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Watermark Your Images with PHP Image Workshop

Posted · Category: GPL License, Tools

PHPImageWorkshop is an open source class using the GD library that helps you to manage images with PHP. This class is thought like photo editing software like Photoshop and GIMP: you can superpose many layers or even layer groups, each layer having a background image.

The class was thought to be the most flexible possible: superimposing an infinity of images (to add watermark), rotating (and not just 45 / 90°), resizing, cropping (thumbnail). An ImageWorkshop object is a layer AND a group at the same time. It has got a background image and a stack of sublayers on the top of its background.


Requirements: PHP Framework
Demo: http://phpimageworkshop.com/
License: GPL License

1 Comment
  • barman

    Very nice! Something I’ve been looking for, for a while now

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