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Adi.js – Adblock Identifier for Webmasters

Posted · Category: License Free, Tools

Ad blocking is one of the hot topics in website design and development right now. Adblock Identifier is a sweet little tool that detects ad blocking software and creates an alert for users that functionality will be disabled if the ad block is left running.

Installation is key with this tool and you should follow the instructions carefully. Customization options include the title, description and theme for how the message looks. It comes with light and dark options with a light default. You have a few customization options to think about, including the text in the alert message. The tool allows you to keep users from specific content if they are using ad block software or just warn them for next time.


Requirements: –
Demo: https://github.com/balajmarius/Adi.js
License: License Free

  • Nader

    Hmm.. This looks very cool from a visual standpoint. But external file dependencies. Named classes. Jquery required. Blockable images. This takes about 2 seconds to circumvent and/or render useless.

  • No, just nooo.
    Why would you praise a web with ads? Yes free stuff will be gone but i think its a fault in de bussinessmodel instead of placing it by the user.

    There are enough ads in the world, keep the internet clean!

  • Peter K

    Oh yawn. Ads built the modern web.
    And no.. There isn’t another business model.
    Unless you’re paying subscription fees. And we already know, how that works — nobody does.

    Like free content? Suck it up. Ads are what pays for it. And it’s a pretty great deal.

    If you’re worried about privacy, get Ghostery. But don’t screw the sites you frequent by blocking their ads. Shame on you.

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