good features for template sites:
    1. Good screenshots (not just thumbnails)
    2. Working demos
    3. Some free templates people would actually use
    4. Decent artwork for paid templates – not just generic computer/people/building shots
    5. Good instructions for how to customise purchased templates for your usage

  • Renaud

    A good liquid display structure
    Full css & xhtml validity
    Maximum accessibility and usability
    nice and commented code

  • * first of all, the “Search Templates” link is very unobtrusive.
    * And it’d be very useful to search templates by the resolution.

  • templates categories by platform used, colors, columns.
    easy to access screenshoots.
    i wold like a feature to change content on my template (buttons, footer, header etc.), customize it how i want, then download it.

  • I’d would love to find on a template site these features:

    1° a great search tool (colors, style,…)
    2° Possibility of a live demo of the template’s homepage
    3° Low prices or a good price/quality rate
    4° Live support

    That’s all.

  • Eric

    Fast loading, clean templates, with working demos and easy to use ui to get from template to template !

  • I would love to see a customize option to get the basics changed in the template (address, logo, navigation categorys), and taking it to the next step the option to have a pro turn it into a template in the language of choice (php, wordpress etc.)

  • What i would like on a template site:
    1. A search tool
    2. Featured template
    3. A mouseover description of the template so I dont waste time clicking it one by one.
    4. A CSS valid templates!


  • Mauro Mazzei

    i would like to see a mouseover effect on template thumb, live support, and (i dream) a customization tool…

    what else? i don’t know…

    Thank You,
    Mauro Mazzei

  • First, thanks for this blog.
    Definitely a great site to find resources.

    What I would like to see in a template site.

    1. It is important that template site should include good documentations, a) how we can customize it to our own likings b) it is also important that the documentation be well written and easily understood by the reader.

    2. All template site should be light, fast and clean looking

    3. Should contain control panel to add Google Analytics, Feedburner and other services.

    4. Should have a BUILT-IN contact form.

    5. Print friendly options.

    6. Tabbed menus or navigations

    7. Widgetized sidebars to place Ad campaigns, etc.

    8. Use or integration of GRAVATARS

    9. Use of crumbs, microformats, etc.

    10. Use of multiple stylesheets to allow visitors to change fonts size of the site.

    11. Ability to toggle different colors of the site.

    This is my wishlist, maybe a little too much to ask but all templates should have this.

    Thanks and hope this helps =)


  • Hi, here are some easy-to-fix suggestions:
    – I’d like to adjust the number of templates per thumbnail-page.
    – The latest templates section is ok but it always shows the same six templates, no matter how often I already saw them. You should randomize it some more.
    – The menu is quite long, it would be great if I could hide the submenus I don’t need!

  • Adnan

    As a Web Developer, i think there should be a section/category dedicated to Web Application interface, with the following features:
    1. A dozen icons matching the template
    2. Multiple themed css, which will allow application users to switch themes, depending role or membership type
    3. Should display multiple inner pages apart from Home Page like Login Page, member dashboard page, etc.
    4. Template should be Web 2.0 compatible

  • 1) XHTML/CSS Valid (without too many IE hacks)
    2) Modular-based with intuitive scalability
    3) Intergration w/popular CMS tools

  • Volker

    – large Screenshot (multiple in detail view)
    – valid xhtml/css
    – working html demo to get the the feel, not only the look

  • Templates that don’t have cheesy stock photos of overly serious people would be a nice start!

  • I’d like to see accessibility ratings, i.e WAIG.

  • Dan

    I’d like more xml driven flash sites.

    Flash sites that can be updated by simply changing the xml file.

    Then all you need is a basic php app that allows a webmaster to update, save and archive the xml file.


  • Pietro Bonacorsi

    1) Working Demos
    2) Good Online Support
    3) Color Based Search Engine
    4) Shopping Cart Templates… example for the sperfantastic Magento Commerce
    5) Clean & Valid Css Templates
    6) Ratings
    7) Web 2.0 compatible Templates
    8) Joomla 1.5 Compliant Templates

    Best Regards…

  • jeanv

    well, actually to code xhtml/css websites is a test of will, but for DreamTemplate it could be a contest of still… don’t you think so? Why not selling templates that works on every screen, every OS, every navigator and also on mobiles? Interoperability should be the next DreamTemplate experience!

  • 1. better screenshots
    2. demos
    3. better navigation throught templates
    4. maybe tagging system for templates

  • 1. Template must be search friend,which means xhtml/css valid.now HTML5 is coming.
    2. Compatiable.don’t broke page in main explorer(IE6,7 Firefox2,3 and Safari).
    3. Template has a subject,think integer web app with the subject.
    4. Think about the people who will see the template,different location will have different habit.
    5. Template will be seen by user,but will be coded by coder,so think what they want.
    6. User like change,so keep a little trick to keep your template fresh.
    thanks,hope i don’t waste your time. :)

  • Peter

    My dream templates website would would have the following features:

    1. On-the-fly logo customization (after the purchase the customer would upload his own load and have the possibility to preview, crop and the logo where it should appear. it is then zipped with the rest of the website for download) Many small companies are eager to have their own website. Customizing basic stuff should be very simple and accessible. This feature would definately stand out. Same feature may also be applied for creating/customizing menus whether they are using text or images (GD library can be used for this purpose)

    2. Overall accessibility and valid code markup for all the templates. (Customer doesn’t have to deal will little annoyances left out be the designer)

    3. Additional templates or/and services to address mobiles such devices (e.g iPhones, PDAs etc..)

    4. For large templates website every template should be described as much as it can be, just like a good referenced website to facilitate client’s searching process.

  • spirit

    As we are talking about template site, my comment only focus on templates and not on backend “features” (server-side php for example). What I would like to see in a template site:
    1. Nice color contrasts
    2. Tableless (of course :-) ) and easy to customize
    3. Not too much JS stuff and effects. It’s not the role of the template to embbed JS libraries like mootools Jquery, prototype… It should be part of the “business” process.
    4. SEO friendly
    5. Extensible:
    – i18n should not break the design
    – Resizing and resolution problems should be addressed
    6. Lightweight. I hate templates directly cut from photoshop or image ready, images are often not optimized.

  • Hello Dreamhost,

    Firstly, a question. If someone with a membership has downloaded a template, how does someone else buy this “Buy Exclusively” if the template has already been downloaded?

    Onto the suggestions :

    1.) I know the danger of ‘Working’ demo’s from some of the users above. So perhaps a gallery of larger images should be available? I know other template sites have sub-section examples built into the code you download, so it would be nice to see that!

