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Have you tried these essential WordPress tools & services?

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WordPress is seen as the ultimate website building platform for a reason. Its design team was determined to create a perfect website builder. They wanted to create a builder that allows web designers to tweak and adjust their sites any way they want. Thanks to WordPress, users do not have to work around restrictions or limitations.

It’s not simply the WordPress building platform that can make life easy for a typical designer. It’s also the tools and services that are either compatible with WordPress. Some of them have been specifically created for use with it.

It’s the growing number of these tools and services that makes life exciting for designers. It does so by giving them the ability to continually advance the art of building a better website.

This article presents 10 of the top WordPress tools and services.

1. Elementor Page Builder


Elementor is an excellent example of the thinking that led to the creation of WordPress: open source, developer oriented and created with the best coding standards in mind. Its creators’ goal was to produce a tool that would let you build anything you want, without restrictions and without coding.

The degree to which they’ve succeeded can be measured in terms of its popularity. Starting with a handful of users when first released two years ago, this free, open source page builder now boasts a user base of over 1 million active installs – a major milestone that has never been achieved. The Elementor live frontend editor enables its users to create stunning websites, while offering a super-fast experience and workflow. It also works with any theme or template. You can build a website from scratch, use one of the 130 designer-made templates in Elementor’s library, use your own template, or import a template.

Elementors recently introduced series of advanced features and integrations takes website building to a new level. At the same time, its user’s favorite features have either been retained or enhanced.

2. Brizy


Brizy is another free website builder that will enable you to visually build websites with a minimum of effort. No designer or developer skills are needed to use Brizy, nor is there any need for code.

What its users seem to like most is its ease of use combined with its friendly UX. Despite the wealth of tools and options available to designers and developers, Brizy’s user interface is clutter free and free of distractions as well. All the options are right there where you need them.

Designers have a library of more than 4,000 icons and both designers and developers will appreciate the 150-premade blocks that help to get a project underway. Developers can even create a page on Brizy’s website and save and use the HTML for any purpose, for free.

3. Posts Table Pro WordPress Table Plugin


Posts Table Pro allows you to quickly create tables from the content stored in your WordPress databases. This eliminates the necessity of having to perform a time-consuming data entry process to attain the same result.

With this dynamic table-building plugin, creating document libraries, mixed media listings, member directories, and indexes of pages and posts or other listings is easy and straightforward. You can even list products in a table view from an eCommerce plugin.

Tables can be ordered or sorted as you see fit and Post Table Pro provides 50+ table customizing options including filtering and lazy load or cache load. This plugin can be used with any WordPress theme.

You can find out more about Post Table Pro by visiting the website and viewing the tutorials (e.g. a tutorial on creating a WordPress document library.)

4. Logic Hop – Personalized Marketing for WordPress


Logic Hop is a personalized marketing solution for WordPress, which can use data from your third party tools, or a visitor’s actions on your website.

Logic Hop uses this data to personalize your website, personalizing your call to actions, and increasing the number of your leads – and delivering more conversions and sales. Logic Hop can be integrated with WooCommerce, Google Analytics, and other tools you’re already using.

5. Goodie


Goodie provides solutions to small businesses or other end clients who have an idea for a website but don’t want to go through a go-between to convert it into working code.

Goodie’s team of professional developers works with you to create a carefully coded website for the special price of $999, whether you present them with a set of digital files or a pencil and paper description of the design.

6. WordXpress


The WordXpress team has been managing, maintaining, and supporting WordPress users for the past 10 years. They will save you time by performing necessary website edits and updates, plus give you peace of mind by providing cloud backups, tightening security, preventing malware infection, and more. A WordXpress membership also includes reviews marketing and site performance enhancing plugins. They will install and optimize those premium plugins if you want them.

Leave your website maintenance and updating issues in WordXpress’s good hands.

7. Fixmysite.com


Have you ever noticed how your car performs better and more reliably after leaving it in the hands of a good mechanic? Fixmysite.com is the web’s equivalent of your friendly neighborhood garage, and its website mechanics stand ready to meet your needs. They provide on-demand support to fix your site’s problems (with a money-back guarantee), or assist you with website migration, speed optimization, malware removal, and more. Like all good mechanics, they can save you time and money.

8. WP Review Pro


WP Review Pro enables you to express product or service review summaries on your website in a way that offers a best fit. These summaries can be in a star, percentage, circle, or thumbs up or down format.

You can customize any of this best review plugin’s 16 predefined styles to fit your brand, plus you can expand your service to your website visitors by taking advantage of WP Review Pro’s product comparison table feature.

9. WordLift


If your online marketing technique could stand improvement, maybe it’s time to let artificial intelligence perform some of the heavy lifting for you. WordLift is an AI-powered SEO tool that translates your website content into machine-friendly content that search crawlers and personal digital assistants use to help consumers take actions.

WordLift gives you an opportunity to enrich your websites in a variety of ways and you don’t need any special technical skills to put it to use.

10. Starfish Reviews


This review management WordPress plugin is designed to help you get more 5-star reviews. You can get reviews on virtually any online review platform (e.g., Amazon, Google, iTunes, TripAdvisor, and so on).

Starfish Reviews lets you create “funnels” that encourage your clients or followers to submit public reviews (negative reviews will be for your eyes only). Starfish Reviews offers an excellent way to promote and advertise your business through online ratings and reviews.


There’s a variety of different ways to improve website performance or functionality. Thus, it’s almost a given that there’s something here that would be of interest to you.

Many of the improvements provided by these top tools can involve a huge amount of time and effort. This is if you attempted to do them on your own. Put another way; the ROI you can expect will be outstanding.

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