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5 Great Web Hosting Options You Should Choose From

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Your website’s performance depends largely on the hosting service you’ve selected. If the service turns out to be inadequate, you may have to put up with slow page loading or capacity issues. Even downtime more than what you’re able to tolerate.

More and more business owners are becoming aware about the need of creating quality content.

Few of these owners understand the impact a hosting service can have on their website’s performance and uptime.

It’s natural to take pricing into account when selecting a hosting service. Still, pricing should always take a back seat to performance.  It should never be the primary driver behind making a selection.

There are plenty of options hosting companies that would like to offer their services to you. This week, we’re going to take a close look and 5 of the very best.



SiteGround has grown from a 3-person startup in 2004 to a hosting company that currently employs over 400 people in five data centers located on three continents. They are pioneers in the art of developing own advanced web hosting security solutions. The result is extreme data and website protection that guarantees 99.99% uptime. SiteGround have also developed their own backup system that creates backups with minimal resource usage which allows rapid restore in times of need.

Their always run the latest software on their servers (Apache, PHP, MySQL etc.) and provide the latest speed and performance technology: SSD drives, NGINX, hhtp2, PHP7. On top of their in-house WordPress caching solution – the SuperCacher manages to improve a website’s performance. Their platform is built on top of the cutting edge LXC (Linux containers) technology. The overall effect from a customer’s standpoint is exceptional performance and stability.

SiteGround’s customer support team is available 24/7 with literally no hold times, and it helps resolve questions that go beyond web hosting. There is no coincidence that their overall service is officially recommended by WordPress.org.



Most web users have been frustrated at one time or another with slow page-loading times. In today’s souped-up world, even moderate page-loading times have become unacceptable. A2 Hosting lets you put all that behind you. This premier hosting service, that features 3 data centers on 3 continents, gives you multiple hosting options to choose from.

Depending on your needs, you can select managed or Cloud VPS hosting, a private server option, or a managed or unmanaged dedicated server option. As far as the page loading issue is concerned, “screaming fast” should be good enough for most users. You can however, sign up for A2 Hosting’s Turbo Server or SwiftServer capabilities; if page loading 20X faster than what you’re apt to find elsewhere appeals to you.

With A2 Hosting 99.9+% uptime is the norm, as is around-the-clock support; every day of the year.

WordPress VIP


Some web hosting services provide excellent service, but their fee structures can be complicated, or lead to unanticipated surprises. While a significant spurt in website traffic, accompanied by an increase in sales, is always welcome; extra fees imposed by your hosting service due to increased traffic or capacity requirements can dampen your enthusiasm. WordPress VIP’s flat fee structure can be the right solution to fit your needs; and they also offer other helpful services.



If you’re web activities have outgrown, or are close to outgrowing, your current shared hosting plan, you may be advised by your hosting service to upgrade to a managed VPS service. Glowhost’s Elastic Sites Plan can save you the time, trouble, and expense of having to make that transition. This plan gives you everything you would expect in terms of performance from a reliable, dedicated, and easy-to-manage resource.

Pagely – Premium WordPress Hosting Solutions


Are you the owner or maintainer of a very large WordPress website? Look no further than Pagely for the best hosting solution with stellar tech-centric customer service and an impressive technology stack. This 100% bootstrapped service specializes in a managed hosting concept designed exclusively for large WordPress sites and big brands. You’ll get dedicated hosting, excellent security, and Pagely’s very own CDN and caching features meticulously built by their in house team.

Follow These Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Since at least one of these five hosting services should provide exactly the solution you’re seeking, it’s almost impossible to make a poor choice. It would still serve you well however, to read through the following tips for choosing a hosting service; if only to be certain that you fully understand your needs, and that those needs will be met.

  • What is the purpose of your website? What are your expectations for it? It’s important to be able to answer these two questions to ensure that a hosting service’s offerings will adequately address your needs. Whatever those needs may be, one of more of the hosting services listed should more than satisfy them.
  • What do you expect your website to look like down the road in terms of growth, and capacity and performance requirements? Answering this question is especially important if you own or manage a business-oriented or e-commerce website. If possible, you want to choose a hosting service that enables you to scale up your hosting needs without the necessity of changing hosts or hosting options.
  • What does a given hosting service offer in terms of customer support? Depending upon the size and nature of your website, your support needs can vary from important to critical. Assume you expect reliable, lightning-fast support, and take it from there.
  • A hosting service may promise a lot, but will it live up to its promises? The services listed here most certainly will, but it always pays to check or customer and professional reviews. You’ll want to know the pros and cons associated with any host before you sign up, along with any issues customers have encountered that may be of concern to you.
  • Never base a decision to sign up on pricing alone; especially if you find the lowest price particularly appealing. You can usually expect the performance and support you receive, especially the latter, to corollate with what you’re willing to pay.
  • Read the Terms of Service! You may dread doing so if the Terms are lengthy, as some tend to be. Be on the lookout for anything that addresses a hosting service’s refund policies. You will also want to be aware of any discussion of automatic service upgrades that could result in a price increase.
  • Another key element is a backup plan. You don’t want to put your website, customer data, and/or transaction data at any risk of being lost. If a hosting service’s backup plan is explained in some detail, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere.
  • If you follow the news regularly, security breaches appear to be popping up all over. Web hosting services aren’t immune to these breaches, but most do an excellent job of protecting your data. You can rest assured that those listed here do an exceptional job of data and information protection.

Summing Up

The hosting services listed here are the best that money can buy. It’s simply a matter of choosing one that will provide the service and support you need. Most likely, you’ve come across more than one that will fill the bill. We still suggest that you check out the reviews before putting money on the table.

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