    2.) RSS is king. I live my life with RSS so it would be nice for all latest editions to the collections come to my desktop!

    3.) Something I’ve always thought about with Template Companies. Why don’t you buddy yourself up with some of the major opensource CMS company’s and have the template download *with* there CMS software so the full site works out of the box with little technical baffling going on? For those who need a walk through of the process, offer to install it on there server for £20/30.

  • i would like to see colour and style-related search/categories

  • Most of the times free/premium templates don’t fit correctly your blog. There’s always some problem with lists, widgets etc. In my opinion it wuold be great to have a support service: a template site could offer a service to resolve these issues without having to pay much more than the template itself (with some limitations of course).
    Sorry for my bad English!

  • Thanks,

    Simple think

    ~~ Live Support with hacker safe ~~


  • 1. HTML/CSS editor for templates
    2. Search for all parameters, like template width/height, type, etc…

  • jc

    The feature I would love to see most, is to be able to go to the template site and NOT have horrible annoying midi music blazing through my headphones.

    That is all.

  • 1. An in-place preview page that doesn’t require opening a lot of tabs, like an RSS reader but instead for previewing a lot of themes. So I don’t have to keep tracks of a bunch of tabs previewing themes that I like. If I can also manipulate a “favorites” list inside it, all the better. It would made finding theme that fit well much much easier.

    2. A good palette filtering mechanism, e.g. light on dark, color filtering misc. Sometimes the color is important.

    3. Page structure filtering options – Big big front page header yes/no? Messy sidebars yes/no? Multiple columns 1/2/3?

    4. Fitness for a particular purpose, e.g. weblog, cms, corporate etc.

    If I would be rating a template site, I’d pick on the ability to browse and find templates that match my need quickly and easily.

  • Sampi

    A good template site should be able to search for ‘similar templates by color/layout’, have good screenshots and demos
    and also be cheap, and if you dont even buy stuff, it should be inspiring with a lot a wow factor =)

  • Mike Tee

    I’ve experience with templatemonster… and one thing that I really like was the fact that it allowed me to build my own branded websites as a reseller. I’m making full use of this for my own web business, but the site is quite poor and doesn’t have much customization options.

    Oh, and for code sticklers like me, templates produced with clean HTML / CSS will be much appreciated as it will be easier to change / customize.

  • A very worthy prize indeed, just don’t whatever you do choose a template with a photo of a sportscar as the banner…it’s soooooooo 2007.


  • 1. Clean Code, not to many useless DIVs or other elements
    2. Integrated Validation for CSS and HTML so you can see if the template is valid
    3. Ability to Upload a Ready4Wordpress-Version
    4. RSS-Feeds for Tags and Categorys, so that i get an Update if there is a new Template tagged with “medical”.
    5. Paying with PayPal
    6. Wanna see if its an exclusive Upload for this Templatesite
    7. Integrated Logo-Include-Support to see a preview with a customized Logo on a screenshot

  • Yoyo

    01. RSS Feed with thumbnails of the newest templates. And separate feeds for template categories.
    02. A good search engine or a very good filter.
    03. The ability to display a lots of thumbnails on a page.
    04. Multiple color styles for a template.
    05. Deliver some free Icons and Photos with the templates for more customization.
    06. Affiliate program for template designers. Allow designers to sell their templates on your site.
    07. Working Demos are not a good choice (people steal), but if the user is registered I think it would be nice to have a link to a working demo.
    08. RSS RSS RSS RSS :)

  • First of all, I would like to see working demos of the designs. Then I would like to see more screenshots about the site designs. Paying with PayPal.

  • Id like to see adaptable templates. So you can put your own “standard” content in, such as a logo etc, and that you could see the template preview with that content in it.

  • Ben

    – Screenshots & working demos (goes without saying, I guess)
    – CSS inline documentation (what does this part do?)
    – Along with the documentation could be info like: change here to vary your module/widget headers/boxes/etc. Nobody uses a template EXACTLY as it is. So the easier they are to change, the better.
    – Besides templates: continually updated hotlists of the best widgets (WP), modules and components (Joomla) in different categories.
    – Integration with various Web 2.0 services out there is crucial today (Twitter, Flickr, PayPal, YouTube, Google, etc) and a focus on widgets & al that work well with these is important. There is no use doing it all by yourself anymore, better to use what’s out there and integrate.
    – Best practices, how-tos (Basics, CSS frameworks, Effects & bells&whistles using jQuery, Moo.fx, etc). Not everything has to be included, focus on the best 25 tips or something to get people started.
    – Offer to solve coding problems, browser incompatibilies, and even custom coding as an option.

  • Lubke


    What I always find interesting, is seeing the template in a “real-life enviroment”. Something like: “the following sites are using this tempalte: link, link, link”… of course not everybody is willing to admit the usage of commercial templates… but perhaps it’s possible to gather some input/info about it…

    Further I alway tend to click the “editor picks” or “favourite/hot downloads”… It’s a nice way to give some extra sorting/filtering to the huge ammount of data.

    I doubt that these suggestions will make me win one of the subscriptions… but hey… let’s give it a try!

  • aCCuReRaS

    At each template, they should mention what browser compatability is available.
    And next, the templates should work in all major browsers.
    When a new browser version is released; the existing templates should be updated so they are also compatible with the new browser.

  • Some of these may seem to be delving into the minutia, but the more choices a user has, the more confidence they have that the site will quickly provide what they want.

    1. Break down the templates by technology
    1a. By type (Flash, Flex/Silverlight, Swish, xHTML, HTML, Front Page, CSS)
    1b. Provide basic html versions of the more complex technologies
    1c. Include some javascript heavy sites
    1d. Offer Dreameaver or Photoshop files (i.e. PSD)
    2. By Purpose (Blog, CMS, E-Commerce, Personal Site)
    2a. By framework (WordPress, Joomla, PhpBB, PHP Nuke, Mambo)
    3. By look and feel
    3a. Allow the user to pick a primary and secondary color
    3b. Allow the user to choose the number of columns, layout, fixed or fluid
    3c. Allow the user to pick from categories such as Clean, Grunge, web 2.0, Retro, Shiny, etc.
    4. Provide help pages or links to the common technologies like WordPress or photoshop tutorial (sites) to assist customers in personalizing their purchases.
    5. Provide thumbnails for all themes.
    6. Provide the user a reason to return. Something like weekly give aways or randomly putting a premium template up for free.
    7. Make sure to have all payment options available.
    8. Allow users to comment and tag templates. The tagging could be used to help refine the categories mentioned above.
    9. No popup or audio ads :)

    Hope this helps

  • Oscar

    1. A clear classification of the theme telling you in what browsers it works 100% in.

    2. Information about what menu systems are available.

    3. Information about if the template uses any JavaScripts.

  • 1. Color based search
    2. “Tags”

  • * Css based layouts
    * Ajax snippets

  • uriel

    good tutorials for customizing templates after donwloading. including the design and code aspects.

