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Mobile App Development 2.0: Build Data-Driven Native Apps On-The-Fly

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Everyday, startups and enterprises alike find themselves asking the question: Should we build a mobile app? In 2017, for most, the answer is certainly “Yes we should, but… (insert seemingly insurmountable challenge associated with mobile development here).”

The most common challenges include:

1. It’s too expensive
2. It requires expert level coding skills
3. The learning curve is too high, could never learn
4. It takes too long, we don’t have enough time
5. Integrating with our data will be way too complicated

Well, we have some great news. These were the problems of the past, of Mobile App Development 1.0; but Mobile App Development 2.0 has arrived.


With MAD 2.0, gone are the days where only the expert mobile coders can bring powerful, functional and beautiful native mobile apps to life. No longer does it cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars or several months of development for you to spin up and launch your mobile app MVP. Never again do you have to make huge sacrifices to your user experiences just to utilize a less than optimal mobile app development solution.

Introducing Dropsource, the web-based visual mobile app development platform that developers and entrepreneurs are calling “Simply 10x” which makes building truly native iOS and Android apps easier and faster than ever thought possible.

Here is how it works:

  • Build your app on-the-fly using our intuitive drag and drop interface, upload your custom assets, and fully customize the UI quickly
  • Easily connect your apps with any REST API via our simple URL or JSON API documentation uploader
  • Pick and choose from powerful native functionalities like SMS, push notifications, geolocation, maps, swipe gestures, streaming media and more
    *Can’t find the functionality you need? No problem, we can build a plugin for that.
  • With the click of a button Dropsource writes truly native source code for you the same way a native mobile developer would
  • When you are ready, download the clean Swift or Java source code to launch in the app store or customize in an IDE

What are you waiting for? Come build your mobile app MVP in days with Dropsource in our free beta.

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