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Muzli 2 – Designers’ Secret Source

Posted · Category: Inspiration, License Free

Muzli 2 is connecting passionate people with the inspiration that drives them. By default, Muzli will load only the bare minimum of content and wait for you to show interest before fetching the entire feed. In addition, you now have access to the normal stuff available in the default Google new tab; like quick links to your most visited website and a regular ol’ Google search.
For those of you who prefer seeing everything, every time, like you’re used to- the option to disable the minimal view is accessible through the options in the user menu on the to right corner.

Simply hover over the sidebar to reach the “Edit” menu and enable, disable or reorder your favorite sources. You can fine tune your source list at any time and the changes you make are reflected immediately. Every post includes a number which indicates how viral/popular it is. They aggregate the number of social media signals from almost all of the relevant sources including Facebook, Google, Pocket and many more. Try the Muzli 2, we think it’s awesome & it’s completely free!


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