  • eli

    I would like to find easily what I’m looking for, so it would be nice an advaced search opcion where you can choose things such as colours, columns, layouts, fixed or fluid, density of content…

    I would like to see bigger screenshots, demos, guides o advices to customizate every template,tags and comments of other users…

    And I would appreciate to find clean code, SEO friendly, CSS valid and Web 2.0 compatible…

    Thanks for everything anyway.

  • Stacey

    I would like for them to make it easier to switch out css.

  • Andy

    Greetings. I’d like to see a feature where each template would show parts of its HTML/CSS/PHP/… code, as I sometimes pick designs not only by design, but also by code readability. I think that more people would like to see such a feature. Regards! ;)

  • I would like to see a way to compare css, like older versions of themes or modifications users have done.

  • Here are my feature suggestions:

    1. EMPHASIZED DETAILS: i understand template web sites can’t show big screen shots, because of security matters – so I’m proposing detail featuring. As a potential template buyer, I am most interested in the details that are a real value in that particular template. So i suggest a template web site could determine what are those details of real value (e.g. navigation button, icon, shopping cart presentation, heading presentation etc.) and show those details in maybe not actual size, but close. Also, a description why is that details a value would be helpful – because people would be motivated to look at more templates reading some good suggestions, and maybe they would buy more (double gain – visitors can learn new usability facts, the web site would sell more).

    2. MATERIAL PURCHASED: if I buy a template, I expect to get all the belonging relevant material (e.g. full images used and not chopped ones to fit the template, all fonts used, main color definitions in a table – that one can be used for COLOR BASED SEARCH feature, icons etc.)

    3. BUYERS WEBSITES: it would be a good idea to ask optionally from the buyer the web address of the web site where a purchased template will be implemented. That way, the developers can promote their web sites, and the potential buyers can see the template in action.

    and 4. UNIQUE TEMPLATE INFORMATION: if i want to buy a unique template, and I see that it was downloaded already by 3-4 people, i am not sure will i buy it then. So it’s confusing now. Someone downloaded it, but template web sites show the price of the unique template – why? That should be organized in a different matter: a new section could be made : AVAILABLE UNIQUE TEMPLATES, which would contain only templates that wasn’t downloaded before. I understand that the web site is by that lowering it’s chances to maybe make more money, but people would have more confidence in a template web site with that “honest” feature.

  • Jon

    Its very simple what to see anyone wants to see in a good template site: good unique templates and lots of them. Around the good templates should be built good navigation utils so that you can find the template that you want. You should all ways focus on your content (in this case it is templates) and how to lead users to find the content.

  • Travis de Demo

    – Pure CSS/XHTML Layouts (with validation connected)
    – Different Resolution Demos (PSDs/Actual HTML)

  • I think the most interesting features we should have in template are :
    1- CSS/XHTML for html templates
    2- Simple design
    3- High quality images and best choice of colors
    4- for Dynamique websites (joomla, phpnuke, xoops, oscommerce…) some documentation on how to use template would be very interesting.
    5- PSD, Fla, EPS… source files
    6- well orgnized CSS
    7- Browsers compatibility (IE, Mozilla FF, Opera, avant-browser…)

  • 1. Screenshot(s) that are big enough to get an idea of what the template looks like without clicking on it.
    2. Fast load times. If I have to wait 30 seconds between screens, I move on.
    3. Detailed metadata about each template. (License, author info, standards compliance (XHTML, CSS, STRICT, etc.), supported browsers, etc.
    4. At least a few e-commerce templates.
    5. The ability to open multiple templates at one using tabbed browsing. I know that lightboxes are cool, but it limits me to viewing one template at a time. If you insist on using a lightbox, allow users to add designs to “comparison gallery” that allows them to switch between designs they want to compare without constantly opening and closing lightboxes.

  • To me, good documentation for each template is a great feature. I like it when clear steps are given for customizing templates. This is especially important for WordPress and other CMS templates.

  • Great idea!

    I would like:
    1) Valid CSS Templates
    2) Ability to filter a search by “Valid CSS”, “Contains/Doesn’t Contain Flash”, etc
    3) Full-sized screenshots
    4) More robust search engine.
    5) Multiple file formats per download (PSD, JPEG, HTML with sliced images, etc)

  • 1. Good demos
    2. Collection of scalable templates
    3. Generalized Template Designs

  • JL Smith

    I’m a coder, not a designer so quality, css based template layouts are what I’m after. DreamTemplate rocks!

  • Rob Chinn

    As someone who is not as experienced as most of the people on here, this is what I want from a template/template site:
    1) full previews in a new or pop-up window (I hate having to go back and forth from thumbnails to details page), showing the interactive elements of the template, not just small thumbnails.
    2) good, clean code with concise comments
    3) lorem ipsum is fine for text content – please no ads and links to other websites
    4) templates that I’ll actually use
    5) no offensive images

  • I think a great feature and future advantage would be the addition of Mac based ‘Pages’ & ‘Kenote’ templates. I have seen these apps used more frequently across many businesses and think a site like this could quickly become an indispensable resource for Mac and PC users alike.

  • – CSS Style switcher
    – Flash Integration
    – More jQuery Functionality
    – Clean and Easy Forms


  • Functional demos, low prices, and good support. Also lots of information about the template is great to read about before downloading – for instance: how to use certain functions, how to customize, and how to use with WordPress/Joomla.

  • -working demos (with at least a couple of webpages: home and inner)
    -customization tutorials and examples

  • hey…this is great…I’m in ;)
    So…I want to see:

    1) Valid and usable xhtml/css templates
    2) Multiple formats to download(PSD, PDF, JPEG, xhtml) all in one
    3) Grunge Design …Hell yeah :)
    4) Tips and tutorials about creating high quality WordPress/Joomla templates
    5) Tutorials about design

  • Edwin

    I would like to see a rating-system so people can give there opinion about the templates and also the number of downloads so you can see how many people have downloaded it. Further a search engine where you can seach on very different thinks like color, subject or age. Also I would like to see if the templates are validated code and maybe who is the designer. And last but not least, a good navigation is important. I want to search trough al those thousends of templates very fast without clicking to much.

