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Mobile Ready Elegant jQuery Slideshow for Free

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License

Camera Slideshow is an open source jQuery slideshow with many effects, transitions, easy to customize, using canvas and mobile ready. You can download it and use it for free, you can also include it in your projects and sell it as part of a bigger work.

Camera slideshow requires jQuery 1.4+ and other jQuery plugins are necessary if you want to use some functionalities: jQuery Easing and a customized version of jQuery Mobile to use it on mobile devices. These plugins are included in the zip file you can download.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.pixedelic.com/plugins/camera/
License: MIT License

A Realtime Dashboard & Graphing Toolkit

Posted · Category: MIT License, Stats

Graphene is a realtime dashboard & graphing toolkit based on D3 and Backbone. It was made to offer a very aesthetic realtime dashboard that lives on top of Graphite (but could be tailored to any back end, eventually).

Combining D3’s immense capabilities of managing live data, and Backbone’s ease of development, Graphene provides a solution capable of displaying thousands upon thousands of datapoints in your dashboard, as well as presenting a very hackable project to build on and customize.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://jondot.github.com/graphene/
License: MIT License

Free Legal Documents, Contracts and Agreements

Posted · Category: Legal, License Free

Docracy is a social repository of contracts, legal agreements and other legal documents. Their mission is to make these documents freely available to the public. They also hope to make them easier to find, customize and execute.

No more shady templates behind a paywall that you download hoping everything will be alright. Instead: reputable, transparent sources and social proof to help you find something as close as possible to the perfect document.

Not only they are free to download, but also free to customize, store and sign online. The goal is to create a library of industry standard documents which will help you save on legal fees and transaction costs, hosted by a reliable third source.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.docracy.com/
License: License Free

How to Write Augmented Reality Application with JavaScript

Posted · Category: Framework, GPL License

JSARToolKit is an augmented reality library for JavaScript. It’s an open source library released under the GPL. This is a JavaScript port of FLARToolKit, operating on canvas images and video element contents.

HTML5 Rocks has shared an article: Writing Augmented Reality Application using JSARToolKit, which tells you how to use the JSARToolKit library with the WebRTC getUserMedia API to do augmented reality applications on the web. For rendering, he is using WebGL due to the increased performance it offers. It shows a demo application that puts a 3D model on top of an augmented reality marker in webcam video.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/webgl/jsartoolkit_webrtc/
License: GPL License

Winners of 3 x Annual Professional ManageWP Licenses

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for all of the participants of Giveaway 3 x Annual Professional ManageWP Licenses. We are happy to announce the following winner. Congratulations. You will receive an email from ManageWP with instructions of getting the license shortly.

1. Maggew
2. loopion
3. Chess Man

WebAppers will continue giving away some really nice web development tools and resources to our readers. Please feel free to suggest what you would like for the next Giveaway under this post. Thank you.

jQuery File Upload with Progress Bars and Previews

Posted · Category: MIT License, Upload

jQuery File Upload is a File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bars and preview images for jQuery. It supports cross-domain, chunked and resumable file uploads and client-side image resizing. It also works with any server-side platform (PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Node.js, Go etc.) that supports standard HTML form file uploads.

The jQuery UI widget factory is a requirement for the basic File Upload plugin, but very lightweight without any other dependencies. The User Interface is built with Twitter’s Bootstrap Toolkit. This enables a CSS based, responsive layout and fancy transition effects on modern browsers. The demo also includes the Bootstrap Image Gallery Plugin. Both of these components are optional and not required.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://blueimp.github.com/jQuery-File-Upload/
License: MIT License

A New Framework for Building Interactive Map Applications

Posted · Category: GPL License, Maps

Kartograph is a new framework for building interactive map applications without Google Maps or any other mapping service. It was created with the needs of designers and data journalists in mind.

The core concept of Kartograph is to separate the mapping process in the map generation and map rendering part. The client-side library kartograph.js renders pre-generated maps stored in SVG files. You can chose among hundreds of ready-to-use maps or simply generate your own using kartograph.py, the open source Python SVG map generator.


Requirements: jQuery and RaphaelJS Framework
Demo: http://kartograph.org/showcase/
License: GPL License

The jQuery HTML5 Audio / Video Library

Posted · Category: GPL License, MIT License, Sound, Video

jPlayer is the completely free and open source (GPL/MIT) media library written in JavaScript. A jQuery plugin, jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. jPlayer’s comprehensive API allows you to create innovative media solutions while support and encouragement is provided by jPlayer’s active and growing community.

It is easy to get started and deploy in minutes. It’s totally customizable and skinnable using HTML and CSS. It has been tested on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.jplayer.org/
License: MIT License

Create CSS Sprites Within Seconds with SpritePad

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

SpritePad is the perfect solution for every web developer: With SpritePad you can create your CSS sprites within seconds. Simply drag & drop your images onto the canvas and have them immediately available as one PNG sprite + CSS code. No fiddling in Photoshop, no manual assignment of CSS styles. CSS sprites the easy way.

SpritePad is optimized for speeeeed: No download, no setup, no long-winded uploads. It works hassle-free directly in your browser. Move your images around, change options and let the CSS styles get updated automatically. No need to do work twice again.

SpritePad also supports team collaboration: Store your CSS sprites as editable versions online, share them within your team and learn more about the endless power auto-alignment. And best of all, SpritePad is Free now. Try it yourself.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://spritepad.wearekiss.com/
License: License Free

Stylish Image Hover Effects with Adipoli jQuery Plugin

Posted · Category: Gallery, MIT License

Adipoli is a simple jQuery plugin used to bring stylish image hover effects. There are over 20 transition effects (popout, sliceDown, sliceUp, fold, boxRain, boxRainGrow and etc…) you can choose from. You can also select the start effects, like transparent, normal, overlay and grayscale. It is released under MIT License.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://jobyj.in/adipoli/
License: MIT License

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