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Boolean Iconset – 100 Mini Icons in PNG Format

Posted · Category: CC License, Icons

Do you love mini icons? You can find 100 icons in PNG format in 16×16 px within Boolean Iconset. Now, Its all up to your creativity, the metaphors depicted here aren’t meant to be used as is, you can give them your own spin, like the Binocular for Search, Legos for Add-Ons/Plugins, Tree for directory tree, what have you.

This will be a user driven set, so you guys can come up with the ideas/thoughts for the expansion of this Iconset, you can contact the author directly. These icons are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://prax-08.deviantart.com/art/Boolean-The-Pixel-Icon-City…
License: Creative Commons 3.0 License

130 Project Icons in PNG, Windows & Mac OS X Formats

Posted · Category: CC License, Icons

Project Icons is a pack of 130 icons and 3 icon badges. These icons are 32px only. They are available in png, ico, icns and pasted icons. The badges are available in png only. These icons are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Bogdan Mihaiciuc is trying to update this set often, so if you want to be notified of future updates, you can follow him on Twitter.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://bogo-d.deviantart.com/art/Project-Icons…
License: Creative Commons License

100 Fully Scalable Vector Pictograms / Icons

Posted · Category: CC License, Icons

Here are 100 fully scalable pictograms/icons free to download. It will surely help you declutter your visual space and communicate your message, the right way. once they’re in there, you’ll love their simplicity, while at the same time improving project’s usability.

Use them in your online, print, mobile and software applications. They will work good even for signs in real world around your street, campus, resort or even city: possibilities are unlimited. Best of all, whole set is free to download and use it in accordance with license agreement. No watermarks, no limitations: available in all major, industry standard scalable vector formats.


Requirements: –
License: Creative Commons License

Free Payment Icon Set For E-Commerce Stores

Posted · Category: Icons

When we are designing E-Commerce sites, we usually need some payment icons. So that we can clearly tell our clients which payment methods we accept.

Web Icon Set is very kind to release a set of Payment Icon Set for free. Payment Icon Set includes VISA Card, Master Card, American Express, Cirrus, PayPal, Cash Payment, Gold Coin, Gold Coin Stacks, Secure Payment, Shopping Cart. They are free for both personal and commercial projects.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.webiconset.com/payment-icon-set/
License: License Free

Social Buzz Icon Pack for the Most Popular Social Networks

Posted · Category: Icons, License Free

The Social Buzz Icon Pack contains 12 icons for some of the most popular social networks out there. The set includes Bebo, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Google Buzz, Linked In, MySpace, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Technorati and Twitter Icon. This Free Icon Pack is for use in your personal and commercial projects, and can be used without attribution.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.tutorial9.net/resources/social-buzz-icon-pack/
License: License Free

Vector Based Gesture Icons for Touch Screen Interfaces

Posted · Category: CC License, Icons

Geaturecons are Vector based icons created to aid in the design, development, implementation and promotion of multi-touch interfaces. These icons will aid in the creation of wire-frame documents, digital help files and printed documentation. You can also use Geaturecons inside of your applications in order to demonstrate to users how to complete actions or prompt them to interact with an application when they approach it.

Swap out symbols to create your own icons, because these are scalable vector shapes, you can scale them to any size and alter them in any way you wish. Use your favorite vector graphics application to edit.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://gesturecons.com/
License: Creative Commons License

Free Mobile Icon Set for Personal & Commercial Use

Posted · Category: Icons, License Free

Web Icon Set has released a set of Free Mobile Icon Set recently. Mobile Icon Set includes Phone Call, Photos, Messages, Calculator, Wireless, Calendar, Settings, Contacts, Notes, Map. You are welcome to use them on both your Personal and Commercial Projects. The sizes of the icons include 128, 64, 48, 32px. You can use these icons on your mobile applications or mobiles.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.webiconset.com/mobile-icon-set/
License: License Free

A Free Set of Social Media Icons in Vector Format

Posted · Category: Icons, License Free

We have got Circular Social Media Icons and The Social Network Icon Pack already, however they are all in PNG format only. How about a free set of Social Media Icons in Vector? IconDock released a set of 50 Vector Social Media Icons of the most popular social media networks on the internet.

The icons are designed in 32px and 16px vector format. With the vector format, you can scale the icon to any size to fit with your design or use it in high quality print materials. What you will get from the zip package: 32px and 16px in three different file formats: vector EPS, PNG, and GIF. What more can you ask for?


Requirements: –
Demo: http://icondock.com/free/vector-social-media-icons
License: License Free

31 Shiny Realistic Icons Free for Download

Posted · Category: Icons, License Free

Shine has 31 icons ranging from 24px square icons to 128px square icons. With the fresh color scheme combines with prominent realistic shapes, Shine will make your websites and interfaces really stand out from the crowd. Shine is shipped in two versions: vector and pixel sets.

You can use the set for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions. You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services, templates and themes.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://iconeden.com/icon/shine.html
License: License Free

The Best Free Web Icons for Different Purposes

Posted · Category: Best Collections, Icons

When we are designing a website, or even a web application, we always need some pretty icons in order to complete the design. There are over hundred thousands of icons available on the internet. However, how many of them are nicely designed and suitable to you? I am sure you will find “The Best Free Web Icons for Different Purposes” useful to you.

We have selected the following top quality web icons, e.g Blogging Icons, Application Icons, Social Media Icons, Emotion Icons, Browser Icons, Mini Icons, Weather Icons, Flag Icons and Mobile Icons, which can be used for different purposes. Come back here if you ever designing a website again, I am sure you can find the web icons you need here.

Cute Blogging Icons

You can use these icons on your blog. Cute Blogging Icon Set inclides Design, Download, Freelance, Part-time, Hire Me, Not Available, About Me, Services, My Blog, Contact.

Blogging Icons Set

There are total 12 shiny and modern icons for your blogs including Author, Article, BlogRoll, Comment, Email, RSS, Theme icon and etc… It comes with 3 sizes, 24×24, 36×36 and 48×48 in png format.

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