  • Lonnie

    Being a subscription based service, image is very important for that initial impression. Dream Template could highly benefit from a few changes,

    (one) a good professionally designed logo – right now their logo is too generic, too template. People want to feel like they are getting quality templates from a quality provider, not templates from just another template company.

    (two) website that is designed to showcase the templates in the best possible way. Advertising on the site is fine, but don’t let the advertisements dictate where the content goes. A simple redesign could increase the overall user experience.

    (three) the home page needs an overhaul. This goes hand in hand with the logo issue. You’re not selling templates on an individual basis, so why make your site look like you are. The home page could be unique – it could (and should) give off a much more professional clean feel. It needs to highlight some of the better features upfront. And highlight some new templates as well as some of the best designed templates.

    (overall design) there are some other things that could make the user experience better, font selection, consistency.

    * Overall – great idea, great plan, time to buckle down and fine tune the things that can put you over the top.

  • Dre

    Most template sites do not have a break down of all of the css fonts, colors, sizes used. A page for each template with the h1, h2, h3, a, p details would be awesome.

  • In order to motivate a visitor to buy a template, it would be great if the web site could offer the following described features:
    1. if I buy one template, I will get the materials needed for it. Now, as the website is showing the “corporate identity” of the organization behind it (developed website owner), it is highly likely I will also develop maybe brochures for printing, leaflets, document templates etc. In that case, I would appreciate if i got an offer for a discount on related materials such are high resolution images used in that template, complete icon group of the used icons etc.
    2. Also, If I buy a template associated with some category, I would like to be offered a discount for other templates in the same category, or maybe to be offered to choose would I like a discount of the same category templates, same color scheme templates – any common element – maybe tagging templates and then choose between tags to get the discount on templates associated with that tag(keyword).

  • Very nice collection of high quality templates.
    The site should work on improving their own layout however :) Pagination and site navigation are not of highest standards.
    But what counts is content and this is good :)

  • Jorge Mozo

    A good template collection should have a semantic type search for elements within the designs. So that by searching an element would lead you into a new design for your website. That would encourage people to change their website design more frequently.
    It should have a user rated recommendation engine that would tell you what type of content fits best on each design, and even some sample of real content.
    Also, good tutorials on how to manipulate the template and use it with ASP.NET Master Pages, for example.

    Thank you for your initiative.
    Very good service.

  • a template site should have some tutorials, free stock icons and some interaction and knowledge sharing between designers and users to make a wonderful community inside.

    beside that, what i believe is that a template site should reflect the current design trend in it’s own look-n-feel so that people always get excited to use templates.

    and last but not the least, template site should really make their user understand how effectively a template can be part of rapid application development, thus accelerating the whole development life cycle and bring some colorful moment for both client and the service provider. because a template site is the place where there is a real synergy of designers and the developers.

  • Jeroen

    a tagbrowser…..

  • A good template should aim for as complete separation of content and presentation as possible, a la Textpattern. Also, adding code shouldn’t require the patience of a saint. Have a look at the Frog CMS (http://www.madebyfrog.com) for an idea. The key is to provide access to server-side functionality to people that need it, and not to editor-level or contributor-level users. Also, templates should ideally be multi-tier, with global navigation and branding separate from section content, so it’s easy to style sub-sites without breaking global nav.

  • 1. A good working demo. A screenshot just doesn’t cut it.
    2. Maybe a rating related to SEO optimization. SEO is important with a site design and some sort of ranking by how well the site dos with SEO would be interesting.

  • I would like to see:
    Search by color
    Templates using generally accepted best practices (XHTML, etc…)
    Some templates using a Grid system such as http://960.gs

  • Hello.

    1. I need sorting by color sheme, by style: clean, dirty…
    2. Aletrs by e-mail- that new template was added, i mean in category that you observing.
    3. Related templates- templates that other people was viewing after/before this.
    4. Lots of categories, taggs!
    5. Rating

  • A template has at least 3 main propeties.

    First thing is the template’s structure. It HAS to be :
    – XHTML (Strict would be the top) valid.
    – CSS valid too! But CSS validity is one easy thing. It has to be with “elastic” CSS! That is much harder thing to do in CSS.
    – WAI with the AAA label, for accessibility.
    – modular and flexible, for integration of different kind of tools (RSS offers, AdSense places in the pages, Flash, Javascript libraries, Joomla, WordPress…)

    Second thing is the template’s look.It HAS to be :
    – beautifull,
    – with nice screenshots,
    – shadows effects,
    – good colors…

    => We’re talking about integration of design within a structural work, i.e. the MVC pattern.

    Third thing is to give all associated services :
    – good documentation on each template
    – step by step tutorials on how you integrate Flash for example (if modularity is really here).
    – make it easy to install and to begin with.

    Personnaly, with all these nice features, I think that it would be extremely fun to develop websites :)

  • Since the web 2.0 have come, there are many site using advanced java scripting with css.

    Firstly i would love to see a tagged browsing
    then better use of jquery and other related .js

    Most of all I would love to see style switching button so that people with accessibility issues can easily go through the site.

    Last one I would like to see the color chooser like the one this site has done http://demo.rockettheme.com/apr08/

  • Chris

    Here something I would like to see on a template site:

    A composition engine, thus being able to composite a template from different templates (such as menu styles, headers, footers, color schemes, font styles etc. etc)

    That would really be a nice addition to the standard template sites of today.

  • In my eyes a template site should be:

    a well structured and organised site /* because of the immense ammount of templates you want to offering */
    valid coded /* you want to participate in developing the web, right */
    not to overwhelming in the ammount of templates /* I can’t spend a week of my time picking the right template */
    easy to use with an easy-to-use template-switcher when previewing templates
    quick loading
    telling me why I should buy a template from them /* and not from someone else */

  • Paul Janssen

    I love the site DreamTemplate site very much!

    Thanks for the oppurtunity to make some suggestions.

    What would make it complete:

    * clear search on esp. colour, columns, typography, tags, amount of content

    * I would like to see a lightbox feature so I can pick several designs and compare them to each other (maybe the lightbox feature should be extended so you can store picks or export them as PDF to discuss them with my client)

    * live preview instead of ZIP

    * Complete packs of website, flash banners & office templates for consistent look accros a project.


