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Thousands of Free Fonts to Preview, Select, and Download

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Just imagine – you’re presented with an opportunity to preview thousands of font types. You can select and download up to 50 free fonts per day. You’ve got to be wondering what the catch is.

There is none, aside from a 50 font type limit. If you need to download a higher number per day there is a fee, but it’s not very much. More about that later; so, let’s stick to what you can do for free to begin with.

All you need to do is to go to FFonts.net, where you can search for a specific font, or find one that’s potentially useful. Once you’ve found a font, FFonts will provide you with a string of text. Like this, you can see what it will look like if you put it to practical use.


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Why You Should Be Using One of These WP Themes in 2018

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There’s no limit to the number of themes on the market you can use to build attractive websites. Searching for the best one for a given business or client can be a time waster, however.

You need to use a responsive theme. Otherwise, you’ll soon discover that having a website that’s merely attractive isn’t enough.

Any attractive, well-structured website can draw traffic. Consider, however, that over half of that traffic consists of mobile device users. If your website isn’t responsive, those users aren’t likely to stick around for more than a few seconds.

Creating a responsive site is not a problem on WordPress. This is especially the case when you’re using a responsive WordPress theme to get the job done. It gets even easier if you’re using one of the following best-selling ThemeForest themes.

Check them out. Any one of these themes can help you get your 2018 web design activities off to a blazing start.

1.Be Theme


Any difficulties you may have encountered in trying to find the right theme for a given project will be history once you select Be Theme as your WordPress theme. This top-of-the-line multipurpose theme is responsive, requires no coding, and provides you with what you need to build websites that perform superbly on PC’s, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices.

Be Theme’s collection of 300+ professionally-designed and customizable pre-built websites cover more than 30 different business niches, ranging from creative to corporate, cars to cuisine, and everything in between. There are templates for one-page websites, blogs, and online stores and shops. Any pre-built website you select can be installed with a single click, after which you’re off to the races.

Be’s 40 core features include the easy-to-work-with Muffin Builder page builder and editor, an Options Panel that gives you virtually unlimited flexibility, a Layouts Configurator, sliders, shortcode and design element libraries, special effects such as parallax and video, and more.

Be is an excellent choice if a premium multipurpose theme is on your wish list.


2.Kalium – Creative Theme for Professionals


Kalium, the highest rated among ThemeForest’s top themes, makes it easy for you to create an awesome website, build a successful online store, or put together an appealing blog; and do so in hours, if not minutes. This award winning, modern, multipurpose theme is loaded with layouts and demo sites, along with a whole host of useful design elements and shortcodes to work with.

You won’t have to rely on any coding skills either, since the necessary coding activities are already taken care of. All you need to bring to the table are your ideas, and a vision of what it is you want to accomplish.

Among Kalium’s many web-building tools, you’ll find Layer Slider, Revolution Slider, the always popular Visual Composer, and premium fonts, together with the most commonly used plugins. Kalium is multilingual, RTL ready, WPML compatible, and of course, responsive. Read the rest of this entry »

Deal of the Week: 67% OFF on 70 Million Stock Photos

Posted · Category: Stock Photos

Depositphotos is a platform that brings authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors and videos together. 75+ million files. 24/7 support in 20 languages. Now, you can nab either 100 or 200 images of your choice for up to 75% off the regular price! Besides a ginormous library to browse, you can select ANY SIZE photo you want, including XXL and XXXL sizes and…. with this deal, you can download the images with NO MONTHLY LIMIT and with NO EXPIRATION DATE!

Over 70 million high-quality images! At less than $1 per image (as little as $0.75 each for the 200 image pack option). Do you really need to even think about this one?


You want these special Black Friday deals for designers?

Posted · Category: Best Collections

Attention web designers and developers. Black Friday is upon us, and it’s your turn to participate in the fun and excitement.

We’ve put together nine attractive deals just for you. In fact, there is one or more you’re certain to want to take advantage of while they’re available. You’ll have to hurry though, as Black Friday only makes an appearance around this time of the year.

