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Deal of the Week: The Fontabulous Font Bundle

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Downloading one font at a time is expensive – and you never want to spend more than absolutely necessary when you are involved in graphic design. Whether you are creating signage, flyers, book covers, or anything else, The Fontabulous Font Bundle is one of the best deals. There are more than 70 fonts in the bundle and it’s only $29.


This is a special low price only for the month of November. That means that each font is only a little over 30 cents – and that’s an amazing deal you’re not going to find all the time. The best part is that each and every one of the fonts comes with free support and commercial licenses.

Since you get the licenses to use the fonts, you can use them for absolutely anything. It’s important to have great looking fonts that make sense for what you are promoting.

It’s all about the branding – and we have the super massive font bundle for you to have a serious impact on whatever it is you are sending out to the world. Use it for print media, YouTube captions, videos, or anything else!

The graphics that come with the various programs that you use, including Publisher and Paint Shop, are the same ones that everyone else is using. You don’t want people to think you’re boring and don’t have an original idea. Your fonts need to STAND OUT from the crowd and shout out that you’re different.


This is why the Fontabulous font bundle is one you want to take advantage of. The deal ends at the end of the month, so don’t miss out. It’s got all of the fonts you could possibly ask for and once you download them, they’re yours to use over and over again. One may even be the font you use for your business logo!

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