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3 Top WP Tools and Services: Any of Them Will Make Your Site Better

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With roughly 55,000 WordPress Plugins and Services to choose from, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one or more that can take your business to the next level


The answer is “No”.

Sifting through all 55,000 tools and services will not only take up a huge amount of your valuable time, but after a while, everything will begin to look alike. You could pass by something that could really help you, and even end up with nothing to show for your td trouble.

In this article, we’ve shared our expert pick of “must-have” WordPress tools and services for websites in 2019. You should have no problem finding a game-changing tool or service in hardly anytime at all.

Let’s start with:

1. Elementor


If you’re in dire need of improving your design workflow and speeding up your production time Elementor, the most advanced WordPress page builder on the market can provide a solution to those problems and several others that could be getting in your way.

Are you spending too much time coding, or finding yourself limited as to what you can accomplish because of a lack of coding skills? Elementor’s powerful drag and drop page builder lets you create professional WordPress pages and sites without having to produce a line of code.

Furthermore, since Elementor works with any theme and any WordPress plugin you can avoid a couple of other common problems. More than a few themes place design constraints on you and many plugins have a nasty habit of slowing your sites down. Not so with Elementor. When this amazing tool helps you avoid problems like these, it can pay big dividends in time saved.

You also have the option of working with super-useful widgets if you prefer to start a project from scratch or select among hundreds of pre-designed templates and special effects to build your pages.

2. Brizy WordPress Website Builder


Page and website-building tools can be intimidating. The Brizy WordPress website builder is exactly the opposite. If you’ve been yearning for an easy-to-use drag and drop website building experience, Brizy delivers it in spades. No coding is required, nor do you need any design or special skills to work with this exceptional tool.

Since you get 150 layouts, 16 popups, and 240 pre-made building blocks right out of the box, you’ll have no problem figuring out your page structure and putting together a website in mere minutes.  4,000 icons are also included with the package and working with colors and fonts is super easy; With Brizy it’s easy to control how your site will display on tablets or mobile devices.

Since Brizy is free to download you can start using it right now and create websites for free with no strings attached. 

3. WordPress Site Care


Newt Labs takes a proactive approach in supporting your up and running WordPress websites so you can stop worrying about WordPress issues that might affect their performance and impact your reputation with your clients down the road.

The Newt Labs team will be more than happy to dedicate their extensive resources to help you with small website fixes, manage possible effects of WordPress updates on your sites, and provide security monitoring and backups. Newt Labs even provides WordPress optimized  hosting.

When an agency that specializes in WordPress like this one does is at your fingertips, you can sit back and relax and attend to your other business chores knowing that potential problems are being addressed and any real problems will be quickly attended to.

4. Wordlift


Looking for a better (and easier) way to optimize your content? The WordLift plugin’s AI technology is way ahead of the game. WordLift translates the content of your pages and articles into machine-friendly content that allows your website to literally talk across many devices to help site visitors and consumers take action.

In this, the year of voice search and AI-powered content discovery platforms, you can rely on WordLift to act as a powerful ally to connect with your audience.

5. Goodie


Goodie is a software development platform that directly connects end-clients with experienced web developers. With Goodie, you can avoid costly middlemen, save time, avoid communications bottlenecks, and have your website completely coded for the special price of $999.

Just provide the Goodie team with your design and sit back and relax. This service is ideal for small business owners and web designers in need of a clean and carefully-coded website.

Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Secure

Choose a Good Hosting Company

  • You may be tempted to go with a cheap hosting provider but doing so could be very costly in the long run. A better, common-sense approach is to go with a provider that charges a reasonable price to keep your site secure and your data safe.

Install a WordPress Security Plugin

  • Installing a WordPress security plugin is easy, inexpensive, saves you time, and can pay huge dividends downstream. Not everyone is a developer capable of detecting malware written into the code, and you may not be either. Even if you are, using a plugin to keep your site secure makes sense. It can scan for malware, monitor your site 24/7, and in general keep bad things from happening.

Update WordPress regularly

  • With every update, WordPress gets better and more secure. Whenever a latent malicious bug is uncovered it gets taken care of pronto. If you’re not regularly updating, you could be at risk. Check the WordPress dashboard periodically and whenever you see a new update is available, hit the “Update Now” button. That’s it.

Back up your site regularly

  • Everyone knows a site should be backed up periodically, yet more than a few never seem to get around to doing so. By creating a copy of your site’s data and storing it safely away you can avoid tedious and time-consuming rework should anything bad happen.


There you have it. 5 tools that can help take your site-building experience to a new level, and 4 tips you should make a habit of practicing to keep those sites safe and secure.

You don’t have to worry about plowing through a few thousand WordPress tools or services to take your work up a notch. Any of the 5 products and services listed here are more than capable of doing that for you.

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