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Top 10 WordPress plugins in 2019. Which is your favorite?

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WordPress plugins provide an ideal way to add and extend functionality to WordPress. There are thousands of free and premium plugins available from the WordPress directory. The website niche your website represents determines the plugins you want to use. There are some that every website or blog designer will need to have.

The premium plugins you pay for will generally come with greater support. They are much more likely to be compatible with other plugins.

The top tools and plugins like the ones we’ve listed here can take your website designs to the next level.  They can translate into more satisfied users, more conversions, and less work for you.

1. Amelia


If you own a business that relies heavily on a clientele that calls in for appointments and you want to streamline your booking process, give your business a boost, and realize an almost immediate ROI, Amelia appointment booking for WordPress is for you.

Amelia is designed for health and fitness clubs, gyms, beauty parlors, and spas and salons; or any other businesses where clients and customers call in to make bookings and appointments.

Managing a large number of bookings can be time-consuming and error-prone when done manually. With Amelia, reservations can be made 24/7 and made to fit your employee’s skills and schedules. Amelia takes care of cancellations and re-scheduling, sends out reminders of pending appointments, and customers are never placed on hold when making a booking.

This booking and appointment automation tool will save you a ton of time and is guaranteed to keep your clients and customers happy.

2. wpDataTables


While a given website design may not involve data tables or charts, if you’re a professional web designer, or even fairly new at the game, you’ll eventually have to have a table/chart-building capability in your toolbox.

And, if large amounts of complex data are involved and you need to create a table or chart that is responsive, interactive, easily editable, accurate, and a definite attention-getter, a DIY approach probably won’t cut it, nor will most table-building tools currently on the market.

This is where wpDataTables shines – 20,000 happy customers can’t be wrong! This premier WordPress plugin is by far the best of its type as it provides you with an all-in-one solution for managing and presenting large amounts of data. wpDataTables fully supports MySQL, MS SQL, SQL database, and all other common data types and formats.

Insofar as presenting your data is concerned, you can fully customize a table’s design. Besides, wpDataTables’ conditional formatting features enable you to color code and highlight essential information at the columns, row, and individual cell level.

3. NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro


NextGEN Gallery has been the industry’s standard WordPress gallery plugin for 12 years running, which may account for its being on the receiving end of roughly 1.5 million downloads almost every year. This free NextGEN version has all the tools needed to create galleries that even the most demanding visual artists, imaging professionals, and photographers will want.

The premium NextGEN version, NextGEN Pro, is a definite step up as it features a variety of useful extensions, including eCommerce capabilities. An approach worth taking would be to start with NextGEN Gallery, upgrade to NextGEN Pro if needed, or take the middle ground by adding Pro extensions to NextGEN gallery, which you can do for a fee.

Whichever approach you take, you can count on being able to produce award winning galleries of virtually any size or style.

4. Rank Math SEO


The Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin has everything needed for On-page SEO, WooCommerce SEO, Local SEO, and much more. It is in fact a veritable Swiss Army knife of SEO design and analysis tools.

You’ll find Rank Math’s Content Analysis feature particularly handy in the way it will help you write SEO-friendly content. Rank Math SEO loads super-fast and you’ll find it easy to use.

5. MapSVG WordPress map plugin


You can introduce Google maps, image maps, customized interactive vector maps and more to beef up your websites and please your users with the MapSVG plugin. You can also create maps from PNG or JPEG files, and easily add markers and directory or other information to your maps with this WordPress tool. Since all countries are represented, there’s no limit as to your ability to showcase your newfound map-making skills.

 6. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress


Content personalization is generating lots of buzz and it’s easy to see why. Any tool that can increase conversions by 200% is one you should definitely be using. Enter Logic Hop which makes personalizing WordPress super easy with ready-made recipes and a wealth of features, such as automatically displaying content based on visitor behavior, geolocation, UTM codes, and much more. Start personalizing and increase conversions! And be sure to check out their affiliate program.

7. Blog2Social – Smart social media automation for WordPress


Blog2Social is a time-saving WordPress plugin that provides an all-in-one solution to meet your social media post and notice sharing requirements. Blog2Social makes it easy for you to schedule and share your posts on 16 social media networks individually, several at a time, or all at once.

A social media calendar is included to help you schedule posts and notices on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and as many as 12 more social media networks.

8. WordLift


Creating SEO-friendly content isn’t always the easiest of tasks. WordLift offers an approach to meeting your SEO objectives through the use of artificial intelligence. This WordPress plugin translates your pages and articles into machine-friendly content, measures its performance, and indicates where improvements in website content and navigation are in order.

WordLift is an excellent tool for improving a website’s SEO and UX characteristics.

9. Heroic FAQs


Most questions users ask have been asked before; which is why having an FAQ page is a must for many websites. Heroic FAQs makes life easier for business owners and their customers. With Heroic FAQs, you can create, order, and group FAQs along with their answers, and add images and videos to them with Heroic FAQs’ drag and drop feature. Your FAQ pages can be customized to match your brand website design.

10. Heroic Knowledge Base


Heroic Knowledge Base gives you another way to deal with having to respond to the same questions time and time again; by providing a self-service customer service database. This WordPress plugin makes it as easy to create a website knowledge base as it is to create a page or post.

Heroic Knowledge Base lets you add, revise, customize, order, and categorize articles by drag and drop, add images and files to articles, and collect feedback.


Any of these best in their class WordPress plugins can save you a ton of time. Whether it’s in designing a website or managing a business. Selecting one or more can raise website designs to the next level. It also can please clients and their customers alike.

Plugins are much more than their primary uses as software extensions. They extend the capabilities of website designers and users as well.

Happy shopping!

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