  • -more asp.net features
    -less bloggy templates more CMS
    -more sophisticated web trends

  • Good advice on this comments. I wanna add:

    – Support for spanish
    – A carrousel-like view on the desings
    – A option to search based in the layout (ie: 2-Columns, Three-Columns, Fluid, Table-based, CSS-Based, etc…)
    – A option to search which ones are XHTML valid
    – Separate the web from the powerpoint from everything else.
    – Be social! Let the user tag it!
    – Let the user add coments & rate the dsings. Retire the desing that have very bad reviews and improve the quality
    – Build a community of expert coders that can customize the desings

    That is enough to get busy, no? ;)

  • Simple features that can be added:
    – Star Rating & Customer Reviews (Makes it easier to see the templates chosen by the customers)
    – Search Option (Color, number of columns, etc)
    – Example of Usage (Have some customer to post how they ended up with)
    – Tutorials on how to use the template and how to convert it to your language
    – Free Templates (To let the customer know how the templates are)

  • 1. I would like to see a list of resolution icons you can hover over to see a larger thumbnail of the template at that resolution. Quick like a tooltip with a medium sized thumbnail of the website at each resolution.

    2. Color search. Both searching by overall colors (average color of the page), and by used colors (the most used top x colors in the page), and possibly html colors (colors of the html, not necessarily the images on the page).

    3. Search for templates by the use of images. Heavy, medium, and light/none. I prefer templates that use very few images, but many on template sites are to the nines with images. It would be nice to filter those out.

    4. Search by javascript library. It would be cool to search all the templates that have jquery built in to do ajax/ui stuff.

    4.1 Search by other presentation framework. Most likely, this wont be useful for quite some time, but it would be nice to see a list of templates that use html, flash, or silverlight for ui elements. Maybe even javascript would fall into this category also, depending on how fany the js makes the ui.


  • Sounds like a great idea. The features I would like to see are :
    – search by layout (2-col, 3-col, etc.)
    – search by theme (color, industry, etc.)
    – search by popularity, ratings, age, etc.
    – standards based file formats
    – royality-free, gpl licensing
    – a vendor system, allow developers to bid on customizing, implementing by request.
    – simple open classifieds/forums system for people looking for implementers, and developers offering template customization services… basically facilitation of the communication channel between developer and website owner.
    – place for comments, a place for links to implementations.
    – CVS for community updates to code/design/files

  • As someone who develops a lot of web applications it would be very useful to have the templates show off some of the application integration possibilities. What I mean by this is that it would be great to see what the designer had in mind with respect to how a web application would integrate with the design. Then templates could be classified as having certain application type integration support.

  • – XHTML / CSS Validity
    – An awsome quality of code to make the google position better
    – Comments in the code
    – a CSS chooser (to change the design interface… a bit like in Marius Roosendaal portfolio( http://www.mariusroosendaal.com/ )
    – quality diaporama to see the photos
    – possibilities to add / delete some Flash elements
    – All the social-communication options : RSS-Flick-R-etc…

    Sorry for the langage..I’m not english !

  • Jan S.

    The possibility to make changes on the dome page. Replacing pics and text or changing colors. So I can better decide if the Template fits to the content I want to present.

  • milus

    I would like to see more “newspaper like” template.
    Thank you!

  • Things I’d like to see on a template site:

    1. ***** – Color Palette Viewer – *****

    Similar to this (look below the skin, and you’ll see a color chooser and color palette viewer): http://customize.org/rainlendar/skins/54741

    The customize.org color palette shows what colors were used in the skin.

    In a template site, when previewing templates, it would be great to see what colors were used by viewing the color palette (like customize.org). Maybe even paying members could “save” their “favorite colors”, and when viewing thier fav colors, the template site like DreamTemplates could render templates that closely match thier favorite colors.

    2 ***** – Search by theme color – *****

    If you’re able to implement a color palette, then searching color palettes should be the next logical step.

    Again, with web designers, colors are important, so I think the next logical feature should deal with colors! :)

  • Amy

    an obvious search box, that lets you narrow down by subject, color, flash/not flash, css based, etc. Also, multiple versions are always nice, like having multiple color themes to choose from for one layout. Also, templates that are a little more original in their choice of photos is always cool.

  • Amy

    corrected my email for the post above. Whoops.

  • Zoran

    i would like to see a more and more of that magic content and my name somwhere in the list of happy customers

  • Bilal

    Thnx for this chance..i like to see this kind of opportunities from a template site like giving free premium templates or free accounts sometimes.It make a good connection between the site and users brandwise like google.

  • – Working Demos
    – Nice & Big Screen shots
    – Products Categories Accordingly
    – Colour Based Categories
    – Clean & Valid Css Templates
    – Display With Different View (for e.g. Display Thumbnails, Display Full, Display Details)
    – Most Ratings
    – Most Downloaded
    – Most Viewed
    – Most Popular
    – Web 2.0 Compatible Templates

  • I would like to see fewer straight CSS/HTML templates and more for CMS and dynamic content (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc.).

  • Ernesto



    I wrote this all CAPITALIZED to gain your attention, I felt that, being endorsed by your advertisement, I could go directly and buy without asking references or looking up for reviews.

    Is this serious? I felt already like I gave away my 59.95.

    I even emailed them in the afternoon, I only received an automated response.

    Are you sure of whom you are endorsing???

    I would actually like to know the answer to this.


    A devote subscriber.

  • erbag

    Interestingly enough I normally just look at themes for inspiration before I design. But for the few I’ve used I would like to see:

    – PSD with notes
    – CSS with proper comments
    – XHTML with commented areas (where what starts and ends)
    – Include font (and not flattened photoshop layers)
    – Documentation where necessary (ie. if flash animated or custom php functions are used etc…)

  • The ocasional tutorial showcasing how one of their templates has been put to great use on a live site. Also a few simple tips on how to integrate these templates into a dynamic ASP.NET or any other dynamic pages or a category of templates that are designed with these kind of web applications specifically in mind. Also besides the templates themselves a section of the site devoted to regular articles on web design and development to give the site friendlier face.

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Ernesto

    I am sorry for this. I have just emailed DreamTemplate and ask them to solve your problem as soon as possible. However, I think the following might be the reason of the delay. I found this from DreamTemplate’s website.

    “Due to the increase of the amount of fradulent transactions in this industry and on our website daily, we have had to implement a pending period to allow our staff to confirm all transactions before account activation.” DreamTemplate

  • Work out something with http://www.browsershots.org, or write your own script where people can add basic information into a form (Website Title, Intro paragraph, Links, etc.) and then it will generate a few screenshots on the fly in various browsers. That allows people to “demo” by customizing the template, but minimizes the chances of someone stealing.

