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Easy Cross-Browser Testing with SuperPreview

Posted · Category: Tools

Every web developer today faces the challenge of checking website compatibility across a large pool of browsers and browser versions in the marketplace. Up and until now, either you could install every browser, verify the website via a visual inspection and debug with tools specialized to that browser, or you could send a URL to a third-party screenshotting service like BrowserShots for an all-in-one visual inspection.

The former is messy and tedious but gives you more control and an opportunity to diagnose problems, whilst the latter is simple but slow and useless to fix the problem. Long Zheng has shown us SuperPreview is the best of both worlds.

SuperPreview as a tool allows you to compare different rendering engines in a single unified interface. Simple clicks gives you comparisons between Internet Explorer 6, the native version of Internet Explorer installed, other browsers you may have installed locally – Firefox 3.5, Safari 3, Safari 4 – and even an bitmap images of website prototypes.

Expression Web Super Preview

Source: Expression Web SuperPreview

  • arttie_br

    An awesome effort. Congrats to them.
    A pitty I am a Linux user and shall not take advantage of it.

  • fan

    “Cross-Browser Testing” is synonymous with “does it work in IE?”.

    If MS didn’t make a PoS browser, we wouldn’t need this.

  • I haven’t really tested it (netbook: row res) but i must say so far I’m really impressed. Especially the overlay function looks very prommising. I also understood that you can load an image to check it against the HTML version which is very nice since designers always whine about every pixel (which I do understand, don’t worry GFX guys)

    Hope it really works as nice in development as it looks!

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  • mikemick

    This is without a doubt a great and clever tool, but I don’t like how it comes bundled with Expression Web 3 ($1000), and I don’t like how the free BETA only allows you to compare different versions of IE. Either way, this is a great concept and has one-upped the “IE Tester” software package that I currently use. I am anxious to see how long it takes the open-source community to develop a free clone of this application.

  • Chris

    I installed the beta and was appalled to discover that you can’t actually interact with the pages you load. Nope, you can’t click a link, type into a text box, or anything. You just get to enter a url and see what it looks like across multiple browsers.

    Which is cool, as long as the URL you’re entering doesn’t require a login. Because then you’re screwed.

  • @mikemick – I am a Program Manager on the Expression Web team. I am not in control of our pricing, but I do know that we haven’t announced anything regarding our pricing for Expression Web 3. A good place to start might be by looking at our pricing for Expression Web 2 – which is no where near $1000. I would be very surprised to see our prices change to $1000 for Expression Web 3. I would not expect this to happen :-)

  • this is very useful to us.
    Trying it now.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Thanks for this. This was exactly what I was looking for to check my sites.

  • Vasya

    If you want a similar tool which is available now take a look at BrowserSeal. It supports Firefox, Safari, IE6, IE7 and IE8.

    Free trial version can be downloaded from http://www.browserseal.com

  • I never knew all these existed. I use IE tester for the moment by I am changing to Mac because we had it with Windows and I really need a program that will work on mac.

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