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How to Leverage Multiple Job Offers

Posted · Category: Information

Finding a new job is like any budding romance, passions might be running high, but it’s usually assumed that both sides are still playing the field. If you happen to be a talented engineer or designer, it’s safe to assume that you’re in high demand and probably getting courted by your fair share of companies. The funny thing is that similar to dating, both sides often like to play it cool, pretending that they’re exclusively interested in each other. In the job search however, this can actually be a big mistake because you could be missing an opportunity to have companies recognize your full value.


Simply put, being in demand is never a bad a thing! By being humble and / or “respectful” by not advertising the fact that you’re in-talks with other companies, you might actually be sabotaging your chances to land the job you really want, at the compensation you deserve.

Transparency can go a long way: it can help you manage your time, (because you don’t need to be 007 and hide all the interviews you’re going to), and it can accelerate the time from interview to job offer, saving you countless hours and the effort a long, drawn out process.

That’s why platforms like Hired encourage transparency, which empowers you, the job seeker. On Hired companies apply to you, which means you get the confidence to work through finding the best fit because you have multiple offers to lean on. Plus, on Hired all job offers come with upfront compensation information, and companies also get a rough idea of the traction you’re seeing on the platform, meaning you get to benefit from the leverage of being in-demand, while avoiding some of the potential awkwardness of using that leverage.

So if you’re looking to renew that passion and find the right match, try out Hired and use the fact that you’re in-demand to your benefit!

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