It’s not simply a matter of discount prices either. These top products will increase your productivity and the quality of your deliverables. Moreover, they will make it easier than ever to meet the most stringent deadlines.

What are you waiting for? Hop on board!

1. wpDataTables


wpDataTables is an absolute whiz at creating responsive tables and charts. This #1 WordPress plugin is so fast, efficient, and easy to use, that some users have switched over to the WordPress platform to use it. In fact,wpDataTables has over 13.000 paying users, with an average customer rating of 4.6.

No coding is required on your part. You can create your tables and/or charts with just a few clicks. wpDataTables not only works efficiently with large MySQL tables, and can in fact, easily work with huge amounts of data; we’re counting millions, not hundreds of words.

Since frontend editing is allowed, it’s easy to make changes to a chart or table as you proceed, or update one that has already been published. You can sum, average, show minimums or maximums, and perform other calculations; and if you want to highlight a few things, you can highlight rows, columns, or individual cells, based on the content type.

wpDataTables is a handy tool to have when you’re working on price lists, price comparisons, inventories, and most other collections of data.

On Black Friday, this plugin is yours at a 50% discount, from Tuesday, 21st till Wednesday, 29th November 2017 (2pm AEDT).

2. Webflow Templates


Whether you’re a Webflow user or not, the company is offering its HTML5/CSS3 responsive websites at a 75% discount on Black Friday only. There are more than 100 templates to choose from, including templates for blogs and portfolios.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about Webflow if you are currently using another design platform. 380,000+ designers and developers, along with other creative types, currently use Webflow – and for a good reason.

Since Webflow allows you to design and develop at the same time, you can build a website in half the time you’ve become used to, and probably less. Better yet, no coding is required on your part.

The 100+ templates give you plenty of design options, but if you prefer, you can also start from a blank canvas. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Cool Web Apps That Will Help You With Your Projects

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The usual design process involves the tasks designers love doing. However, it also contains tedious and time-consuming tasks are essential.

Rapid prototyping, for example, can be fun and exciting. Yet, maintaining version control while doing so, may be looked upon as a chore that one must simply put up with.

Fortunately, there’s a wealth of apps available to assist designers in virtually every aspect of their work – with the fun stuff, and the not-so-fun stuff as well. Apps can be great time savers, and web apps can often be even greater time savers.

They require no installation, and their updates and maintenance are managed by others. Plus, you can use them with almost any platform and access them on any device.


View video on YouTube

The Apptivo web app gives you a powerful tool with which you can manage your customer relations, and sales and marketing activities. The CRM system lies at the core of this app. Apptivois integrated with M/S Office 365 and G Suite. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Things You Can do to Leave Your Competitors Behind

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Being able to find new clients is important, and it’s not always easy. For one thing, you must be prepared. For another, there’s the competition to deal with. You can’t control what your competitors are doing. In fact, you probably don’t have a clue to whatever strategies they might be employing.

There is something you can do to find more and better clients, however. There are, in fact, three important strategies you can follow. Put them all together, and you can leave your competitors in the dust.

Strategy Number 1. Build Your Own Creative Website

Or, if you already have one, make it even better.


Having a website that you can call your own is the best way to showcase your design skills and capabilities.

It must, of course, include an eye-catching and engaging gallery or portfolio. A stunning portfolio won’t necessarily be enough, however. The key to bringing in new clients lies in the website itself. Your creative website needs to provide a UX that will blow visitors away.

Too many creatives simply slap a website together and rely on their portfolio to reel in clients.

Make yours different. Make your visitors say, “I want a website as good as this one, and I won’t settle for less.”

Guess who they’ll choose to build it.

Strategy Number 2. Doing what’s needed to attract more clients in less time will build your portfolio. It will also increase the number of client referrals

Doing what’s needed isn’t all that complicated. It simply involves using high-quality pre-build websites to base your designs on. Be Theme has a ton of them (280+ to be exact).

