A human is a creative creature. However, in most cases this creativity needs some tools to be implemented. This principle has a long history: some theories claim that in fact tools made apes evolve into human beings. Now the sticks and stones are exchanged by more refined instruments. Nevertheless, we still need them to develop ourselves and our works.

Web design and web development are not the exceptions. Either you are a professional or an amateur, you need good tools to start the work process. Since there will be Christmas soon, I believe it will be helpful to list some of the best instruments for web designer and developers: utilities, apps, magazines. Make some gifts for your loved ones, friends – or for yourself in case you’re a web designer of web developer.


Creative designer needs to improve his manual skills of drawing to struggle for more originality in his works. This tablet is a wonderful choice for such noble cause.


This pen display is not so cheap, however the value of the gift will be more because of that. The accessory can be praised for high resolution and deep colors. (more…)

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Open Source Resources for You

What we need is a list of the top quality resources, so that we can spend more time on our web development. WebAppers only picks the top quality web development resources for you.

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