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WordPress Event Registration Forms Made Easy

Posted · Category: Forms

For anyone who administers a blog or manages a website, understanding the importance of interacting with readers has not escaped your attention. And if you have your company’s profile or blogs on WordPress, that interaction at times requires informing readers or customers of upcoming events.

Even if you manage a couple of blogs that have acquired a large group of loyal readers, there are times when you want to announce a special event or topic. Aside from using the “Comment” section, there is a great way to contact, interact and allow visitors to register for more interactive communication or to register for special events.

It’s surprisingly simple to create a registration form in WordPress, in fact it is as easy as simply installing and activating a plug-in. This is a much easier option than having to code forms or hire someone else to take care of it for you. CaptainForm has a great WordPress event registration plug-in that I have found out that not only saves time, but it also provides features that automate the invitation and registration process.


You won’t need any programming or technical expertise to get a customized form up and running on your website. Let’s face it, not everyone is technologically talented. That’s one of the best things about using event registration forms from CaptainForm: they work smoothly and seamlessly without any add-ons. It’s a wonderful way to collect and analyze the data on your target audiences, which is key to having a successful readership and or business.

It helps to make sure every event you organize is going to be more successful because you have better control over the process. Your form submissions will be saved in your Evernote or Google Calendars, and you can receive SMS and PDF notification. It’s a winning combination.

The WordPress event registration form is completely built, customized and published for you by CaptainForm. The plugin includes 3rd party integration for events, provides custom and auto confirmation emails and has more than 10 payment processors including Paypal. You can add application ‘sidekicks’ like Mailchimp, Stripe, Zendesk, DropBox and more which brings more beneficial functions to your WordPress site.

This WordPress form plug-in is very user friendly and the team behind it provides an amazing support team if you need help or just want to ask questions. There are several packages offered and for those who are on a limited budget or have no budget at all, the free version is a great solution.

With the free plug-in you get 15 fields to use on three forms which can be used on one site, and you get 100 MB of storage along with 500 secured entries each month. It’s also a great way to ‘get your feet wet’ to test out the WordPress event registration plugin at no risk. You can also check out other paid plans if found it useful after trying.

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