  • The main thing for templates is flexibility:

    1. Flexible use of CSS where modifications are simple. Not to have multiple areas defined by one class or id.
    2. Extensibility for use of third-party applets, widgets or php code extensions, ie, and image rotator or video integration.
    3. Color scheme changes. One of the most used aspects of templates is keeping the format and changing the presentation elements such as headers and base colors.
    4. Branding availability. A lot of “free” templates require the inclusion of the author/creator tags in the footer and/or code. This lessens it ability for ambigous use in design and development projects.
    5. Commented code. Many times the problem with working with templates is first to decipher the thinking of the designer because he/she has failed to comment their code either at all or completely.
    6. More than a shell. So many templates are basic code with just the presentation elements differing from template to template. Formatting changes then become problematic or in need of wholesale recoding. At that point what is the template really good for?
    7. Dynamic and interactive presentation and usage should be the foundational premise. People like to interact with content and for a site to be intuitive and accessible. When this is the foundation of a site then stickiness is increased and content is actually read or interacted with.
    8. Simplicity. Simple does not mean lack of dynamic interaction (see above) it means not having a science degree to use a site. Everything is readily available and simple to use.
    9. Cross browser but single presentation. Ever notice how in IE a site looks one way and in FF it looks another. Not enough to make the site unusable but enough to affect branding and professionalism. Bad, bad, bad and did I mention bad?
    10. Quit making everything black! Over 50% of “professional grade” templates are black. Unfortunately most companies and organizations have a color scheme already in place, and usually not black! A template on a personal basis has more flexibility, but my clients are businesses, organizations, churches, etc. and etc. Easy on the black!

    Just my two cents as a web designer looking for a quick fix to the templating dilemma!


  • Sam

    All of the above.

  • Pristine

    A user guide to each template, explaining the cool features and how to tweak it to fit your needs. :D

    Wow, look at how many comments this contest has drawn! Keep up the greak work on this blog man!

  • For me a good clean visual interface with good sematics definitely wins. There are lots of templates out there these days both free and paid but few that have good semantics and are customisable! One final point of choice is the load time and SEO consideration as well.

  • Antonio Carlucci

    I think that the screenshots are very small. I like the screenshots who are opened in a new pop-up window. For the rest the site is well good. Bye

  • Andrew

    Hi Ray,

    Another great offer – thank you.

    I’d like to see lightbox-style screenshot previews (or some other form of screenshot preview that didn’t involve clicking through to another page).

    Full site preview demos would be good too.


  • Hybrid11

    I would love to see color search engine!

  • Sleepyeyes

    It would be awesome to see interactive demos and for the templates to be download with full multipage demo content

  • Jeffery

    3 things:

    Color-based search
    Global sound/volume control
    Full site previews


  • Shaik

    Thhis is cool.Wow lots of templates.Thanks for the offer.

  • Ernesto

    Thanks guys, I received the confirmation email this morning. I understand policies, but I couldn’t understand why no one wrote me yesterday answering my questions.

    Anyway, it’s all good now.


  • Would love to see stuff like:

    Customizable header and footer through and admin system.
    Sidebars, tooltips and other using a non-obstrusive code so it can work with most frameworks.
    Concatenated Css, and even multiple Css for each template, like one that works based on computer time, saying, day, night, etc…

  • I would like to see most in a template site are…
    1. The templates available for all kinds and categories of web application around, not limited to flash/html/joomla/wordpress etc. it should provide templates for all/any web apps so that it wins as the most popular and more covered template site in the whole internet…

    2. high quality of template files as per what all others is mentioning, those css,html,js blah blah blah. at of course a most affordable price.

    3. customizable template features to mix and match. buying a template is perhaps just like shopping for clothes. you mix and match, buy a set and wear it out. let users have the capability to say what they want and offer them what they need. thats interactivity and thats web in the new generation.

  • Steve

    1. Dynamic Product Categories – I can see that the left side “Product Categories” section could become a little overwhelming. That section could be a little more visually pleasing if the list was a little more dynamic. Yes, I know… SEO, but come on the homepage is enough. Once you click on a link over there… that section should shrink to something a little more smaller.

    2. Advanced Search – I think that section could use better drilling down and dynamic count. Right now you have Category, Temp. Name, Temp. Desc., Temp. Keyword, Temp. Compatibilites, Designer/Artist. Some additions that could help users in the selection process, could be Fluid or Fixed (radio), Dimensions (Dropdown), Columns ( Dropdown), Primary Color Scheme (textbox), Secondary Color Scheme (textbox). Granted all options won’t apply to all categories. When adding option to the advanced search, you could show a dynamic count of the result the search would yield.

    3. Layout Grid – Maybe allow the Designer/Artists to add a layout grid to the screenshots. The grid could show the layout of the Table or CSS.

    4. Artist Ratings or Ranking.

    5. Bump up the layout to Fluid or 960px.

    6. Amp up the theme. The sites kinda dull for it to be a site dedicated to Templates.

  • Robert

    It would be really cool to have an interactive Silverlight viewer for the templates, that can display the template in a more verbose form rather than a static image.

    Silverlight templates in general.

    And also, use of free and open sources stock icons.

  • Hello Ernesto,
    All accounts are activated immediately and automatically, however your account was manually flag by our system as the risk score was higher than normal. In any case one of our reps have already activated your account. If you require any support, please contact us directly, we respond to emails within 1 business day. Take care, winners will be announced soon, good luck!

  • i think the being able to type in sample copy and then flick between a shortlist of designs might be handy.
    being able to choose several tags added together, sea+3cols+centered+main_image for example.
    Just some way to not have to page though 100+ pages of thumbs, maybe the nice tool on stock photo sites where you can draw a doodle and it finds similar.

  • Glad they asked!!!

    – Screenshots
    – Working Demo
    – Free templates (updated regularly to keep people coming back to check out what’s new)
    – Ability to change color schemes
    – Each template indexed via tags, not categories. For example a template can have the tags “business, machines, industrial, free, blue, web 2.0, 3 columns”, etc.
    – Clean coded templates, preferravle xhtml/css valid and working in IE6+ and FF2+

  • trevis

    What I always thought would be cool is dynamically generated images. I’ll explain:

    Most templates come with static images with text inside them. In order to change that text, you hope that a psd is included, and you would fire up photoshop and change the text.

    This is a problem for a number of reasons. Users don’t always have access to photoshop, as it is pretty expensive to purchase. The users who do have photoshop tend to know how to use it, so they wouldn’t be downloading tem

    plates in the first place. Another problem I’ve come across is that the fonts used in the template are not always included with the template itself. You then need to either try to hutn down the font, or use a seperate font and change each other image that uses that font to match.

