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Simple, Flat and Free Web / Mobile UI Kit

Posted · Category: MIT License, PS Tutorials

Just another UI Kit is a simple, flat and free mobile / web UI kit avilable as a free PSD under MIT license. There are no restrictions for either personal or commercial use. Basically, you can do whatever you want with it.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.unity.hr/ui-kit/
License: MIT License

Awesome UX Kit with 26 AI Wireframes for iOS7

Posted · Category: License Free, PS Tutorials

Awesome UX kit is a free set of 26 Adobe Illustrator wireframe templates and two custom brushes, designed by George Vasyagin. At this point “Awesome UX kit” is totally FREE and comes for iOS7 (iPhone) version only. Tablet and Desktop versions coming very soon.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://awesomekit.me/
License: License Free

Free Download: Flat Apple Devices Mockup

Posted · Category: License Free, PS Tutorials

This is a huge collection of flat Apple devices mockups to showcase your responsive web designs. The PSD file includes iPhone, iPad, iMac and Macbook with different viewing angles.

You are permitted to use the resources for any number of personal and commercial projects. You may modify the resources according to your requirements and include them into works, such as websites, applications or other materials intended for sale.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://graphicburger.com/flat-apple-devices-mockup/
License: License Free

Flatastic Mobile UI Kit with Lots of Mobile UI Elements

Posted · Category: CC License, MIT License, PS Tutorials

Designers of mobile interfaces are becoming more prominent in today’s faced-paced web space. App designers are in high demand now particularly in user interface. UI design focuses on user experience and interaction, and while being easy-to-use is important for a successful mobile app.

Flatastic Mobile UI Kit is a large user interface kit containing hundreds of mobile ui elements, which will help you design mobile user interface in Photoshop with ease. There are sets of icons, and actions have been included in the kit. The package includes more than 100 elements. It support both Standard and Retina Display.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://thedesigninspiration.com/flatastic-mobile-ui-kit/
License: Creative Commons and MIT License

Basiliq Sketch Style Freelance UI Kit

Posted · Category: CC License, PS Tutorials

Everyone loves high quality icons. Even user interface designers, who work with sketches and wireframes. The problem is that popular prototyping tools produce mockups that don’t look so great. That’s why Cloud Castle has created Basiliq Freelance UI Kit, with over three hundred design elements specifically for prototyping.

Its a beautiful hand-crafted set of icons for mockups. There are 300 little bits and pieces and bells and whistles. You can assemble anything from them. For example, mobile YouTube, Facebook and Foursquare UI.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://cloudcastlegroup.com/blog/basiliq
License: Creative Commons 3.0 License

Check How Good Your PSD Files with PSD Validator

Posted · Category: PS Tutorials, Tools

Designers overlook it. Developers demand it. There’s always been a need for discernible web design in Photoshop. Nobody likes inheriting muddy PSDs. PSD Validator can find out how good your PSD file is structured using some of the rules from Photoshop Etiquette.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.14.50 PM

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.psdvalidator.com/
License: License Free

iPhone 5S PSD Vector Mockup Free for Download

Posted · Category: License Free, PS Tutorials

As expected, Apple’s just announced the iPhone 5S, its latest flagship smartphone. It runs iOS 7, and looks almost exactly like the iPhone 5 but comes in different colors: silver, a new “space gray,” and gold. There’s a capacitive ring around the home button that activates the sensor, and it can read your fingerprint in any orientation.

It’s very handy for designers if we can get our hands on the PSD Vector Mockup of the iPhone 5S. Pixeden has made this for us, and also provide us a 3/4 Perspective iPhone 5S Vector Mockup well. With smart layers to showcase your web or iOS app with ease as a iPhone 5S mockup.



iPhone 5S:
iPhone 5S 3/4 Perspective:

Free 15 Flat Designed Mobile Devices Design Kit

Posted · Category: License Free, PS Tutorials

Mobile Design Kit is free to use templates for mobile. They are designed in real pixels screen sizes for 15 flat designed devices which includes iPhone 4s & 5, iPad 2, 4 & Mini, Galaxy Pocket, Young, S3 Mini, S3, S4 & Nexus 7, Lumia 520 & 920, Surface RT & Pro. There are multiple colors you can choose from. And also, they are outlined and designed with grids.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.danielchitu.com/mobiledesignkit.html
License: License Free

PSD.rb – A Photoshop File Parser Written in Ruby

Posted · Category: MIT License, PS Tutorials, Tools

The Photoshop file format is over 23 years old, yet it remains one of the most opaque file formats out there. PSDs are very widely used, yet Adobe has never produced an easy way for developers to work with the format. Indeed, some developers have gone mad trying to parse PSDs.

PSD.rb opens up the PSD format and allows you to easily work with Photoshop documents. PSD.rb is a general purpose Photoshop file parser written in Ruby. It allows you to work with a Photoshop document in a manageable tree structure and find out important data.


Requirements: Ruby on Rails
Demo: http://cosmos.layervault.com/psdrb.html
License: MIT License

A Beautiful Modern UI Kit Free for Download

Posted · Category: License Free, PS Tutorials

Aykut Yilmaz is a Senior Art Director from Istanbul, Turkey. He has made a beautiful modern UI Kit that you can download for free. So, you can design visually interactive and appealing user interfaces with this awesome free kits.

This UI kit is available in PSD format for easy modification. They can be used to design and mock-up web, app and software user interfaces. You can click on the “Download it now” link and then enter $0 price to get it for free. You can also take a look at other Free UI Kits we have mentioned some time ago.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://premiumpsds.co/?work=ui-kit
License: License Free

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