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Red Pen – Fast and Productive Way to Get Feedback

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Red Pen made it fast and productive to get feedback from your colleagues and clients. Test ideas, seek perspective, and get approval. Simply Drag and drop an image into the Red Pen homepage, and point at areas of the design and give contextual feedback. Your data won’t be sold or shared. You retain ownership of your uploads.


Requirements: –
Demo: https://redpen.io/
License: License Free

Hackpad – Sharing Smart Collaborative Documents

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Hackpad is a simple tool to edit, organize and share documents. Hackpad eliminates confusion by clearly indicating who wrote what, and what changes were made to a document.

Hackpad includes many intuitive features to help you collaborate and share seamlessly. Just click the plus sign in the navigation bar to start a new pad. Check out their Hackpad Feature Help pad to learn about everything Hackpad does.


Requirements: –
Demo: https://hackpad.com/
License: License Free

Rails Assets – Free Assets Management in Rails

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Rails Assets is the solution to assets management in Rails. It is the frictionless proxy between Bundler and Bower. It automatically converts the packaged components into gems that are easily droppable into your asset pipeline and stay up to date. Gems created by Rails Assets work great with any Sprockets-based application.


Requirements: Ruby on Rails
Demo: https://rails-assets.org/
License: License Free

Simple Loading Spinners Animated with CSS

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

SpinKit contains some simple but awesome loading spinners animated with CSS. They use CSS animations to create smooth and easily customizable animations. The goal is not to offer a solution that works in every browser. If you’re building a site with users running IE9 and below, you’ll want to detect support for the CSS animation attribute, and implement a fallback animation (e.g. a GIF.)


Requirements: CSS
Demo: http://tobiasahlin.com/spinkit/
License: License Free

How to Add Interactive Snow Animation to Your Website

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Would you like to add a beautiful interactive snow animation to your website? OXP created a plugin which helps you create and control festive snow on your website using HTML5 Canvas. There is an abstract interface to let you control how the snow behaves without diving into the source code. They have also added a few functions such as responsive, a snow direction etc.


Requirements: HTML5 Canvas
Demo: http://www.onextrapixel.com/examples/let-it-snow/
License: License Free

Free Templates for Social Networks Photoshop Plugin

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Social Kit is fully sliced and customizable templates for your Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube channel. It includes cover images, profile pictures and ad banners in a free Photoshop plugin. Automatically updated upon every major or minor change of social site design.

You can see your design changes right when you make them. The look you get with Social Kit is the look you get on the site. As easy as pie. Social Kit is fast, simple and Free.


Requirements: Adobe Photoshop
Demo: http://socialkit.madebysource.com/
License: License Free

Share Designs & Work Together with Pixelapse

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Pixelapse is the best place to share designs and work together. They build tools to improve the design process and make collaboration easier. Pixelapse simplifies version control and makes it accessible for designers to share and discuss their work with their friends, colleagues and the world.

Every design iteration is automatically backed up as you work. No complicated interface. No commands to learn. Just save. Pixelapse includes powerful annotation and discussion tools to help communicate around your work, easily. Highlight specific details and explain exactly what you mean.


Source: https://www.pixelapse.com/

Adaptive Backgrounds jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tools

Adaptive Backgrounds is a jQuery plugin for extracting dominant colors from images and applying it to its parent element. This plugin utlizes the <canvas> element and the ImageData object, and due to cross-site security limitations, the script will fail if one tries to extract the colors from an image not hosted on the current domain,unless the image allows for Cross Origin Resource Sharing.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://briangonzalez.github.io/jquery.adaptive-backgrounds.js/
License: MIT License

Typepick – An Online Order Page Builder

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Typepick is a simple a webpage builder that you can use to create an online order page for your products or services. You can provide a questionnaire for customers to tell you exactly what they need. You can also set up a product customization wizard and online survey.

At any time you can click the “Download Files” button which will generate all the files for your order page. The files will be downloaded as a zip file to your computer. Unzip your files and open up page.html in your web browser to see your order page. To make your order page live online, you will need to have a web server where you can upload the files to.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.typepick.com/
License: License Free

Echo.js – Simple JavaScript Image Lazy Loading Plugin

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Echo is a standalone JavaScript lazy-loading image tool. Echo is fast and uses HTML5 data-* attributes. Echo works in IE8+. Echo.js is probably as simple as image lazy loading gets, it’s less than 1KB minified and is library agnostic (no jQuery/Zepto/other).

Lazy-loading works by only loading the assets needed when the elements ‘would’ be in view, which it’ll get from the server for you upon request, which is automated by simply changing the image src attribute. This is also an asynchronous process which also benefits us.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://toddmotto.com/echo-js-simple-javascript-image-lazy-loading/
License: License Free

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