    What I suggest is that the template site uses imagemagick or the gd library to allow it’s users to dynamically change the text of each image, and generate a new image on the fly for the user to download. You could enter in new text for the image to display, and dynamically create a zip file with the changed images. You could take this further by allowing users to change the colors and gradients used in some of the other images in the template. A user could go to the site, fill in some information, and get a completely custom image pack to be used with the downloaded template. This would save time for the advanced template user, and save hours of frustration for someone new to web design.

    Ideally, a template site would offer a completely dynamic way of offering templates, allowing meta templates that provide basic information about how the template should look, and the user could specify fixed/fluid width where applicable, or change styles/colors on the fly. The template site would be able to create one version of a template, and allow users to completely customize the look and feel without ever opening a text or image editor.

    This is the future that I see for template sites.

  • Full-featured templates; the ability to review all pages and have a good working demo. The ability to add features of blogs, shopping carts, music backgrounds, and exclusive Dream templates. Too many template sites lack a true unique personal feel. Many are no better than any other. Dream templates needs to stand out.

  • Shakil

    I am a webmaster and looking for some LooknFeel aspects for my sites.

  • As a web applications developer I spend all my time focused on coding the “back-end”, the scripts that make the make the application work. Therefore I end up with an application that works, but looks like crap. I would love to see more designs targeted toward web applications like a section dedicated toward configuration or setting pages in an web application.

  • Ernesto

    @Ray Cheung & @DreamTemplate

    I don’t understand the “flag” thing it is a missle 60 bucks, not 60K. I’m a web designer and I buy A LOT of stuff related to design from internet: templates, icons, stock photos, etc., WITHOUT a problem!

    Ray, I have a new complaint:

    Yesterday, afeter receiveing the registration email I went back and changed my password, WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!! I never received the new password (they a a reset password mechanism), that was in the morning (AGAIN!) and I never got the new password. I wrote them “directly” about 10 times, to all their email accounts. NO ONE ANSWERED!

    This is waht a wrote today:

    “I don’t know what’s the problem. I registered the day before yesterday and you didn’t answer in a normal period of time. I got my registration details yesterday, after complaining, thanks.

    Yesterday, I logged in and went to change my password, because I wanted a stronger password – 16 characters in length, using a formula easy for me to remember.

    Now your system doesn’t recognize the password. I went ahead and clicked on the “Can’t remember password?” link, where I reset the password. I’m still waiting for the new password to arrive.

    I think you have A LOT of issues to resolve before opening like this to the public. I assume this will be ANOTHER DAY OF WAIT.

    Please respond ASAP.

    ARE YOU FOR REAL PEOPLE!!!!???????


  • Ray Cheung

    @ Ernesto

    I have forwarded your problem to DreamTemplate immediately. I hope they can solve your problem as soon as possible.

  • Ernesto

    Thanks for answering back and being so quick about this. I know this is not your responsability. I think that when you open a service like this to the public one can not be slow about service. DreamTemplate is not giving the best service as a newcomer should do.
    Thank you for your support and I’m sorry to spoil your giveaway.
    Keep up with the excellent work you do with this magazine!

  • Gary

    I would like to see templates more effectively grouped by design style, rather than subject matter. When I am looking for a template I am looking more often for specific style characteristics.

    But I am talking about more than simple style keywords such as “clean, Web 2.0., grunge” etc. There are many factors that help to define a style: layout type, color palette, use of images, navigation style, etc.

    It would also be good to identify templates that are easily converted into dynamic width designs and which are not.

  • 1) Free trial membership
    2) bigger thumbnail for easier search
    3) template making blog. telling us the experience of template making.
    4) Friendly and reliable customer support
    5) Compare template feature

  • Ernesto

    Hey Ray… Can you believe it? No one has written back to me.

    Almost two days gone by… no answer. I can’t even use my account. The sad thing about this is that I WANT to use it, it was a good offer, but poorly taken care of.

    I try and call them to their phone on the contact page, but it is always busy.

  • SR

    -XHTML/CSS Templates that are easy to customize.
    -I’d like to see some more simple, generic templates, that can be used as a starting point for custom work.

  • Roberto Private (melb)

    Hi there,

    Firstly great templates and very reasonably priced.

    What I would like to see on a template site are the following:
    – Color scheme chooser(allow different colors for a template)
    – Category for colors (Blue templates, Green templates)
    – Graphic elements collections: Would be nice to have an icon set, buttons, etc that can be used accross all templates
    – For each template have links to peoples sites that have used the template that way you can see it in a real world application
    – I would like to see skins/themes for various site types, ie. Forums skins, shopping site skins, general website skins, social networking skins

    Thanks for providing this opportunity to people hopefully your site will improve further with all the feedback from these comments

    Regards Rob

  • Your password issue was received and a new welcome letter with the updated password was sent back to you within a few hours of us receiving the ticket.

  • I would like to also add that our system works fine. Upon resetting your password, if you did not get an email immediately, it would most likely be in your spam inbox.

  • Ernesto

    @DreamTemplate Web Templates
    I got all the emails you sent, it’s not about the spam inbox, it’s about the delay. I got your emails.
    I have my password, I can access my account, that’s all I want, I’ll leave the matter [of customer service] to you.
    This is a closed issue to me.

  • Hey!

    I’d like to see:
    1) Working Demo of the sites (with lots of watermarks lol)
    2) Color based search
    3) Free trial membership for downloading 5 basic templates, so you can see how they all work
    4) Very customizable templates (i’m a webdesigner, i know what to do, but most people don’t)

    Well i guess that’s all for now.

  • 1- XHTML Strict Layout
    2- Layouts for knows CMSes (for example: click here to download this layout for joomla, drupal, wordpress, modx vs.vs.)
    3- Widget support for templates (carousels, rss readers)

  • Fast sign up, registration, and being able to download immediately instant gratification is the key! I know that when signing up through Evrsoft it takes a bit for everything to go through and get the password.

    Features I would like to see:

    A little more variability in templates. It feels like every site has the same 100 templates if that makes sense. I would rather have access to fewer templates that really stand out from the pack. For instance, yootheme really stands out to me because they not only have unique designs, but they also introduce you to their templates and extra functions.

  • This is a very generous offer for Webappers’ readers.

    On a template site, one feature I would like to see the most is a full template demo.

    Other features should include good screenshots and more details on CSS, viewer ratings and ofcourse a powerful search with all possible search options.

  • A great template is only as good as the back-end interface you can plug it into. Many stellar-looking templates require hard-coded content. After you’re gone the customer is left with a static site.

    A great template site would provide templates that could be “plugged” into a CMS (like WordPress or Drupal) for dynamic content.

  • Jay

    Best things in life are free? Free is good?

