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Dolphin – Open Source Smart Community Builder

Posted · Category: CC License, Social

I have written a post about First Ever Open Source Social Network Platform few days ago. And our lovely readers pointed out that LovdByLess is not actually the first ever open source social network platform. There are many nice one such as barnraiser.org, peopleaggregator.org, ning.com, Elgg, phpizabi.net which have been around for several years already. And Erik and Erbag has mentioned about Dolphin which I have found it very powerful Open Source Community Software.

YouTube, MySpace, Odeo, Flickr, Match and Facebook – all in one, customizable and under your full control. You’re limited only by your imagination – not by software. Dolphin Smart Community Builder is a universal, free, open source software that allows you to build any kind of online community. With a huge variety of features & options, you can quickly develop your very unique and successful website.


Dolphin has actively developed and frequently upgraded for over 6 years. There are many plugins, templates, custom support you can choose from. Currently, it is used by over 20,000 community sites worldwide.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.boonex.com/products/dolphin/
License: Creative Commons License

  • An amazing all-in-one solution for social networks, thanks for posting :)

  • It’s good to see you guys posting the open source communities here :). However, dolphin is probably the worst when it comes to customizing, security, etc, etc…it looks really good out of the box though :D.

    More ! more! more! :)

  • manuel

    I just installed Dolphin on my server, and I am not a fan of that program at all, there is no support or even tutorial. It will work to make a site like myspace or facebook, but its really hard to customize and options are limited.

  • Wouter Van den Neste

    Looks great, think I’m going to get a test run of this :)

  • Sam

    I agree, stay away. Might look good at first but not suitable for anything even remotely serious. They used to sell this product for $700 I think but made it *free* with paid support which you will end up using due to bugs and security holes.

  • Rene S.

    I to have only negative experiences with this product, although it sounds very impressive indeed initially!

    The support is very bad. The (unprofessional) community is just not big enough and the product itself is buggy…even after 6 years of development.

    The same goes also for phpizabi by the way and during my quest for ‘the right one’ I’ve found out that this is actually the case for all the products out there, even the paid ones: out of the box their just fine, but customizing it is a real pain in the ass.
    They’ve somehow never developed a prof supported community around them like WordPress or vBulletin for example.

    In the end you’re just better of using a hosted service like Ning after all, because otherwise you’ll be missing out a lot of essential Web 2.0 features.

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  • Hye all, I tried the Dolphin Community Builder…
    It’s exellent. I already installed it’s work fine…

    This 2004 friendster template exactly.. I still remember…

    Until now I didn’t face the problem…
    If got problem I will comment here….

    bye all… have a nice day

  • pedroal3xandre

    I’ve tried once to install but my server don’t have the right qualities to accept this application on it. I was very disapointed :( Until now i havent found any open social community that fits my server… I will wait for that.

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  • Frank

    Guys, i an new at this, what about joomla with community builder, it looks very easy to implement

    What do you think

  • oscar chavarri

    Check this post, its a long list but is worth going trough it, at the end you are going to end with dolphin, phpfox, socialEngine and PHPizabi. In my opinion those are the best.


    Enjoy ;)

  • i tried to install this thing , but it is not working …. Somebody please help with the installation

  • This is the best open source and designing is also excellent
    all in one social networking site

  • Nice script.

  • A very good program, but the license is too expensive

  • Incredible.I can use it to build an online community.

  • Ian Sinclair

    As “free” software goes, it is very expensive. I installed the “Free” open source software, and found myself using a “trial” version that presented me with a “Buy a license” popup every time I clicked a menu item. This makes the trial version unusable. I may never know if Dolphin can provide what I want at a price I can afford.

    Does anyone else think that all the positive reviews of dolphin are written with curiously similar syntax?

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