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Test Developers for Your Startup with HTML/CSS and JavaScript Knowledge Test

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In today’s world, startups have become global which means a potential employee’s location no longer means not being able to hire the best IT staff. Remote teams have become common practice in this generation of technologically advanced workforce. It’s a new day and age and all businesses are turning more and more to using remote teams for their IT departments and utilizing the numerous online tools available that make this possible.

With tools like Jira, GitHub and Skype it allows for a more organized approach to the process of software development. The first step for new starting new IT projects is to find the best talent for the most optimal cost affective bang for your buck. There is another great online tool that will make hiring developers a whole lot easier. It’s called Tests4Geeks. Tests4Geeks is an IT Skill Assessment sight.


Startups are not simply looking to hire the best developers, but are always in search ways of to prevent wasting valuable time. There is nothing more frustrating than to spend an hour or more interviewing a candidate, only to realize during the process it was a complete waste of time. Of course face to face real time interviews are still the best way to vet potential candidates, but wouldn’t it be great to know before you take the time to do so that the person you are interviewing indeed has the skills you are looking for? With Tests4Geeks companies can now test potential interviewees BEFORE you take time out of your busy day to talk to them.

You can try the following example tests.
HTML & CSS & JavaScript Test
JavaScript only knowledge Test

You can chose the specific test for the skills you are looking for, send it to the candidate and you receive a report on how the candidate scored on the test, whether it is testing for PHP, HTML, .Net, Android, iOS or one of the other six tests available. The best part? You can now send them the test with either your branding and/or logo in the URL or with an anonymous URL so the candidate will think they are taking your testing.


What’s the advantage of testing in this manner? The candidate will not be able to get training geared to a test chosen before taking the test because they are not aware where and how designed the tests.

Time is money as the saying goes, so why not make sure time is not being wasted by interviewing candidates who may have been less than honest about their software development skills or candidates who are not as proficient as they believe they are. This is a great tool for business as well as human resource agencies. Online testing can also help current employees hone in on the areas they may need to brush up on.

For job seekers, Tests4Geeks can assist in getting that extra advantage when sending a resume to a potential employer. By attaching a testing score report with your test scores, the employer can see documentation of your proficiency in the job they are hiring for. In today’s job market having that something extra to create more interest in your resume can be the difference between getting that interview and being passed by. Whether you are a startup looking for developers or a developer looking for a job, this great online testing site is the perfect answer to your meet your needs.


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