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Looking for the Best Black Friday Offers? Check These Out

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It’s that wonderful time of the year. We get together with family and we eat too much. We also come across some deals in WordPress space that are simply too good to pass up.

You don’t have to stand in line (did we mention it’s supposed to rain) for hours on end either.  After this, you barely have energy enough to rush to the aisle with your Black Friday deal.

Are you looking for deals for designers and developers? You can get the deal you want from wherever you happen to be sitting. This is a deal that includes tools and discounted themes, classes, and more.

Any of the following could be just what you need to get you settled firmly into the holiday spirit!


1. Elementor Page Builder


Elementor’s plans are already a good deal. At 25% off, we’re talking about a very, very good deal when you take into account everything this web design tool has to offer. That’s your Black Friday bonus. There’s another bonus you get with Elementor that isn’t tied to any special promotion.

You’ll appreciate that extra bonus when you start creating websites with Elementor and find you can build what you want without getting “stuck” in a theme’s design. You’ll never have to write code either.

Elementor features crazy-fast performance, it works with any template, and you get all the benefits of live, frontend editing. Your workflow will speed up significantly, and even more so it you opt for the Pro version with its visual form builder, form integrations, menu builder, and custom CSS features. Elementor is developer friendly too!

The basic plan for this open source page builder is free, but this is a great time to take advantage of one of Elementor’s souped-up plans which you can get at a discount. 


2. Visual Composer Website Builder


The Visual Composer drag and drop editor is a standard feature in many if not most WordPress website builders on the market today. That alone speaks volumes about VC’s ease of use, performance, and overall quality.

Users of other website design and developer products that utilize the VC plugin certainly appreciate what it can do for them, but it’s nothing like what the Visual Composer Website Builder could do for them and can do for you. 50% off of any quality product is a good deal, and it’s even a better deal with a premium product like this one.

Visual Composer works with any WordPress theme, page, or post. No coding skills are necessary, and you get unlimited access to the Visual Composer Hub, a cloud-resident marketplace chock full of templates, design elements, and extensions. This website building tool comes with plenty of advanced design options, and hundreds of design elements and templates for landing pages, business websites, portfolios, and on and on.

And, you don’t even have to stand in line to get it.


3. MapSVG WordPress map plugin


The MapSVG WordPress plugin is the last mapping plugin you’re ever likely to need. Everything is there, Google maps, custom interactive maps, image maps, and a host of customizing and feature-creating tools and applications.

This Black Friday offer gives you more than an impressive 30% discount. It gives you the ability to turn any vector or JPEG/PNG image into an interactive map.

“Interactive” barely describes it. With this plugin you can show popups, enable regions of a map to work as links, visualize data with different shades of color on different regions of a map, add your own artwork to a map, and much more.

With several map types and styles and all those custom features to work with, map-making will never be a chore, you can give your websites a heavy dose of pizzazz and have plenty of fun in the process.


4. Mobirise Website Builder – Black Friday 2018


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save big time on Mobirise Website Builder’s complete website builder kit. You’ll instantly get more than 1,500 website blocks in 35 themes/extensions for Bootstrap4 and Google AMP from which you can create beautiful, 100% mobile-friendly, lightning fast websites.

It’s all drag and drop, you’re not tied to any platform, and you can host anywhere. This offer ends November 25, 2018.


5. Visme


Black Friday isn’t only about saving some cash. There’s some state-of-the-art products waiting for you, and Visme is one of them. Use the discount code THANKS19 when upgrading to Premium and save 30% off of any Individual or Business Plan.

This all-in-one visual communication tool is the only one of its kind you’ll ever need; especially if your goal is to translate boring data into stunning charts, reports, social media graphics, and more but you’re slightly challenged when it comes to design skills.


6. MOVEDO – We DO MOVE Your World


Your Black Friday moment to shine is here – and for only $29. MOVEDO is a creative, multipurpose WordPress theme handcrafted with awesomeness in mind. Features include ultra-dynamics parallax, super-crisp moldable typography, and other cool tools and techniques to help you break free from the tyranny of sameness.

Move your mouse and the world moves with it. With MOVEDO, your design world will never be the same after this Black Friday has come and gone!


7. Savah


Savah is an all-in-one platform for prototyping and design collaboration that’s a super choice for freelancers and small teams. Savah will also automate and speed up your design approval workflows process. Sync your design with you Sketch and play offline prototypes on the Savah mobile app.


Savah offers a free 3-project plan and three paid plans. Any of the paid plans can be yours at a 50% discount on Black Friday.



When you come across Black Friday specials like these, you might be tempted to grab one of each. There would be some redundancy involved of course; quite a bit of it in fact.

You can’t make a bad choice, however. A good choice might involve selecting a premier website builder. It should come in combination with the innovative mapping application. We’re not being partial, but sometimes two products can give you way more than enough.

Enjoy Black Friday. It’s going to be a good one!

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