You’ll find pre-built websites for every industry and most business niches you’re apt to be involved with. Since every pre-built website is customizable, your options are essentially limitless. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Great Design to WordPress Services You Need to Try

Posted · Category: Best Collections

You’ve worked hard to transform your design concept into a finished design for an app or website. Yet, there is an obstacle between handing over the final design and product launch. It’s called “development”; a task that very few web designers are willing, or indeed able, to take on.

Fortunately, there are some great design to code services that can bring your design to life. The very best of these services are, as you would expect, fewer in number.

Four of the best of the best are described here:

Design to WordPress – PSD Gator


PSDgator can create any type of WordPress theme, or modify, enhance, re-slice, and re-design any WordPress site; whether it is an old one or a new one. Once they have your design in hand, they’ll review it, discuss the features you need, and create a complete theme based on your specifications.

They can accept PSD, Sketch, and AI design files, and convert them to hand-coded, SEO optimized, and responsive HTML5/CSS3 markup. They will even accept PDF design files. They can, in fact,do whatever development work you need from just about any design format you submit.

The green gator team will also be more than happy to build a WordPress plugin for you based on your specifications, or enhance an existing one.

Whether it’s a WordPress theme, a WordPress-based website, an e-Commerce project,or a PSD to newsletter project you want them to work on, they’ll be eager to do so.  Read the rest of this entry »

These are the prototyping tools to use in 2017

Posted · Category: Best Collections

What is the beauty of having a top-quality prototyping system at your disposal? We know – you may have no idea of the effectiveness of your proposed design until you see it up and running.

Prototyping can also make the design process more efficient! It can also speed it up, often significantly.

A prototype, whether it’s lo-fi or hi-fi, can show you want works and what doesn’t. This is especially relevant for the early stages of the design process. Prototypes give you, and your client, opportunities to explore options. Making necessary changes before proceeding will be a breeze!

Choosing any software design or development tool can be a gamble. But if you limit yourself to top-tier systems, like those described here, you’ll win every time.



A prototyping tool is a must for today’s web designers, and can be a useful tool for developers and product managers as well. When you can do your prototyping and your design work on the same platform, as is the case with Proto.io, you get an even better deal.

Proto.io is extremely user friendly. No coding is necessary, nor does it require any special design skills. Once it’s up and running, you can either start designing from scratch, or upload your existing design files and begin to solicit feedback and/or finalize your design.

Proto.io lets you build a low-fidelity prototype, mockup, or wireframe early on, so you can solicit feedback on your design concept, and see if you’re on the right track. Later, a high-fidelity prototype will enable you to user test a mobile app that looks and feels like the real thing, or verify your design is ready for approval and signoff. You can also make use of rapid prototyping to speed the design process up.

Design Systems by UXPin


The Systems plan from UXPin offers a complete end-to-end UX design solution for design and product teams.

UXPin includes design systems, responsive prototyping, documentation, developer handoff, and advanced collaboration. It also integrates with Photoshop, Sketch, JIRA, and Slack for a connected workflow.

A sample workflow could be:

1. Create your design system with Sketch or UXPin assets.
2. Add metadata to design system elements so important information follows along when you use the elements.
3. Quickly design a prototype in UXPin with elements and Symbols from your design system – or import from Photoshop and Sketch.
4. Get feedback from your team and iterate in UXPin.
5. Generate specs, CSS, and style guides for developers.


By bringing all these steps under one roof, UXPin makes it much easier to run an Agile design process. Definitely worth a try. Read the rest of this entry »

Stopping Endless Client Revisions with Be Theme and 260+ pre-built websites

Posted · Category: Best Collections

If a seemingly unending stream of client revisions is starting to get to you, it is time to do something about it. In fact, this something can also be appealing to your clients.

You shouldn’t be stuck with the same project week after week while neglecting other projects. There is also no need to scramble to meet deadlines! It is time to get control of the situation.

What you need is a WordPress theme that easily adapts to any client’s needs. It is easily cutting down the number of revisions and saving you valuable time in the process. That WordPress theme is Be Theme.

