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Want the Best Site and Page Building Tools? You’ll find them here

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If this headline caught your eye, it likely means you’re in the hunt for the best available website builder. Finding “the Best” is not an easy task. There are plenty of good website design tools available, many of which lay claim to being “the best”. So, which one do you choose?

We’ve made it easy by presenting what we believe are the most advanced site-building tools on the market. These site-building tools offer perfect solutions for designers and small-business clients. If you are on the low budget, these tools are also for you.

The next step is up to you. All you need to do is select the tool that best suits your needs. Do that, and you will have found “the best” of the best.

Starting with this free, simple website builder:


1. Mobirise Website Builder


Download the Mobirise Website Builder and use if to create your personal website or one for a client without having to deal with any restrictions. Mobirise is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

The Mobirise Website Builder offers numerous themes and Bootstrap 4 templates featuring everything from sliders, galleries (with lightbox), and full-screen intros, to counters, countdowns, progress bars and data tables.

What you’ll really like about this website builder are the flexible, pre-made website blocks that you can combine in many ways to build your tables. Just drop these blocks and other design elements onto your page, add your content, and make any necessary adjustments to style the page as you like. Visit the website and download Mobirise for Windows or MacOS.

No technical skills are required on your part, nor do you have to worry about coding. You don’t have to worry about how your pages will appear on mobile devices. Mobirise-designed websites adapt automatically and are 100% mobile friendly.


2. Visual Composer Website Builder


It could be difficult to part with a web-building tool like the WPBakery Page Builder that you’ve grown fond of using, but this is a good time to forget everything you know about it and check out a new product from the Visual Composer team.

The Visual Composer Website Builder isn’t an updated or upgraded version of the WPBakery plugin. It’s a completely new website-building plugin whose design is based on more than 5 years of experience in designing and building this type of tool.

The Visual Composer builder is available in free and premium versions. Both are drag and drop tools that work with any WordPress theme. They also provide the benefits associated with having a 3-in-1 editor at your fingertips; front-end, back-end, and Tree view.

Although the Premium version has a few additional features, and is currently available at a discount, downloading the free version will get you off to a roaring start.


3. Portfoliobox


Portfoliobox differs from the usual assortment of website-building tools that offer special themes for creatives, in that it is not theme-based. As such, it gives creatives the capability to create truly unique portfolios; portfolios that accurately display their work, and who they are.

You can choose between free and pro plans. Choosing the free plan will be a good first step. The pro plan enables you to host more products, images, and pages, in most cases an unlimited amount. Also, with pro plan, you can create any type of content, build it on your browser without coding, and web hosting and a free domain are included.

The portfolio you create online will automatically adjust to fit tablets and other mobile devices. You can also use dedicated settings to control the look of your website on mobile devices. Sign up today for the free version and give it a try.


4. uKit


The uKit website builder was designed with small businesses in mind. This drag and drop tool is super flexible, responsive, and SEO-friendly. The package contains more than 200 templates and a large selection of design elements to help you get a project off to a rapid start.

When you’re finished, it takes but a single click to publish your website.


5. Elementor Page Builder


The Elementor drag and drop page builder is super-fast, its free, with great UX and UI. The free templates give you a useful start, and you can create a visually stunning website in minutes, without coding.

Elementor works with any theme, its live front-end editor is intuitive and easy to use, and you don’t need to worry about coding. Your pages will be pixel perfect, and you’ll be able to speed up your workflow with features like mobile editing, template library, and your ability to import/export templates.


6. Themify Builder


Start with one of the 40+ pre-designed layouts or drag and drop reusable layout parts to create your page. You can arrange your layout grid lines as needed and take advantage of Themify Builder’s comprehensive set of styling tools and 60+ animation effects to finish your project.

The drag and drop layout tool features a live preview, while the Responsive Styling feature enables customization of layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

7. IM Creator


With IM Creator, it’s a simple matter to select among its 200+ templates (including eCommerce templates) and drag and drop design elements and your content to create a page. Where this website differs from the rest of the pack is its selection of ready-made stripes and polygons. Conventional drag and drop is not involved with this approach. Rather, it’s a mix and match process. IM Creator, together with its blogging and eCommerce solutions is free for students, non-profits, and creatives.


8. Pixpa


Pixpa provides the ideal website-building solution for photographers, artists, and designers who wish to publish their professional portfolios online. This all-in-one platform saves you time and money since you don’t have to rely on several tools to manage your online presence.

Pixpa boasts of an extensive set of features, mobile-friendly themes, no coding is required, and you can expect 24/7 support.



You don’t often get the opportunity to browse through a selection of the best website tools on the market today. Finding one you like or would like to try out, can make your day.

Also, these website-building tools are free or offer free versions or free trials. In other words, you can’t miss.

In the chess game, it is necessary to make sure that every decision you make will improve your position. The same may be true about selecting website-building tools.

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