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Kendo UI – The Art of Web Development

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License

Kendo UI framework is developed by Telerik, which is a leading provider of development and testing tools for web, desktop and mobile applications. Kendo is an HTML5, jQuery-based framework for building modern web apps.

The framework features more than 10 UI components, including a Grid and Chart, and all of the tools needed for a HTML5 app development, such as Data Binding, Templating, Drag-and-Drop API, and more. There’s no need to manually assemble a full framework for HTML app development; Kendo provides all the pieces, designed to seamlessly work together. It’s UI and much more.

Even though Kendo UI is built to leverage the power of new HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies, it is also built for the realities of a world that does not universally support HTML5 today. In fact, Kendo helps developers adopt the latest in web standards faster by automatically handling the support for older browsers. It does for HTML5 application development what jQuery does for just JavaScript. Kendo UI also provides full support for mobile devices and touchscreen input.


Kendo UI is dual-licensed, Commercial and Open Source (GPLv3). The Commercial license includes full source, professional support, access to the latest Kendo UI hotfix builds, and priority influence on the Kendo UI roadmap.

Kendo UI is very easy to use, and it’s free for download as we mentioned. Why not give it a try and see if you like it or not? I am sure you will be impressed what Kendo UI can do for you.

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