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Embedding the HTML5 Drawing App with jQuery

Posted · Category: BSD License, CC License, Tools

jQuery.deviantartmuro is a jQuery plugin to provide a convenient wrapper around the embedding API for the deviantART muro HTML5 drawing application, allowing you to provide image drawing and editing within third-party sites.

Embedding deviantART muro in your site allows you to pass images from your site to deviantART muro, allow your users to edit those images, and then hand the saved image data back to your site. You can also make scripted use of a number of deviantART muro tools such as filters.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://deviantart.github.io/jquery.deviantartmuro/
License: Creative Commons, BSD License

Mueller: A Modular Grid System for Responsive Layouts

Posted · Category: BSD License, Framework

MUELLER is a modular grid system for responsive/adaptive and non–responsive layouts, based on Compass. You have full control over column width, gutter width, baseline grid and media–queries.

You mainly get the file grid_system, this is where the system is defined. All other parts (media, layouts, fractions, templates) are just examples of how to work with MUELLER. MUELLER is licensed under BSD.


Requirements: –
Download Link: http://www.muellergridsystem.com/
License: BSD License

Check HTML Source Code Conforms to Coding Standard

Posted · Category: BSD License, Code

HTML_CodeSniffer is a client-side script that checks HTML source code and detects violations of a defined coding standard. HTML_CodeSniffer is written entirely in JavaScript, does not require any server-side processing and can be extended by developers to enforce custom coding standards by creating your own “sniffs”.

HTML_CodeSniffer will provide a list of known and potential violations to the calling script. It also comes with a pop-up auditor interface, accessible via a bookmarklet, letting you browse through messages emitted from one of the defined standards. Where possible, the auditor also points you to the HTML element causing the problem. HTML_CodeSniffer is released under a BSD-style licence.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://squizlabs.github.com/HTML_CodeSniffer/
License: BSD License

Nitro: Open Source Task Management Application

Posted · Category: BSD License, Tools

Nitro is the best way to organize with it’s speed, simplicity and power. With innovative features such as smart lists and magic sort, you can keep your life organized and focus on what needs doing. It’s also totally free.

Nitro can sync with Dropbox or Ubuntu One. You can easily access your tasks from any computer and you’ll never get a conflicted copy. Nitro also creates a todo.txt file so you can see or embed your tasks in plain text. Nitro is available for a variety of platforms, includes Mac, Chrome, and Linux. Nitro is free open source software under the BSD License. You can get it on Github.


Requirements: –
Download Link: http://nitrotasks.com/
License: BSD License

Make an HTML5 & CSS3 Flipbook with Turn.js

Posted · Category: BSD License, Tools

Turn.js is a JavaScript library that will make your content look like a real book or magazine using all the advantages of HTML5. The web is getting beautiful with new user interfaces based in HTML5; turn.js is the best fit for a magazine, book or catalog based in HTML5. It works on most browsers and devices, and lightweight with only 10k.

The turn.js API was conveniently built as an UI plugin for jQuery, it provides access to a set of features and allows you to define the user interaction. It is released under a noncommercial BSD license and it’s available on GitHub. However, this license doesn’t include features of the 4th release.


Requirements: HTML5 and CSS3 Support
Download Link: http://www.turnjs.com/
License: Noncommercial BSD License

Load Social Sharing Buttons Easily with Socialite v2

Posted · Category: BSD License, MIT License, Social

Socialite v2 provides a very easy way to implement and activate a plethora of social sharing buttons — any time you wish. On document load, on article hover, on any event. If you’re selling your soul, you may as well do it asynchronously. Socialite won’t cause document rendering to hang while waiting for 50kb of social media.

Socialite is less than 5kb when minified and compressed. It support for Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Spotify. It has been tested in all browsers. There is no dependencies to use.


Requirements: JavaScript Framework
Demo: http://socialitejs.com/
License: BSD, MIT License

Yeoman: Modern Workflow for Webapps Released Today

Posted · Category: BSD License, Framework

Yeoman is a robust and opinionated client-side stack, comprised of tools and frameworks that can help developers quickly build beautiful web applications. They take care of providing everything needed to get started without any of the normal headaches associated with a manual setup.

With a modular architecture that can scale out of the box, they leverage the success and lessons learned from several open-source communities to ensure the stack developers use is as intelligent as possible. Yeoman includes support for linting, testing, minification and much more, so developers can focus on solutions rather than worrying about the little things. Yeoman is fast, performant and is optimized to work best in modern browsers.


Requirements: Node 0.8.x
Demo: http://yeoman.io/
License: BSD License

Speeds Up Scrolling Through Long Lists with Infinity.js

Posted · Category: BSD License, Tools

Infinity.js is a UITableView for the web: it speeds up scrolling through long lists and keeps your infinite feeds smooth and stable for your users. It is small, battle-tested, and highly performant. The code is hosted on Github, and distributed under the BSD License. The annotated source is available, as are demos both with Infinity turned off and on.

Infinity.js was built by Airbnb alongside the development of the Popular Wishlists and Friends feeds, and sees daily production use there today. Its only dependency is on jQuery.


Requirements: jQuery framework
Demo: http://airbnb.github.com/infinity/
License: BSD License

Pinterest-like Layout Plugin without Fixed Column Width

Posted · Category: BSD License, Framework

Freetile is a plugin for jQuery that enables the organization of webpage content in an efficient, dynamic and responsive layout. It can be applied to a container element and it will attempt to arrange it’s children in a layout that makes optimal use of screen space, by “packing” them in a tight arrangement.

Freetile is inspired by similar, existing efforts such as Masonry, vGrid and Wookmark. However, it differs from these solutions in some aspects: It allows for any size of elements to be packed without using a fixed-size column grid, so you don’t have to worry about specifying a column width appropriate to the size of your elements.

A smart animation routine allows distinguishing between elements that is meaningful to be animated and ones that are not (e.g. elements that have been just added to the arrangement, or those that are not visible). Special classes allow for explicitly limiting animation to select elements.


Requirements: jQuery framework
Demo: http://yconst.com/web/freetile/
License: BSD License

Bringing Database Features into JavaScript Applications

Posted · Category: BSD License, Framework

TaffyDB is The JavaScript Database. How you ever noticed how JavaScript object literals look a lot like records? And that if you wrap a group of them up in an array you have something that looks a lot like a database table? TaffyDB is a libary to bring powerful database funtionality to that concept and rapidly improve the way you work with data inside of JavaScript.

The file size is small with extremely fast queries. It supports database features such as count, update, and insert. It is robust with cross browser support. It is compatible with any DOM library (jQuery, YUI, Dojo, etc).


Requirements: JavaScript framework
Demo: http://www.taffydb.com/
License: BSD License

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