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3 Things You Can do to Leave Your Competitors Behind

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Being able to find new clients is important, and it’s not always easy. For one thing, you must be prepared. For another, there’s the competition to deal with. You can’t control what your competitors are doing. In fact, you probably don’t have a clue to whatever strategies they might be employing.

There is something you can do to find more and better clients, however. There are, in fact, three important strategies you can follow. Put them all together, and you can leave your competitors in the dust.

Strategy Number 1. Build Your Own Creative Website

Or, if you already have one, make it even better.


Having a website that you can call your own is the best way to showcase your design skills and capabilities.

It must, of course, include an eye-catching and engaging gallery or portfolio. A stunning portfolio won’t necessarily be enough, however. The key to bringing in new clients lies in the website itself. Your creative website needs to provide a UX that will blow visitors away.

Too many creatives simply slap a website together and rely on their portfolio to reel in clients.

Make yours different. Make your visitors say, “I want a website as good as this one, and I won’t settle for less.”

Guess who they’ll choose to build it.

Strategy Number 2. Doing what’s needed to attract more clients in less time will build your portfolio. It will also increase the number of client referrals

Doing what’s needed isn’t all that complicated. It simply involves using high-quality pre-build websites to base your designs on. Be Theme has a ton of them (280+ to be exact).

You’ll find pre-built websites for every industry and most business niches you’re apt to be involved with. Since every pre-built website is customizable, your options are essentially limitless.

Some examples:

For creative types – 60+ pre-built websites, including these 6



Showcase is tailor-made for a photographic agency or a freelancing photographer.



This pre-built website provides a great starting point for a website destined for either an ad agency or a marketing agency.



A great concept for building a video production agency’s website



While this one’s for fashion designers, it can easily be customized to fit a variety of creative websites.



A great concept for a beauty salon. Barbers, at least the very good ones, are visual artists as well.



You can create all sorts of websites based on this pre-built example. This includes sites for web designers, architects, and bloggers.

Each of the above 6 pre-built websites is, in its own way, unique. Moreover, they have several characteristics in common:

  • They feature interactive galleries or portfolios
  • The images are crisp, clear, and attention-getting
  • Intuitive navigation is the norm
  • Content is structured to emphasize the client’s brand

You can also choose from over 30 One-Page pre-built websites

One-page websites can be tricky to build since nearly every client will have a pet idea you’ll need to work with. Fortunately, with 37 outstanding one-page concepts to work with, you’re covered. Each of them is completely customizable.

Landing Page








You can easily create a responsive one-page website that can be viewed by the mobile crowd. Also, note the judicious use of white space, and the many ways your content can be structured. Building a typical one-pager takes, on the average, about 4 hours.

9+ pre-built websites for online shops

This is an area where high-quality images are a must, and these pre-built websites don’t disappoint.









Designed with eCommerce in mind, these pre-built websites feature product galleries, user-friendly menus, order forms that are a cinch to complete, and Shopify integration.

A rich assortment of other business niches are represented as well, including:

  • 20+ for health & wellness industry clients



  • 12+ for those representing fitness & nutrition clubs, agencies, and organizations



  • 16+ for events & nightlife promotors



  • 9+ for restaurant, bistro, bar, & café owners



  • 10+ for the fast-growing IT services and products industry sector



  • and, 7+ for finance and bookkeeping agencies and institutions



  • + many more pre-build websites for other industries and niches

Strategy Number 3. Let others waste precious hours searching for those elusive perfect designs

This powerful strategy involves something that’s extremely important to your clients. You want to do whatever is necessary to keep a client from waiting.

When you keep a client waiting, you’re sending a message that the client is somehow less important. He/she might think that their project is a lower priority in your scheme of things.

With Be Theme, you can zero in on the perfect website template in minutes. Moreover, you will be able to have a site up and running in half a day. In the meantime, your competitors’ clients are still awaiting a response.


Thanks to Be Theme, you can carry out on all three strategies. Its 280 pre-built websites that you can install with 1 click will come right in handy.

  • Build a creative website of your own. While Be Theme allows you to do so quickly, you’ll want to take the time you need to ensure it’s done just right.
  • By presenting your clients with better products, your portfolio will improve. You’ll begin to experience more referrals.
  • Demonstrate to your clients that they’re at the top of your list of priorities; by never keeping them waiting.
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