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Codester – A Marketplace for Code, Scripts, Themes and Plugins

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Today I would like to introduce Codester. Codester is an online platform for buying and selling web development assets like scripts, app templates, themes, plugins  and graphics. These assets make any developer or designers life a lot easier as they can help to reduce development time a lot.


Codester is not the first platform that offers ready to use web development assets and is also not the biggest, but they have a great unique selection of items that are not available anywhere else.  They have by far the best payout rate for sellers, which results in a lot of professional developers  who normally ignore marketplace platforms  to turn to Codester to sell their work. Codester is gaining a lot of traction and is growing quickly.

Scripts & Code

Starting from the scripts and codes that are available on the website for the most programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Java, Ruby, C and C++, C# and VB.NET. Each of these languages has subcategories and include scripts that can be used to add valuable features to any website. Each of which adds a value to your website.

App Templates

App templates are the next under the spotlight which help build powerful applications for IOS, Android, Unity and Ionic etc. These application templates can help you build applications with ease since these are all developed by extremely skilled developers using generic approach so that anyone who wishes to use it can reap its fruits with ease hence making these templates a must have.



Then there are themes, as we all know, for any customer, the first impression they have about us is based on the user interface of our website, it’s design, color scheme and the flow sequence of the pages. This is a very delicate part and requires a team of skilled individuals to design and develop an effective UI for the customers. However, Codester has that covered for you with a large number of collection of themes developed specifically for different platforms for website development. There are themes available for HTML, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Shopify, wooCommerce and more. These themes are professionally built for the easy integration for any of these CMS systems and make a great value for money.



Codester also offers hundreds of powerful plugins for all of these CMS systems each of which is developed keeping the commons needs of a developer in consideration.  There is a great collection of premium plugins that can add functionality to your website in just a few clicks.


Last but not least, the website offers a large variety of graphics that include user interfaces, logos, icons, mockups and game assets. They save you the trouble of hiring a designer for the purpose and help you chose from the large variety of available products. A pixel perfect design is incomplete without properly designed logos and icons. Codester has got that covered for you.

Affiliate program

You can also affiliate yourself with the website. If you are not a developer but just looking earn some money, you can register and create an affiliate links. For all the customers who follow that link to purchase our products, you will receive a handsome amount of 10% on each product.

Become a seller

If you are a developer or a designer then you can sell your scripts, themes and source codes through Codester There are thousands of buyers on the website who will be willing to buy your valuable work.  Codester has by far the best payout rate, which is 70% without any exclusivity requirements. Other platforms only pay 30% under these circumstances!

You can sign up and start uploading your products. Codester will then review your items (usually within the day) and you are good to go.


Each and every item on Codester is written by a professional designer or a developer. If you are given the opportunity to get things that are best for your website or app without any waste of your own time, at the most reasonable rates then how can you not take it?  Start reducing your development, check out Codester.

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