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wdCalendar – jQuery Based Google Calendar Clone

Posted · Category: Calendar, LGPL License

wdCalendar is a jquery based google calendar clone. It cover most google calendar features. User can choose to have a daily view, weekly view or monthly view. User can easily create, update or remove events by drag & drop. It is very simple to to integrate wdCalendar with a database.

wdCalendar is free (open source LGPL license), easy to use, and with great functionalities. You can check out the demo, and download it here.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.web-delicious.com/jquery-plugins-demo…
License: LGPL License

How Apple Browser and Devices Support HTML5 & CSS3

Posted · Category: Information

Every new Apple mobile device and every new Mac — along with the latest version of Apple’s Safari web browser — supports web standards including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. These web standards are open, reliable, highly secure, and efficient. They allow web designers and developers to create advanced graphics, typography, animations, and transitions.

Apple has demonstrated how the latest version of Apple’s Safari web browser, new Macs, and new Apple mobile devices all support the capabilities of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Not all browsers offer this support. But soon other modern browsers will take advantage of these same web standards — and the amazing things they enable web designers to do. You can also visit Safari Dev Center for more information about HTML5 and to see how you can add effects like these to your website.


Source: http://www.apple.com/html5/

Create Music on the Web with Soundation Studio

Posted · Category: Sound, Tools

Would you like to create music on the web? Whether you are an amateur or a pro you will be able to satisfy all your needs with Soundation Studio — a powerful online sequencer with 11 real time effects, 3 synthesizers, a drum machine and a fully integrated Sound Shop.

Soundation Studio offer you an introductory library of over 400 loops, the possibility to buy more sounds and in short, a place where you can store all your sounds as well as your own productions. Anything you create in Soundation is your production, the only exception is you cannot transfer, upload, share, give or sell any of the isolated or individual sound files. They are licensed to you to use in your productions but not to give away, upload or sell as individual loops or samples.


Source: http://www.soundation.com/studio

Stress Test Your Website with Load Impact

Posted · Category: Tools

Can your website handle the stress? Slow websites means lost customers and revenues. Be proactive and find out the performance limits of your website before you learn the hard way. Load Impact is an online load testing service that lets you load test your website with just a few mouse clicks.

Load Impact generates simulated user traffic to your site – for example it might simulate that 50 users are trying to load your web pages at the same time. While simulating the traffic from these 50 users, it also records how fast pages are loaded from your server. This lets you know how fast your site is (as experienced by a user) when it is being accessed by 50 users at the same time.

Load Impact runs on the servers, over the Internet. You will always have access to your test configurations and your test results. You will never need to install or maintain any special software or servers for your testing. It is completely free to run simple load tests with up to 50 concurrent, simulated users.


Source: http://loadimpact.com/

Preview Web pages Across Multiple Browsers and OS

Posted · Category: Tools

BrowserLab lets you preview web pages across multiple browsers and operating systems. Accurately pinpoint compatibility issues and compare web pages at a glance to easily identify differences and potential problems. Preview full screenshots with multiple view options and customizable test settings.

You can get a full-view screenshot, even beneath the fold, or compare how your web page looks in two browsers, side by side. With the Onion Skin View, spot discrepancies at a glance by overlaying two screenshots on top of each other. You can focus on specific areas with custom positioning of the screenshots and adjust the opacity from 0–100%.


Source: https://browserlab.adobe.com/en-us/index.html#state=browse

jQuery Notification Plugin with jQuery UI ThemeRoller Ready

Posted · Category: Popup

Pines Notify is a JavaScript notification plugin for the jQuery JavaScript library, developed by Hunter Perrin as part of Pines. It is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL. It is designed to provide maximum flexibility, while still being easy to use and easy to implement.

The Pines Notify plugin uses the jQuery UI CSS Framework to style its look and feel, including colors and background textures. We recommend using the ThemeRoller tool to create and download custom themes that are easy to build and maintain.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://pines.hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/pines/pnotify…
License: AGPL License

How to Create GitHub Style Buttons with CSS & Javascript

Posted · Category: Buttons, License Free

Are you a GitHub fan? We all know that GitHub is the perfect place to store repositories of open source code. GitHub seems to understand that most repo sites are usually boring so they’ve spiced their site up with some catchy CSS and great JavaScript features. One tiny piece of the GitHub design David Walsh loves are the basic buttons.

David Walsh has written a tutorial: Create GitHub-Style Buttons with CSS and jQuery, MooTools, or Dojo JavaScript, in order to teach us how to create our own GitHub-style buttons with a bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Requirements: Dojo, Mootools or jQuery Framework
Demo: http://davidwalsh.name/dw-content/github-button.php
License: License Free

Featured Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Posted · Category: Information

Google Chrome is designed to be fast in every possible way: It’s quick to start up from your desktop, loads web pages in a snap, and runs complex web applications fast. And Chrome’s browser window is streamlined, clean and simple. And also, Extensions are a great way to add more features and functionality to the browser.

Now, we have got a list of Featured Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers. Complement Google Chrome’s developer tools with extensions, to make web development faster and more efficient. Edit HTML, test your pages on various screen resolutions, improve the performance of your apps and more — all directly from the browser.


Source: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/featured/web_dev

Lightbox_me – A Really Simple Lightboxing for Programmer

Posted · Category: Popup

Have you ever had a DOM element that you wanted lightboxed, but didn’t want all the fanciness of all the lightbox-related plug-ins out there? Lightbox_me is for you.

Lightbox_me is an essential tool for the jQuery developer’s toolbox. Feed it a DOM element wrapped in a jQuery object and it will lightbox it for you, no muss no fuss. Lightbox_me handles overlay resize when the window is resized. It is just over 1000 bytes gzipped & compressed. It has been tested on IE 6+, Firefox 2.5+, Safari, Chrome.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://buckwilson.me/lightboxme/
License: Apache License

Cloud Zoom: Image Zoom jQuery Plugin with More Features

Posted · Category: MIT License, Tooltips

Cloud Zoom is a jQuery plugin comparable to commercial image zoom products such as Magic Zoom. Compared to the popular jQZoom plugin, Cloud Zoom is smaller, has more features and more robust compatability across browsers. It has been tested on IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.

You can add a tint of any colour to the small image. The intensity of tint is fully customisable. Zoom position can be inside the smaller image, useful if you would rather not obscure any other content. You can also apply a subtle soft-focus effect to the small image. Best of all, Cloud Zoom is completely free.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.professorcloud.com/mainsite/cloud-zoom.htm
License: MIT License

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