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eCommerce – A Multipurpose Theme Trend in the Making?

Posted · Category: Information

Soon after the online shopping trend first took hold, the number of eCommerce-related websites began to steadily increase as more and more people became comfortable with the online shopping concept, and began shopping from their PCs in the comfort of their own homes. With the advent of handheld devices, savvy shoppers began to use their tablets and phones to shop whenever and from wherever they wished, even though the manner in which information was displayed on these devices often left much to be desired.

Thegrowing number of shoppers using mobile devicesbrought about the next trend; Responsive multipurpose themes. The advent of the responsive theme resolved many of the difficulties users encountered when attempting to surf the Internet using their phones or tablets. A new trend now appears to be taking shape. It is the use ofeCommerce-focused multipurpose themes that enable developers to create feature-packed, easy to navigate, and user-friendly websitesfor all online shoppers.

Features eCommerce Themes must have to be Competitive

The number of design options currently available to web developers is virtually limitless, yet any eCommerce site, in particular one builtupon a multipurpose WordPress theme, must display certain features or characteristics if it is going to attract a large customer base.

Themes that can enable a developer to easily create an acceptable end product must be flexible and versatile enough to produce fast loading, easily navigable, attention-grabbing pages. Design elements and options such as shopping carts, reviews, and testimonial pages, ordering and wish list pages, and other commerce-related features must be readily accessible, and easily incorporated into a website.

eCommerce oriented pre-made layouts, user friendly page building and admin features, and responsive and retina ready, cross-browser and multi-platform compatible features must be characteristics of any theme. The resulting website pages must be informative, and they must be attention grabbing.


With these features tools in hand, a website developer is in a position to make it all happen. All that remains is to select a theme that not only has these features, but a theme that has an abundance of elements and design options, giving the developer the flexibility needed to create jaw-dropping web pages. Read the rest of this entry »

JavaScript Library to Create Physics-based Animations

Posted · Category: Charts, MIT License

Dynamics.js is a JavaScript library to create physics-based animations. Simply include dynamics.js into your page, and then you can animate CSS properties of any DOM element. You also can animate SVG properties. Dynamics.js has its own setTimeout. The reason is that requestAnimationFrame and setTimeout have different behaviors. And any JavaScript object. It has been tested on Safari 7+, Firefox 35+, Chrome 34+, IE10+.


Requirements: javaScript Framework
Demo: http://dynamicsjs.com/
License: MIT License

Beautiful, Free Videos for Your Homepage

Posted · Category: License Free, Video

Coverr was built as a joint initiative between two startups “Veed.Me” & “CodersClan”. Since they experienced the need of homepage background videos from both sides; Video & Code, they decided to build something that will give these, for free – to the community.

Basically, Coverr lets you download any video that you want (mp4+webm+image) AND it also gives you code snippets to help you implement them (html,css,javascript). It’s copyright free and always will be. They will upload 7 new videos of 12-15 seconds each every Monday.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.coverr.co/
License: License Free

Are You Ready to Try JavaScript?

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

JavaScript.com is a resource built by the Code School team for the JavaScript community. It is now and will always be free. Because JavaScript is a great language for coding beginners, They have gathered some of the best free learning resources around and built a JavaScript course to help new developers get up and running.

With the help of community members contributing content to the site, JavaScript.com aims to also keep more advanced developers up to date on news, frameworks, and libraries.


Requirements: –
Demo: https://www.javascript.com/
License: License Free

Sitecake – Simple CMS for your HTML website

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License

Sitecake is an easy to use CMS (Content Managament System) for small websites, with a WYSIWYG, drag&drop editor. A standard web hosting packet (a web server and PHP 5.4+) is all you need to install and use it. Sitecake reads, modifies and saves changes in regular HTML files. No PHP or template language knowledge required. All changes are saved directly in HTML page, all images in file system. Once you finish editing you still have a static website.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://sitecake.com/
License: GPL License

Find Image Colors and Create Responsive CSS Gradient

Posted · Category: Color Schemes, MIT License

The delay between HTTP objects being requested/recieved leaves a timeframe where a webpage can look incomplete. Inspired by Soundclouds’s use of random gradients, Gradify can analyse an image for the 4 most common colors and create a gradient (or solid color) to act as a placeholder image. Gradify is a module which finds the most prominent colors in any image, and produces a scalable, responsive CSS gradient. This can provide a less jarring experience as image placeholders.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://gradifycss.com/
License: MIT License

Inker – A Front-end Architecture & Delivery Service

Posted · Category: MIT License, Webmail

Inker is an open source front-end architecture & delivery service that will change how you think about one-to-one emails in your company. Inker takes you from coding to sending, keeping it centralized
so that your team stops losing time over emails & can focus on more important things.

Inker keeps your email code clean & gives you the tools to test faster. Free templates for transactional emails (forgot password, receipts, account creation). Inker uses Zurb Ink to provide you with a superior responsive CSS framework: you get all the goodies + a Sass component oriented structure.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://inker.position-absolute.com/
License: MIT License

A Mini-Library of Page Scroll Effects

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Codyhouse has put together a set of Page Scroll Effects, they are some fancy effects that take place while the user is surfing through the sections of a web page. Some of the effects are quite extreme, but they can prove very useful if your goal is to create an immersive user experience. All animations have been created using Velocity.js.

Please note that these effects are not visible on small devices, where the user can simply scroll through the list of sections. They have tested the effects on mobile and performance was poor, therefore they decided to limit them to bigger and more powerful devices.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://codyhouse.co/demo/page-scroll-effects/scaledown.html
License: License Free

CamanJS – Image Manipulation in JavaScript

Posted · Category: License Free, Stock Photos

CamanJS is (ca)nvas (man)ipulation in Javascript. It’s a combination of a simple-to-use interface with advanced and efficient image/canvas editing techniques. CamanJS is very easy to extend with new filters and plugins, and it comes with a wide array of image editing functionality, which continues to grow.

It’s completely library independent and works both in NodeJS and the browser. Both CamanJS and this website are fully open-source and accepting pull requests. To contribute: fork either project, create a new branch for your changes, and send a pull request when ready.


Requirements: Meteor Framework
Demo: http://camanjs.com/
License: License Free

Make Better Presentations with Slides

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

The Slides editor is available online, right in your browser. Unlike traditional presentation software, like PowerPoint, there’s no need to download anything. All of your work is stored securely on our servers, accessible wherever you are. Whether you speak at a conference, host a meeting, or just send your deck out by email, your story is conveyed in the beauty in which it was crafted. You can also export a PDF and share or print it for your audience.

Decks are freely viewable anywhere on desktop, tablets and phones. They can be embedded inside of your site or blog and downloaded for full offline access. Slides is great for sharing anything from a photo album with family to a business plan with your colleagues. It’s free to sign up, you don’t even need a credit card.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://slides.com/
License: License Free

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