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Pre-built websites: How to Refresh a Website’s Look on Fast-Forward

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There’s an awful lot of dull, unattractive websites out there that are in dire need of upgrading or total redesign. The owners of those websites are either unaware of the problem or hesitant to ask how much redesign would cost. Web designers would of course welcome the work, even though most would prefer spending their time designing websites from scratch since it would often be quicker, easier, and therefore more lucrative.

There’s a difficult, time-consuming way to redesign a website, and there’s also a fast-forward way using pre-built websites that can do the job just as well, and usually better.

Be Theme, with its collection of 350+ pre-built websites can show you the way, starting with the following examples.


Express Redesign

Here are 7 different ways to make an otherwise dull and uninteresting website really sparkle and take on a modern, trendy look and feel. Use Be Theme’s pre-built websites as the fastest way to implement any or all these approaches.


Express Redesign #1: Make a Run-of-the-Mill Website Dynamic

When you stop to consider that the average visitor takes about 3 seconds max to decide whether to spend more time browsing a website, a dynamic homepage is one way to convince a visitor to stick around to see what the internal pages offer.

It’s important to place dynamic images, videos, or animations above the fold as shown in the 3 following examples or they may never be seen.







If your choice is a video, be sure to place the Play button front and center or at least presented in a way that invites the visitor to click on it.

Now that you have a dynamic home page, the next step is to ensure the rest of the visitor’s journey will also be appealing.


Express Redesign #2: Refresh the Color Scheme

Refreshing a website’s color scheme is one of the easiest improvements to make and doing so can often create the greatest impact. Not only the look of a website can be improved but its feel can as well. A website featuring a friendly look and feel is always good for business.

This redesign approach can easily be accomplished with a pre-built website, and by doing so you can often take the visual change to a whole new level. Since Be Theme’s collection of templates covers more than 30 different industries, picking the one for given industry type ensures your new color scheme will be current with the latest industry trends and user expectations. 

Note the stunning visual effects produced by a generous use of white space in these next 3 examples.








Express Redesign #3: Reorganize Website Content Architecture

Content architecture is and always has been a web design priority. Many website builders in the past seem not to have recognized this, but with increasing levels of competition good content architectural design is more important than ever.

The challenge lies in how best to combine text with visual content. Pre-built websites address this challenge, meet it head on, and combine content in such a way as to encourage website visitors to keep on exploring.







Adding beautiful imagery to your homepage, or any landing page for that matter takes only a small amount of time yet can give the entire website a new and refreshing look.


Express Redesign #4: Add large, stunning visuals

BeDigital is one example. This 3D still is virtually impossible to ignore and certainly invites further exploration.


Imagery can also be used to integrate key information in surprising ways, like in BeEco.


Or, you can take a common, overused image and give it a different twist by changing its background. BeAirport does this by turning a classic airplane image into an eye-catching visual.



Express Redesign #5: Build an Impeccable Online Shopping Experience

There’s a ton of details to consider when building a customer-friendly eCommerce shop, and one also has to consider that hundreds if not thousands of other stores may be selling the same products.

Customers will naturally gravitate toward stores that provides smooth and efficient service. Any little glitch in the design however, whether it has to do with the way products are presented or a checkout problem can easily drive customers away.

Pre-built websites designed for use in the eCommerce sector follow eCommerce rules, so you don’t have to concern yourself with “little glitches” plus, you can have your store up in running in a few hours.








Express Redesign #6: Upgrading a portfolio website

Creatives would rather devote their time to creating great works of art than take the time to display them effectively. Photographs, paintings, sculpture, etc., can be perfectly stunning but can quickly lose their appeal if presented in row after row of same-size, poorly annotated images.

Pre-built websites on the other hand make creating a perfectly engaging website portfolio a snap.

Whether the subject matter is photography –



art or architecture –



or 3D rendering presentations.




Express Redesign #7: Streamline an Overcrowded Website

This should not be difficult except you first have to decide what to highlight, what to give a lower priority, and what you can throw out without actually losing anything. That part of the exercise can sometimes be hard.

The right choice of a Be Theme pre-built website will do much of the work for you with respect to what should stand out and the best way to make that happen.

The following 3 examples should give you some valuable clues as to how you can reorganize a website to make it less crowded while retaining the intended message.









Doing an extreme makeover on a website can be tough, even though the end result can be quite rewarding. With Be Theme, an extreme makeover can be much easier to do, the end result will be every bit as rewarding, and you’ll even have a bit of fun in the process.

Spend a few minutes visualizing the ways in which a run-of-the-mill website portfolio could be redesigned, and then see how a pre-designed website like those here can turn your visualization into reality.

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