1. Let Be Theme help you deliver exactly what your clients need.

Be Theme is loaded with the web-building features you need. It is also an answer to your unending stream of revisions dilemma. Be Theme’s superb selection of more than 260 prebuilt websites is here to help.

Individually, they meet the highest standards of the niche they represent. You will easily find one that features the desired design structure and functionality. Plus, you can have a website up and running in as little as 4 hours.

Watch this cool 40 seconds video to see how easy Be Theme is to install.

2. These 10Be Theme templates lay the foundations for award-winning websites.

For clients who sell online courses: Be eLearning


This beautiful, responsive pre-built website was designed with the end user in mind. It provides a great starting point to create a website for a client with online courses to offer, or has other uses for an eLearning platform. Despite its generous use of whitespace, this pre-built website will support a high amount of content.

For small business owners: Be Craftbeer


This pre-built website is a good match for a client with a handcrafted product to sell. It illustrates the impact large images and eye-catching design can have on a potential customer.

Be Craftbeer features a well-structured design, with some neat JavaScript effects.  Read the rest of this entry »

2017’s Top tools and Resources That You Should Use

Posted · Category: Best Collections

Have you been putting off a website project for some time right now? Do you feel like you don’t have the necessary tools or resources to do it well? Now it is high time to get that site designed and up and running,

It doesn’t matter what it is you may have been lacking. The options on the following list of tools and resources will satisfy your needs. At least one of the offerings should be just what you need. More than likely, several will prove to be helpful.

The same applies if you have the tools you need, but you’re simply looking for new ways to build better websites. Here you’ll find tools and resources that can be fast, efficient, and user-friendly. All can be used by beginners and experts alike – so, no more procrastinating!




If you need to create a low-fidelity prototype to share yourthoughts as to the direction you’re headingwith teammates or clients,Proto.io is just the prototyping tool for you.

If what you needto create is a high-to-ultra-high prototype that features the look and feel of the real thing on any PC or mobile device, the solution is the same – Proto.io.

Designers, entrepreneurs, developers, and project managers can all benefit by having this excellent prototyping tool. The latest version, Proto.io 6, has been redesigned to make it more intuitive and easier to use.

This latest version features such niceties as single-click sharing, new state transitions, interactive design patterns, and a new app for iOS and Android that offers enhanced experiences of previewing your prototypes on mobile apps.

Gestures supported include tap and double tap, tap hold and tap hold release, touch, swipe (left or right, up or down), pan, right click, and mouse over. Proto.io also gives you the options of uploading information from Sketch, Photoshop, or Dropbox.



SITE123 has all the web-building features you’d expect to see in a premier WordPress theme, such a rich choice of responsive designs, a WYSIWYG editor that displays changes as you make them, and an intuitive interface that enables you to arrange and customize design modules in the dashboard.

There’s a pair of useful features that you won’t find in many of the popular website building tools that might prompt you to give SITE123 a closer look.

One is a built-in app market that allows your customers to integrate external applications in to their websites, thus boosting their usability. These external applications could consist of analytics tools, live support chat, booking, and more.

The second feature is a multilingual tool that allows you to create a website in the language, or languages, or your choice – a great idea for a client who serves a global market.



Designers who turn to Xfive.co for web development services eventually conclude that this company not only provides quality service and support, but must be a fun place to work as well. Xfive.co, formerly XHTML, has been up and running for just over 10 years. They are an Australian-based company, with offices in Melbourne, San Francisco, and Krakow.

The Xfive brand is typified by high fives all around for a job well done, which is all the time. That’s the company culture. They care about you as a customer, and they prefer to work with you as a partner. Microsoft, Twitter, and eBay are among the many thousands of clients, which also include startups and small business, and individual and freelance web designers.

Their services include PSD, Sketch, and AI to HTML conversion, custom PHP and Ruby on Rails applications, Email, JavaScript applications, and more.  Read the rest of this entry »

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