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10 Top Cyber Monday Deals for Web Designers

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Whether you’re skipping Black Friday to concentrate on Cyber Monday or planning for a shopping spree during both days doesn’t matter. The subject here is Cyber Monday Deals, and there are some great ones indeed. Some Cyber Monday deals expire at midnight on Monday December 2nd, others are valid a day or two longer, and some are valid to mid-December.

It’s a good idea to check so you don’t miss out and have to wait a year for the next great deals to appear.
That said, let’s see why some of these Cyber Monday deals can prove to be a wise investment.

1. Brizy Cloud Website Builder

The Brizy Cloud Website Builder offers a Free Forever Plan in addition to two paid plans. We suggest you take advantage of the free plan to check this remarkable tool out, see if one of the paid plans would make sense, and make your decision before the Cyber Monday discount deal expires.
With Brizy, you can create beautiful multiple page websites quickly and efficiently. You’ll have more than 150 customizable layouts to work from together with 700+ design blocks. Coding is not a requirement and you have full control over how you design and build your sites.
Although the Free plan is just that, we suggest you open a free account. You’ll need to do that if you’re pleased with what you’ve created and wish to save what you’ve built.
The Cyber Monday deal applies to Personal and Studio paid plans; two very affordable plans that have more to offer than the free plan and are available at a 40% discount on December 2nd and 3rd. The discount code is CM40OFF.

2. Smart Slider 3 Pro

A discount, no matter how large, doesn’t guarantee you’re getting a good deal if you don’t know what you’re getting. Savvy tech shoppers like to try before they buy, and Smart Slider Pro 3 provides that opportunity.
This design tool is a good investment, or it wouldn’t be listed here. Nevertheless, you might want to give the free plan a quick try before selecting a Single Domain, Business, or Unlimited paid plan and get a Cyber Monday discount – just a suggestion.
Smart Slider 3 enables designers to create extraordinarily attractive and engaging sliders. The tools you need to do so are there, and there are no extraneous tools or features to bog you down. Features include a layer animation builder, 180+ sample sliders, and plenty of animations and special effects. You can work in either a content or canvas editing mode (each has its advantages). The paid plans feature a Cyber Monday discount of 40%. Use code SAVE4019.

3. Paymo

Small Office or Business are your options with Paymo, a work management application that teams and team managers can use to plan workflows, track time, and send invoices to clients. The beauty of using a single app to manage these three separate but interrelated functions is that you can keep everything in sync, and everyone up to date on what’s happening or has happened, as well as what lies ahead.
With Paymo, team managers can generate live, up-to-date reports to share among the team and with clients and other project stakeholders. Additional Paymo capabilities include task planning, expense tracking, employee leave time management and more, and Gantt charting, resource scheduling and Kanban boards are also supported.
Use code GVX233 for the 30% Cyber Monday discount.

4. Beaver Builder

This drag and drop website builder plugin usefulness lies in the fact that it can be used with any theme, and you can build your pages separately from the theme itself, giving you greater control over what you can do while avoiding theme constraints. No coding is necessary and more than 30 landing page templates come with the package.
The Cyber Monday 25% discount is automatically applied when you purchase. No discount code is needed.

5. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

To describe TheGem as a multipurpose WordPress theme is an understatement. This modern, creative theme serves as the ultimate WordPress toolbox if you ask any of its more than 40,000 satisfied cleints. Its page builder is easy and intuitive to work with, you have 90+ pre-built complete websites to serve as starting points, and TheGem’s design elements and templates are easily combinable.
TheGem is on sale at a 50% discount on Cyber Monday; a great deal on a premium product.

6. Kalium

Kalium was created with professional designers in mind but it is so easy to use and maintain that it’s an excellent choice for first time website builders as well. Several of the most widely-used WordPress plugins are included in the package, and most others are supported. This top-selling and award-winning creative multipurpose theme can claim 30,000+ clients.
Kalium sells for $60, but you can have it for half the price on Cyber Monday; a deal worth looking into..

7. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box enables users to add guest authors and multiple authors to their posts, link to selected authors’ social networks, and more. This Gutenberg compatible app offers several subscription plans including a lifetime plan.
The Cyber Monday deal is a 30% discount on all lifetime licenses and is valid until December 4th. You can try the Simple Author Box app for free before deciding to purchase your license.

8. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise is a fast, responsive website building tool that is free for both personal and commercial uses. With Mobirise, it’s easy to build high-performance, Google-friendly websites in minutes.
The Cyber Monday discount applies to Mobirise’s Website Builder Kit which offers a ton of premium site-building themes, items and tools and sells for $2,000+. The kit can be purchased for $149 on Cyber Monday – a 94% discount!

9. MyThemeShop

My Theme Shop is a valuable resource for anyone looking for an opportunity to select from a huge variety of premium themes, plugins, domain licenses, and memberships in conversion tracking, user behavior, and social media platform tool usage and more.
MyThemeShop’s annual fee is discounted to $99.47 for Cyber Monday; this special deal is valid from 1 December to 7 December.

10. WordLift

While you’re busy creating content, WordLift is busy adding semantic markups that will be fed to search engine crawlers to help your site become visible to a broader audience. WordLift is an AI-powered SEO tool that uses natural language processing, performs content analysis, and converts text into machine-friendly content.
WordLift is a great investment since it produces greatly superior results faster and easier than your attempts to create SEO friendly content on your own. Cyber Monday’s deal is a 50% discount on your first subscription.


This year, Cyber Monday falls on December 2nd. Making this year’s holiday season somewhat shorter than usual. Still, you’ll be able to witness some of the biggest online deals of the year on tech-related items.
While brick and mortar stores will have some good deals as well, online shopping is much more convenient. You’ll probably find a good deal or two, and all you have to do is confirm your order and press “Download.

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