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Stopping Endless Client Revisions with Be Theme and 260+ pre-built websites

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If a seemingly unending stream of client revisions is starting to get to you, it is time to do something about it. In fact, this something can also be appealing to your clients.

You shouldn’t be stuck with the same project week after week while neglecting other projects. There is also no need to scramble to meet deadlines! It is time to get control of the situation.

What you need is a WordPress theme that easily adapts to any client’s needs. It is easily cutting down the number of revisions and saving you valuable time in the process. That WordPress theme is Be Theme.

1. Let Be Theme help you deliver exactly what your clients need.

Be Theme is loaded with the web-building features you need. It is also an answer to your unending stream of revisions dilemma. Be Theme’s superb selection of more than 260 prebuilt websites is here to help.

Individually, they meet the highest standards of the niche they represent. You will easily find one that features the desired design structure and functionality. Plus, you can have a website up and running in as little as 4 hours.

Watch this cool 40 seconds video to see how easy Be Theme is to install.

2. These 10Be Theme templates lay the foundations for award-winning websites.

For clients who sell online courses: Be eLearning


This beautiful, responsive pre-built website was designed with the end user in mind. It provides a great starting point to create a website for a client with online courses to offer, or has other uses for an eLearning platform. Despite its generous use of whitespace, this pre-built website will support a high amount of content.

For small business owners: Be Craftbeer


This pre-built website is a good match for a client with a handcrafted product to sell. It illustrates the impact large images and eye-catching design can have on a potential customer.

Be Craftbeer features a well-structured design, with some neat JavaScript effects. 

For interior designers and architects: Be Tiles


Be Tiles illustrates the impact an elegant design, in combination with a simple, yet effective unique value proposition, can have on end users; not to mention a favorable impression on the part of the client.

It has the features and functionality necessary to create a stunning visual portfolio.

For clients working in creative industries: Be Artist


Artists and other creatives can be very picky about the appearance of their websites. With the Be Artist pre-built website as your starting point, you can avoid an endless stream of revisions; an issue commonly encountered with these types of clients.

For clients working in the catering industry: Be Burger


It’s amazing how bland many food services websites are. A website for this niche should never be without mouthwatering images, and an easily readable menu; as is the case with this example

Be Burger also provides easy-to-order forms; which should make your client happy.

For clients in the fitness & wellness industry: Be Sports club


Offer your client a website whose front page features the entrance to a smelly gym, and you’re certain to get requests for revisions.

Better yet, go with this dynamic, interactive pre-built website, with its clean, modern design, eye-catching animations and room for your clients to place all the information needed on their websites.

For clients in the travel and lodging industry: Be Hotel2


Be Hotel2 is designed to convince visitors it’s time to pick up the phone and book a room. Beautiful, attention-grabbing home page images are essential elements of travel and lodging industry websites; as are galleries picturing accommodations and easy booking forms – and, you can deliver such a complex website in 4 hours!

For restaurant or bistro owners: Be Restaurant 


Be Restaurant cleverly combines elegance and coziness, which is what it is designed to do. This pre-built website will serve you well whether your client represents a multi-star, destination eating establishment, or a neighborhood bistro.

This is just one of many pre-built websites designed to satisfy a variety of often very different needs.

For your IT clients: Be VPN


If there’s one characteristicIT teams share with creatives, it’s that they tend to be extremely picky about the appearance and functionality of their websites. You can avoid Revision # 12, and counting, by taking advantage ofBe VPN.

Since a human touch is often appreciated in corporate-style websites, a glass of juice can have its place.

For clients who sell luxury products: Be Car


One doesn’t successfully promote sales of luxury products by relying on run-of-the mill websites to advertise and display them.

Figuratively speaking, Be Car breathes both elegance and luxury. The hero image is stunning, white space is cleverly apportioned, and the content blocksdeliver the message, without being invasive.

Summary: See how Be Theme does away with those ceaseless and annoying revisions.

– With the largest number of pre-built websites on the market, it’s easy to find the perfect match for a client;

– It’s possible to build a complex website, complete with text, images, and the works, in as little as 4 hours;

– It’s a top 5 ThemeForest Bestseller. 10’s of thousands of designers and developers from around the globe love it. They never have to put up with endless revisions;

– The pre-built websites are easy to edit and customize. You can deliver exactly what a client wants, or built a prototype to ensure you and your client are on the same page;

– The designs are beautiful, intuitive, and well-structured. They meet the high standards of the industry or niche they represent.


We bet you’re now convinced that endless revisions should not be looked upon as being a part of a web-building job. With Be Theme and its 260+ pre-built websites, you can always find an excellent match to a client’s needs. With its 1-click installer, you will have all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

For starters, all you need is just content. Within half a day you can surprise even the most difficult client with a high-quality website. While a need for one or two revisions is always a possibility, it should never have to go beyond that.

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