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Multibox Supports Images, Flash, Video, MP3 and HTML

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License, Popup

There are many popups and galleries scripts we can use, Multibox is one of them as well. Multibox is lightbox that supports images, flash, video, mp3s, html. You can set the color of the background or use a semi-transparent background. It supports Firefox 2 (mac / pc), IE 7, IE 6, Safari (mac). However, it requires Mootools v1.1+ to run properly.


Requirements: Mootools 1.1+
Demo: http://www.phatfusion.net/multibox/
License: MIT License

  • Fransjo Leihitu

    Nice … but can somebody make this for protoype/scriptacoulos?

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  • Should have supported jQuery :(

  • Maz!

    i don’t know..
    yea it’s cool, but, where is a doc?

  • ReaderX

    There’s basically no documentation for multibox. No tutorials. Nothing. Basically, it’s presented as being as easy as just adding a couple lines of code but my tests do not work. Without documentation to refer to, I’m stuck without being able to solve whatever the issue is.

  • Si

    When using firefox, the tween on close does not work for any flash or movie interface. It is meant to resize then close but all it does is resize the holder, the multimedia stays the original size and pops out the holder. Could this be made to gracefully degrafe in firefox etc? ie if firefox – no tween?

  • very useful thing

  • any questions.. can i change a border color ? it’s black. but i want insert to red.. ? can you help me ?

  • Enkys

    Fatih (if you didn’t do it since your message..) : you just need to change it in the CSS : it’s set at #000, just change it for #ff0000 (red). You can as well change the border width, actually at 20px.
    And well, change everything you want in the display, just with the css file…

  • Furqan

    very nice

  • yosri

    very nice control, it uses a description div which accepts any html i just need to put a button inside it with a simple javascript to show and hide whatever, the javascript work fine and i can see that the other element’s display is set to ‘none’ but it don’t it is still displayed on the form ?


  • yosri

    this lightbox also support html pages, bur i cant request html with a query string !!

  • mark

    I downloaded the multibox zip from phatfusion, unzipped it and opened the index.htm in firefox and it doesn’t work! The css is linked fine as the layout is correct, but the hidden div text “This is my description text 1. It can support html.” is visible and when you click on the links nothing opens using the multibox, just straight to the files via the normal ahref link i’m guessing.

    I just downloaded the lightbox zip from phatfusion and it works fine. Anyone have any odeas why multibox won’t work?


  • Guvnor


    It doesn’t work because the example “index.htm” has coding error. The wrong path causes nothing to work.

    The 14th line should read “”

    You must delete the mistaken “../utils/”

    Again, BEFORE:


    Change the path and it will work :)

  • Guvnor


    It seems code in messages is banned here. So I’ll be direct. To make the example “index.htm” work, you must fix the path error on line 14. Delete “../utils/”

    overlay.js is in the same folder as index so the path they have is wrong. Fix it and the multibox will work.

  • Dimitri

    Thank you guys , this thread helped me out ;) It is wierd that there was no documentation on phatfusion website.

    But god thank to thoose who checked the code , cuz of only “../utils/” whole script wouldn´t work …

  • This seems to be working fine for me in FireFox, but IE just places the popup in the top left corner, and the border is overlapping part of the image.

    Anyone have any thoughts as to why that might be?

  • Chuck

    Thanks Guvnor! I’m lat on the bandwagon but Much grateful for the note on the code bug!

  • Bee

    hi there,

    i have problems using multibox for video.

    it’s working fine in safari but firefox 2 bugs me. the little window opens but the movie isn’t showing. nothing… i changed the paths correctly for my own folders but it’s still not working with ff.

    did i miss anything?

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  • vignesh

    multibox is fine,except I have some blank spaces at the bottom.even I visited the website http://www.phatfusion.net/multibox/ ,there is some space at the bottom..

  • When I am coding and previewing in my browser the box works, when I upload it to my server, it does not work. Any ideas?

  • @ Emilie
    I am having the exact same problem.
    Works just fine in preview, but when loaded live “NOPE”

  • vignesh

    for the blank space at the bottom in multibox,solution is found in http://discovermultibox.blogspot.com/

  • gabino

    hello all
    I ‘m new to this and trying to use multibox for my picture gallery and video gallery
    but I don’t know how to do this. I already registered and downloaded mootools, what should I do next?
    is there any link or seomthing for help?
    please thanks


  • How would one go about implementing image galleries. I’m not sure how to code this. Would I go about doing it just like a lightbox gallery?

    How would the HTML markup look for: One thumbnail, that when clicked, could then navigate through a series of images?

  • Anthony

    Hey guys and gals! I’ve got a little problem using Multibox. I’m using box jpg and mov files on my site. For some reason, I can not see the controls on the movie files when they play (and they do play). Is there anyway for the box to conform to the movie size or is it fixed?

    Thanks in advance

  • my IE wont support direct url it keeps saying navigation canceled

  • Jalal


    I’m using multibox and I like to use it to show videos. However when I put a web URL in the link tag (for example : http://www.liamsmart.co.uk/Downloads/multiBox/Files/curly.flv), the player doesn’t play anything.

    Did I miss something?

    Thank you for your help.

  • S

    hi all,

    has anyone figured out why multibox does not work when uploaded onto a server?



  • I don’t see how that linked article fixes the problem. The poster originally tried altering the overlay.js, but the problem is in the playback window, not the overlay. Take the overlay out and you’ll see the space still appears. So that was never the right approach to begin with.

    Neither do I see anything changed in the multibox.css that would affect the bottom space. The additional multiBoxDesc class doesn’t apply when no descriptions are given, changing the MultiBoxClose positioning moves the (x) button out of sight, and .mb img float: left just floats all the images, breaking my layout and not affecting the playback.

    Still looking for a fix for this, and the “overlay doesn’t stretch to a scrolling vertical screen” problem.

  • LinhNMT

    Here is same multibox in jquery http://jquery.phpbasic.com

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