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A Simple Inline Auto-Suggest jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: Forms, GPL License, MIT License

jQuery.suggest is a simple inline autosuggest jQuery plugin. It takes an array of terms as haystack and suggests the user the first item that matches what has been typed to this point. The suggestion is updated with every keystroke. Tab or Enter will accept the suggestion and update the input field accordingly.

If more than one match is found, a small indicator will appear underneath the input (you can still it via CSS as you wish). The user can then use the arrow up/down keys to cycle through the options.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://polarblau.github.com/suggest/
License: MIT, GPL License

JSZip Creates .zip files with JavaScript

Posted · Category: GPL License, MIT License, Tools

JavaScript today is capable of generating a lot of data. The easiest way to deliver multiple files to your users is in a zip file. Instead of wasting server resources and bandwidth you can get the client to do it for you.

JSZip creates .zip files with Javascript automatically for you. The biggest issue with JSZip is that the filenames are very awkward, Firefox generates filenames such as a5sZQRsx.zip.part, and Safari isn’t much better with just Unknown.


Requirements: Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://jszip.stuartk.co.uk/
License: GPL v3 and MIT License

Open Source Countdown jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: Calendar, GPL License, MIT License

jQuery Countdown is a jQuery plugin that sets a div or span to show a countdown to a given time. The countdown functionality can easily be added to a division with appropriate default settings, although you do need to set the target time.

You can also use images instead of text. It’s possible to count up instead of down. You can stop or pause (lap time) the countdown and resume. It supports Callbacks per tick and/or on expiry. And best of all, it supports over 40 localisations.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html
License: GPL , MIT License

Formee – A Framework for Flexible Web Based Forms

Posted · Category: Forms, GPL License, MIT License

Nowadays most developers already know how to quickly code a menu or a layout structure, but there’re always a great difficulty when coding a form, either contact, login, newsletter, comment etc.

Formee is nothing but a framework to help you develop and customize web based forms. works with the technique provided by Fluid 960 Grid System to compose the form’s layout, allowing total flexibility to put it in any website or web system.

The form has a structure built around percentage widths, thus allowing its inclusion in any project, adapting to the space available. Formee has its structural code independent of the style codes, facilitating the complete customization and manteinance of the form.

The form was built with care to preserve web standards and their semantic values, working with the smallest possible amount of tags and according to the W3C rules.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.formee.org/demo/
License: GPL, MIT License

Kendo UI – The Art of Web Development

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License

Kendo UI framework is developed by Telerik, which is a leading provider of development and testing tools for web, desktop and mobile applications. Kendo is an HTML5, jQuery-based framework for building modern web apps.

The framework features more than 10 UI components, including a Grid and Chart, and all of the tools needed for a HTML5 app development, such as Data Binding, Templating, Drag-and-Drop API, and more. There’s no need to manually assemble a full framework for HTML app development; Kendo provides all the pieces, designed to seamlessly work together. It’s UI and much more.

Even though Kendo UI is built to leverage the power of new HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies, it is also built for the realities of a world that does not universally support HTML5 today. In fact, Kendo helps developers adopt the latest in web standards faster by automatically handling the support for older browsers. It does for HTML5 application development what jQuery does for just JavaScript. Kendo UI also provides full support for mobile devices and touchscreen input.


Kendo UI is dual-licensed, Commercial and Open Source (GPLv3). The Commercial license includes full source, professional support, access to the latest Kendo UI hotfix builds, and priority influence on the Kendo UI roadmap.

Kendo UI is very easy to use, and it’s free for download as we mentioned. Why not give it a try and see if you like it or not? I am sure you will be impressed what Kendo UI can do for you.

Open Source Facebook Timeline WordPress Theme

Posted · Category: GPL License

Do you like the new Timeline Facebook? Now you can have it as a theme on your wordpress. Timeline WordPress Theme was designed by JuliusDesign inspired by Timeline Facebook. The theme was developed in about 10 hours only, but it looks more than amazing.

Among the most interesting features integrated into the theme, you can find the top right of the timeline by months of publishing articles. You can also enter 4 items to be placed in the upper right header always present on every page. The theme looks almost identical to Timeline Facebook, and available download for free.


Requirements: WordPress
Demo: http://www.timeline-wp.com/
License: GPL License

Add Floating Panel to Your Web Page with jQuery

Posted · Category: GPL License, Tools

Portamento is a jQuery plugin that makes it simple to add sliding (aka “floating”) panel functionality to your web page. All that’s needed is some simple CSS and one line of JavaScript. It works fine with floated and absolutely-positioned layouts, in all modern browsers and some not-so-modern ones too.

Portamento also has sensible behaviour if the user’s viewport is too small to display the whole panel, so you don’t need to worry about users not being able to see your important content.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://simianstudios.com/portamento/
License: GPL 3.0 and Apache License

JavaScript Library for Building Modern HTML Presentations

Posted · Category: GPL License, MIT License, Tools

Deck.js is a JavaScript library for building modern HTML presentations. Deck.js is flexible enough to let advanced CSS and JavaScript authors craft highly customized decks, but also provides templates and themes for the HTML novice to build a standard slideshow.

Deck.js has been tested with jQuery 1.6+ and works in IE7+, Chrome, FF, Safari, and Opera. The more capable browsers receive greater enhancements, but a basic cutaway slideshow will work for all browsers listed above.


Requirements: jQuery 1.6+
Demo: http://imakewebthings.github.com/deck.js/
License: MIT, GPL License

JavaScript Library for Money and Currency Formatting

Posted · Category: GPL License, Tables

accounting.js is a tiny JavaScript library for number, money and currency formatting (currency symbol, precision, and thousand/decimal separators), with optional excel-style column rendering (to line up symbols and decimals).

It is lightweight, fully localisable and has zero dependencies. accounting.js was made by Joss for enterprise analytics application at Demand Analytics. It is released under GPL v3.


Requirements: Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://josscrowcroft.github.com/accounting.js/
License: GPL License

Ace – Standalone Web Based Code Editor in JavaScript

Posted · Category: Code, GPL License, LGPL License

Ace is a standalone code editor written in JavaScript. The goal is to create a web based code editor that matches and extends the features, usability and performance of existing native editors such as TextMate, Vim or Eclipse.

It can be easily embedded in any web page and JavaScript application. Ace is developed as the primary editor for Cloud9 IDE and the successor of the Mozilla Skywriter (Bespin) Project.

The Ace source code is hosted on GitHub. It is released under the Mozilla tri-license (MPL/GPL/LGPL). This is the same license used by Firefox. This license is friendly to all kinds of projects, whether open source or not. Take charge of your editor and add your favorite language highlighting and keybindings!


Requirements: Javascript Framework
Demo: http://ace.ajax.org/build/kitchen-sink.html
License: MPL/GPL/LGPL License

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