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20 Winners of DreamTemplate Free Memberships

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for all of the participants of “Giving Away 20 DreamTemplate Memberships for Free“. DreamTemplate has picked the following winners as follow. You will receive an email from DreamTemplate soon.

1. jeckyll 2. Michael 3. Eugene 4. Peter 5. blog.nerbles.com
6. Conica 7. Lonnie 8. Johan 9. Jonathan 10. Paul
11. Jesse Foster 12. Ben 13. Yoyo 14. Steve 15. trevis
16. XGhozt 17. Mohammad Taki 18. Ghofrani 19. Fipsy 20. Melissa

  • i will never won a contest XD

  • Sweet!!!

  • Awesome! I’m in!!
    Thanks DreamTemplates ! And also, thanks webappers!

  • Sweet… I posted that on my Bday must have ben my lucky day!

  • This is SWEET! =) Thanks guys.

  • Steve

    Excellent!!! Big Shout Out to WebAppers.com and DreamTemplate.com. I greatly appreciate it.

  • tehdecline

    You might just want fix the typo in the heading of this post. It’s “memberships” , not “Memeberships”

    (Do i get a free dreamtemplate membership too, I mean, I did find your typo).

  • Peter

    Sweet! I never thought I’d win :) Was worth participating I guess :)

  • Lonnie

    Thanks for offering the contest guys!

  • Thank you DreamTemplate, very much appreciated. And thanks once again to Webappers for the great opportunity. I will be sure to put this to use.

  • Cheers! Luv u! ;)

  • Darn! Maybe next time I’ll get something.

    Congrats winners!

  • Ghofrani

    thanks dreamtemplate and webappers

  • Thank you.
    I was just wondering, when exactly will we receive our prize – the Dream Template access email?

  • Ray Cheung

    I have just sent a chase-up email to DreamTemplate. Sorry for the delay. :(

  • Ray Cheung

    I have just received a reply from DreamTemplate. They said they have already sent out the welcome pack for the free membership to all winners. Have you checked your Spam box? The email might have dropped to the Spam box. If you still cannot find it, please let me know.

  • Hi Ray,

    I have yet to received my log in for the template access. I checked both in inbox and spam folder > none there: my email address is : evsion ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com

    Thank you

  • You are right Ray
    I checked my spam folder on Gmail, and found the email from Dream Template there. It was sent on April 25th (for everyone else if they want to check), sender name Dream Template.

    Thank you for your effort and all the best – continue with these like games :)

  • Steve

    Same as Eugene, I have yet to receive my invite. I’ve checked the inbox, trash, & spam folder. I have not seen any email(s) from DreamTemplate.com. My addy bigslim ((at)) gmail… yadda yadda.

  • Mohammad Taki

    I am very glad to win ! but as the other winners mentioned above ..I also did not receive an email from dream template.

    I am sure this is a mistake ..

  • I just found out that I won, and I am very thankful. I have not received an email, but that may have been my fault, if it somehow went into my spam, which I clean out regularly. Please email again, when you get a chance.


    Jesse Foster

  • Ray Cheung

    Sent an email to DreamTemplate and requested to send the welcome packs to you again.

  • Ben

    Hi Ray!
    I just remembered to check back on the competition :-) and lo and behold, I won! Sadly, the welcome pack must have ended up in my junk mail and is now nowhere to be found. Can it still be resent, or is it too late :-(


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