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Which Technical Skills Will Earn You the Most Money?

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If you work in or near technology, you are well-versed in the high-stakes economy of engineering salaries. All engineers are in super high demand for sought-after (and well paid) positions, the collective narrative goes. Hired’s first-ever Hiring Pulse Report: Q2 2016 adds some nuance to that narrative. TL;DR: Engineers are still in high demand across the board — but certain technical skills are experiencing breakout growth.


While salary offers for software engineers decreased by 2 percent in Q2, at $123K on average, job security is no concern. Software engineers have received nearly 56,000 interview requests in 2016 — the highest of any tech role by far — and Q2 saw a 14 percent increase in requests.

Data Science

While interview requests for data science candidates grew by a whopping 20 percent in Q2 — the most of any tech role — the number of data science candidates on the platform increased by even more at 50 percent. This surplus of data science talent may be driving salaries down. In Q2, companies offered data scientists an average of $127K, which is down by 2 percent since Q1.

Product Management

Product managers were offered more money than any other tech role. Initial offers in Q2 were $133K on average, which is 2 percent lower than offers in Q1, but still the highest in tech. Interview requests with product managers increased by 8 percent in Q2, so salaries may go up again.


Read the full report here.

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