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5 Cool Web Apps That Will Help You With Your Projects

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The usual design process involves the tasks designers love doing. However, it also contains tedious and time-consuming tasks are essential.

Rapid prototyping, for example, can be fun and exciting. Yet, maintaining version control while doing so, may be looked upon as a chore that one must simply put up with.

Fortunately, there’s a wealth of apps available to assist designers in virtually every aspect of their work – with the fun stuff, and the not-so-fun stuff as well. Apps can be great time savers, and web apps can often be even greater time savers.

They require no installation, and their updates and maintenance are managed by others. Plus, you can use them with almost any platform and access them on any device.


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The Apptivo web app gives you a powerful tool with which you can manage your customer relations, and sales and marketing activities. The CRM system lies at the core of this app. Apptivois integrated with M/S Office 365 and G Suite.



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This web app’s 100% visual design and interactions tools enable you to simultaneously design and develop responsive websites powered by standards-compliant code. Webflow also allows you to create a bespoke CMS for any website you create. All without writing a single line of code.


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Paymo is an ideal choice for an individual designer or design team looking for an app featuring the advanced task management, time tracking, and reporting capabilities required to successfully manage a project from start to finish. Prices start as low as $4.95/month.



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This top-of-the-line Agile project management app was designed to help Agile and Scrum project teams manage their workflows more efficiently and effectively. Nutcache is a fully-featured app that supports the entire project lifecycle, from initial estimating to project budgeting, to time and expense tracking, to final billing.



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Worried about keeping all your key business data and information on your hard drive? Storing it in the cloud is a much better option; which is what pCloud will do for you. Your data is safe and secure, it’s accessible 24/7, and you can view it on any device.


Keeping up with the times

 It can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest design tools and trends. Those designers who do wish to keep up to date, don’t always know how to go about it effectively and efficiently. Sometimes, they waste a lot of time doing so.

You can always stick with your current tools and techniques. However, in this case, you risk having the competition leave you behind. Still, there’s a reluctance to take too much time away from what you do best.

Fortunately, there is an approach that will work well for you, and it doesn’t take up very much of your time. It’s simply a matter of letting others do the reading of both the professional and the user reviews.

Follow that approach, and you shouldn’t have any problem making good decisions.



It’s easy to become accustomed to relying on a certain set of tools. This can happen even if the design process will often vary from project to project. You find yourself in a comfort zone that you’re naturally reluctant to leave.

Yet, because you’re a professional, you’re always seeking ways to do things faster, easier, and better. That is what the latest tools, including the web apps presented here, allow you to do.

They provide a platform upon which you can do your planning. Thanks to these apps, you will be able to manage your projects and communicate with others in a breeze. They will also enable you to overcome technical design challenges.


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