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Slides Framework Review: An Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Build Beautiful Websites

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If you need to create a fully responsive website to showcase a product or an idea for a client, or to potential customers, Slides is definitely worth looking into. This flexible, easy-to-use, framework-type builder provides a large selection of customizable slides you can select for your web pages. The editing process is so straightforward that even a website design novice should be able to come up with an impressive presentation website on short notice.

What can You Do with Slides?


Slides can be an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create one or more one-page websites. It is an ideal framework for producing presentations for online viewing and its license permits you to build as many websites you want.

With Slides, website creation is a simple process.  Since element and background colors, images, buttons, text, and any other element on a slide can be modified, you can be as creative as you want. The result of your efforts can be displayed as a single web page, in a slide show format, or by navigating from one page to another on a PC or Mac monitor, a TV screen, or on a mobile device screen.

Getting Started with Slides  

After downloading Slides framework, you can click on the open generator shortcut or you can directly go to http://designmodo.com/slides/app/ and Log In. This brings up the Template Generator and its 50+ pre-defined slides.

  • Select a Slide, or any Number of Slides – You can select a slide and start creating a page, or select a number of slides to build a multi-page website. You should use different slides for different pages, since presentations tend to make a greater impact when each page has its own personality.


  • Select Top and Bottom Panels – Once the slides have been selected, the next step is to choose one of the 20+ Top Panels, and one of the 20+ Bottom Panels. Each panel has a unique format, and since each of the elements in a given format can be customized, the available page layout options are practically without limit.


  • Choose Animation Styles– There are several animations styles. Each style lends itself to experimentation, a feature that will be helpful to the novice web designer. The speed, flow, and direction of an animation can be tweaked or changed after it has be incorporated into a web page’s design should the need arise.


  • Select a Navigation Style – Choose horizontal or vertical navigation or how they call it – dots or arrows. These two are the most commonly used navigation methods when displaying information in a presentation format. Navigation indicator elements can be positioned, sized, and given a choice of styles and of stroke.


  • Preview and Download – One of the nicer features of the Slides app is the speed in which previews are displayed, which is practically instantaneous unless you have a slow Internet connection. If a website features a number of slides, it is a simple matter to scroll from slide to slide during a Preview session. When animations have been included in the design, they can be activated and reviewed during a preview.


  • Downloading Slides for Editing –To download, it is only necessary to click the Download button on the Navigation settings screen. The setup instructions, a simple, 3-step process, will be displayed. The pages of your website, which still need to be customized, are downloaded as a ZIP archive. The ZIP archive contains individual files to be accessed during the editing process.


Editing a Website – Changes to the website are made by opening the downloaded folder where the template has been saved and unarchiving the files.  To make change you will have to open index.html in Notepad ++ or other coding editor. Since the code is straightforward it will be very easy for you to modify it, even if you have limited HTML and CSS skills.

  • This Slides’ tutorial shows where and how to make an edit to get what you want. Once editing has been completed, a final preview can be made and the now-completed website can be uploaded to the host server.


Slides is priced at $249. This is a one-time purchase, and this framework can be used on an unlimited number of sites. Included in the purchase price are the Slides Generator, the pre-defined templates, an instruction manual, and email support. There are also tutorial videos to help a first-time user get started.

Slides is Recommended


Slides is ideal for creating a one-page or a multi-page presentation-style website (there is no page limit). It is fast, and it is incredibly straightforward to use. Users should have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, but advanced coding skills are not a requirement.

While the number of design features may seem relatively small, Slides is extremely versatile insofar as creating customized web pages is concerned. It is compatible with the most commonly used browsers, it is fast loading, and it will work on any web server.

This framework website builder is highly recommended for use by individual designers, small teams, and small businesses to showcase products.


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