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Creative or Developer? One or More of these 15 Awesome Pre-built Websites Could be Just Right for You

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As a creative, you need a digital space to showcase your work to potential employers or clients, and for that matter to the world at large.

That digital space, your website, works in both directions. It allows you to promote your work, and it enables your audience to get in touch with you.

Creating that digital space can require a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to. Pick one of  Be Theme’s 600-plus pre-built websites and you can have a website up and running in short order; especially if you choose one of the 15 pre-built sites described below to do the heavy lifting.   

And don’t worry yourself to death about which of the 15 to select. You’ll probably find one or more to your liking from the get-go, plus every one of them is customizable.

That said, let’s get started.

1. BeAgency 4

The BeAgency 4 pre-built site is a great choice if you prefer to work alone. It will also be a great choice if you intend to establish a creative agency. This pre-built sets just the right tone for presenting your work in a clean, orderly, and highly professional manner.

You can even enter your work in the built-in, ready-to-go portfolio page.

2. BeAgency 5

If, instead of a sleek and modern site, you’d rather go with one that is on the casual side, BeAgency 5 might be the right choice for you. This pre-built website’s small animations give it a touch of humor, as do the hand-drawn elements. There’s even a ready-to-go case studies page you can use to provide added context to your portfolio items.

3. BeArtist 3

Cool, calm, and collected is the theme BeArtist 3 pre-built site is designed around. As such it will appeal to a wide range of creative types. A shop is included for selling your work, or you can simply use it to showcase your creations.

4. BeBusiness 3 

BeBusiness 3 is a good example of a simple, nicely laid-out website, one that is organized in such a way as to help visitors make their choices while reflecting positively on your brand. Graphics designers, photographers, and developers alike can easily put this pre-built site to good use.

5. BeCompany 6

Thanks to its ingenious use of asymmetric layouts and geometric illustrations, the BeCompany 6 pre-built site could definitely be best described as being on the artsy side.

This would be an ideal choice if you would prefer to forgo a safer design approach and go with one that will definitely attract attention.

6. BeConsultant

Whether you’re in the process of taking up consulting on a part-time basis, or you’ve already made it a career, BeConsultant provides a perfect foundation for creating an online presence to promote your services, show off your work, or both.

7. BeCopywriter 2

If working with words is your thing, building your site on Copywriter 2 makes good sense. Since you’re going to be filling it with content, you might as well do so in a way that not only engages your viewers but brings them back for more.

8. BeCreative 4

It is said that content is king, but that is only true if it is presented in a way that entices viewers to take it seriously. BeCreative 4 offers an innovative way for creatives to do just that. This pre-built site has a few surprises in store, including left-handed navigation and a banner that can best be described as unique.

9. BeCV 2

A typical approach to presenting a resume or CV tends to lead to a typical response. Being one of many, the reader may not even read it all the way through. BeCV 2‘s approach isn’t typical.

It’s a single page site that allows you to share your skills and experience in a thoroughly engaging way, and in a way that encourages interested readers to get in touch with you.

10. BeData

BeData is a good choice for anything techy, which makes it easy for creative types like developers and programmers to repurpose to fit their specific needs.

11. BeMedia 2

BeMedia 2 pushes the envelope more than just a little. This pre-built site, with its oversized imagery and asymmetric layouts can’t help but instill lots of energy into your brand and business, not to mention the clever animated background video.

12. BePhotography 3

Although it was created for photographer’s, this image-centric BePhotography 3 pre-built site will more than get the job done for illustrators, web designers, and other visual creator types.

13. BePortfolio 2

BePortfolio 2 gives you precisely what the name implies; an excellent foundation on which to build a portfolio that will showcase your work in the best possible way.

You can present your background and experience, your clientele, reviews, and other important information in an engaging fashion.

14. BeTheme

One of the things users like best about using BeTheme is how it can make building a website as easy as you wish; and that can even extend to rather complex sites. BeTheme is packed with all the website building tools and design aids you’re ever likely to need, including a portfolio page.

15. Webmaster 2

If you are a programmer or a developer, take note. The BeWebmaster 2 pre-built site was created especially for you. Even if some of your clients have never worked with a line of code, they’ll love how you’ve presented your work in a way they can connect to.  

Build a website you love and will be proud to share it with prospects who will love it too

One of the things you’ll like best about using BeTheme is the more than 600 pre-built websites you can choose from. Each one is professionally-crafted, customizable, and can even serve as a source of inspiration.

Together with BeTheme’s other core features that include an array of web building tools and design aids, these pre-built sites will save you time and money, plus you won’t have to compromise on the features your website needs to sell your work or services.

Which one will you choose?

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