  • What I wish to see in a good template:
    1. Support for CSS with enough documentation on the different style
    2. graphics are independent on the subject
    3. sample first and inner pages
    4. flexible menu setup
    5. support (if possible) to new wave javascript libraries like jquery / mootools, etc

  • Sylv

    1° Live demo of the template’s homepage
    2° Good price/quality rate

  • Nice shot ;)

  • Guy

    Have a way to offer support online in realtime for the templates, not forums, not email, live 24×7 support. No waiting allowed.

  • Veloks

    What I would like to see more is templates suitable for specific open source CMS’s and shopping carts. There are many good ones that one can use for free and I think having great templates for the leading ones will be very rewarding.


  • Here’s my list of things I would love to see:
    – Search by:
    – – keyword
    – – source type
    – – color theme
    – – style
    – – most downloaded
    – – top rated
    – – columns
    – – divs or tables?
    – – XHTML / CSS Validity
    – List of files in the download
    – – how many images
    – – css files
    – – html or php
    – Customer Reviews
    – – I want to see what other people think
    – Recommended Results
    – – “users who downloaded this, also downloaded..”
    – Browser Compatibility
    – – It’s always nice to know the template was tested in various browsers
    – Details Details Details!!
    – – fixed or fluid?
    – – width?
    – – height?
    – Demo Accounts
    – – A few free downloads before I buy!
    – “Our Picks”
    – – What are the administrators favorites?
    – Are fonts included?
    – – fonts included?
    – – list of fonts used?

    I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing designs and looking for designs I can learn from rather than just to use as my own. And most of the time I end up trashing it after I download it because the coding isn’t my style. I’d like to be able to gather as much information as possible about the template before I spend the time downloading and reviewing it myself. Having the ability to search by (posted) helps, and having user reviews is something that should be done.
    It’s always nice to have a section where we can see the top rated designs/templates and the most downloaded (per day/month/year). And to take it to the next level, export everything on an RSS feed, keep me updated!
    I’d also love to see more javascript used on the template website. Things to allow me to view bigger screenshots without popups (lightbox) or drag and drop things into a list of “favorites”, etc..
    Working demos are always nice, but I can understand not doing that, for obvious reasons. But maybe have a section of the source visible on the details page? Something like “the first 25 lines of code”, that might help me understand what type of template I’m looking at.
    Layout generators are perfect for a template website. Just having a section where we can say “2 columns, a footer, a header, logo “section””, etc.. color pallet, and various other “Utilities”.
    The ability to compare templates. It would be great to be able to see a template side by side and match up the details to narrow down any questions I might want to know the answer to and get an idea as to the actually size of the template.
    Different payment options; paypal, etc..

    That’s about it, goodluck DreamTemptlate,

  • Fodcj

    I think there should be a number of WordPress Gallery and shop templates. These are extremely popular and when I recently created mine I searched high and low for a template of this sort and only came up with one… very dissapointing.

    So I had to resort to create mine from scratch which took considerable longer that I wanted :(

    Hope I now win!


  • The feature I’d like to see the most in a template website is the ability to dynamically interact and view the CSS for the template. I should be able to tweak CSS stuff or play around with template options on the website itself before downloading said custom-modified template. I’m not talking about having it so that users can do all their tweaking on the website itself, no, instead make it just so that people can remove or add some minor things before donwnloading it to work on. Also another feature could be dynamic drag-n-drop placement of items in the template such as header and footer (But I guess this involves too much coding)
    Good luck everyone

  • Mohammad Taki

    Hello, and these are a few suggestions on what I would like on a template store :

    Well I’ve browsed a fair share of templates sites and I must say the most annoying thing to me is the same templates appearing over and over again. Uniqueness means a lot to me and for a template site to offer a same template offered on 20 others reseller sites is just a turn off for me.

    I would also like template sites to be updated regularly, because most sites i visit usually only update every 2 or three months.

    Template sites that offer web 2.0 categories such as templates for WordPress and other blogging platforms are available but the quality of these templates are highly surpassed by free ones online. So what I would like to see is high quality UNIQUE WordPress themes with widget ready and plug ins as an extra addon

    Therefore a Template site offering unique layout ( I am talking about the same reseller sites that sell the same flash content with a different header and footer design ) and cost effective templates that are well coded ( because I discovered very bad coding on most templates I tried and received hell from a client who keeps complaining about the speed of the site even with tweaking from myself ). I am a web designer in Lebanon, a risky job to take in that area. But this is what i love to do and would not change it for anything.

    Thank you Web Appers and DreamTemplate for offering me a change to win a free membership.
    Mohammad Taki
    Beirut, Lebanon

  • jvon

    my website sucks, pick me.

  • The most important thing for a template site to have is a quality and extensive search tool. Also, more unique and better stock photos on the templates would set your guys apart.

  • Good browsing with any browser, an probably if they include lots of demo content and Lots of mootools effects would be great!

  • Ghofrani

    features that the template site should have :
    . Live demo
    . Professional Demo showcase and attractive site design
    . powerful search engine with all required options
    . full demonstration of each template
    . template tutorials
    . a Forum for best supports

    features for the delivered template :

    . tableless design and 100% css based
    . layout options
    . IE PNGFix Built In
    . W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid
    . Fully compatible IE7, Firefox 1.5+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari.
    . Delivered with source Adobe .PSD.
    . If it is for CMS : Delivered with Sql dump
    . If for CMS : having module variations built in.
    . If for CMs : All module positions be fully collapsible.
    . color variations
    . Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.
    . using mootools and extjs for advanced effects

  • Quick screenshots of templates done in Lightbox format (javascript). Always a nice addition for people who don’t want to click away from the site and just need a little looksie.

  • Aaron

    Support files to go along with the templates, and a naming structure. So it doesn’t require you to have the company you purchased it from customize it.

  • If the templates sites and the user made use of microformats. The user could submit a link to their site and get a live data preview of the template in action. This would be hot.

  • Great. What can I say?

  • Awesome! I would like to have:
    – PicLens (Firefox Plugin) Support, for a search in style
    – Google Optimized // SEO Templates !!
    – Code Preview
    – preview if there is space for Ads in the template
    – combination deals (Logo + Template, Template + Webspace)
    – mutliple language preview (for very long words e.g. the swedish ones)
    – Templates for Keynote
    – API for new Search experiments
    – Customers Review
    – PayPal Support
    – Common Web 2.0 Stuff like RSS-Feed, Social Bookmarks…
    – Related Designs, have a look at fotolia.com how they realised this…
    – better categories, not only different types of business. For exmaple stuff like Male, Female, fancy, oldschool…

    I think valid CSS templates for all browser should be a common standard… ;)

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