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15 Awesome CSS3 Text Effects

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Every web designer wants to create only standing apart websites that are appreciated by all Internet users. Of course, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Still, as a web designer you must merely try to give your best to create the most liked online presences.

Fortunately, we have the most powerful tools and resources to create awesome websites since the beginning of the world! Practically, we have so many website templates, frameworks, content management systems, adjacent tools and other stuff, that is impossible to use all of them…In fact, a web designer uses an infinitesimal part of all the available tools.

Under these circumstances, the best designer isn’t necessarily the most talented one; the best designer is the one who has at disposal the best tools. Definitely, we want the best for all our readers and consequently, we collected for you some useful CSS snippets that might make the difference in your projects! It’s about 15 great CSS3 text effects – all are handpicked and we think that these may add a sparkle of originality to your next projects. Some of them are useful for particular uses, while others are suitable for multiple uses.

Everything man-made is perfectible and this post isn’t an exception! In the event that we missed your favorite CSS3 text effect, please add it in the comment form and we will add it into a future post! Also, it will be great toshare with us your opinion about these text effects.

If you love colors and you want a wonderful and full of color text effect, then this one is the perfect solution for you! It is very suitable to display the name of a creative agency or for portfolio projects. Of course, it may be used for any other type of projects – if you want to stand apart, this text effect is a good choice!

See the Pen Magnetype by Bennett Feely (@bennettfeely) on CodePen.

The loading wave effect is really awesome! It may be used to add a little bit of mystery to a project or to highlight the fact that time is passing. It would be interesting to use it in order to stress a discount or a special offer which is running only for a very short period of time.What do you think?

See the Pen CSS Text filling with water by xiaodong (@hxd) on CodePen.

This is a very interesting text effect; I think that due to the color scheme used it might be applied to emphasize a vintage design. It’s a smart use of text shadows and it has the potential to attract the users’ attention. Don’t forget, vintage will never die!

See the Pen CodePen Text Effect by Jack Rugile (@jackrugile) on CodePen.

The next text effect works as a magnet for the viewers. You may use it to improve the sign-up form, to emphasize a new product offered for sale or simply to attract the eyes of the viewers. It’s enticing and a wise web designer would use it into his/her advantage!

See the Pen In/out of focus text effect by Jonny Scholes (@jonnyscholes) on CodePen.

I think that the trend amongst web designers is to create more dynamic online presences. The cool sliding effects and page transitions are the most used possibilities of adding more dynamism to a website. Still, if you want even more dynamism, this amazing CSS3 text effect may be a good option. I think that is a simple but effective solution!

See the Pen Motion by Janos (@nokiss) on CodePen.

The most demanding clients are the kids, but it shouldn’t make you give up creating websites for them. If you are working on a kid’s related project or on a funny one, then you may use this text effect! The Jokerman font has its special beauty, isn’t it?

See the Pen CSS3 Text Effects.. by Unmesh Shukla (@unmeshpro) on CodePen.

CSS3 and 3D have in common more than only the number “3”! CSS3 allows creating good looking 3D effects as the one from this snippet.This effect is suitable for a large pool of projects and I think that you should give it a try!

See the Pen CSS text effects by Kellie Kowalski (@scifriday) on CodePen.

Sometimes, playing with fire may be fun! Don’t worry, I am not a pyromaniac, I am just impressed by this cool text effect! I didn’t remember seeing this text effect in the layout of other websites, so here is another reason to use it and create an original website!

See the Pen Text Effect by Noor AL-Hassan (@N00R_alhassan) on CodePen.

In the situation that you appreciate more a discrete text effect, this “foggy effect” is my recommendation. It’s true that it may negatively affect the usability of your website. On the other hand, if you don’t risk, you don’t win! Of course, it may be tweaked to correspond to your requirements!

See the Pen Foggy text effect by andreas_pr (@andreas_pr) on CodePen.

Even though this text effect is pretty complex, it is realized using only CSS, there is no JavaScript. Personally, I think that it may be used for music related websites or to highlight a specific item from a website.

See the Pen SVG Stroke Text Effect by Michael Musgrove (@musgrove) on CodePen.

This is a very discrete effect, but I think that it may add the “wow” effect into your layouts. The metallic look is wonderfully created and the appearing/disappearing moments emphasize it.

See the Pen animated SVG gradient for a fading text effect by vavik (@vavik96) on CodePen.

I may be subjective because I am a big fan of Star Wars movie, but this text effect is really cool. It makes your projects way more interesting and no doubt, the fans of this movie will fell in love with your website because of this effect.

See the Pen Star Wars 3D Scrolling Text in CSS3 (with music) by Scott Bram (@squarecat) on CodePen.

This text effect substantially contributes to a higher interaction user-website.It reveals once again that CSS3 has a great potential and a talented web designer can create nice animations with just few lines of code.

See the Pen Text animation by Yoann (@yoannhel) on CodePen.

It’s the last item of this list, but you shouldn’t ignore it. Much more, the cherry on the cake it’s the fact that there are no more than 10 amazing CSS3 text effects. I think that you should carefully check all of them and study how these attracting effects were realized.

See the Pen 10 stunning hover effects with scss by Renan C. araujo (@caraujo) on CodePen.

The ones that still think that CSS attributes aren’t enough to create cool text effects should give a heed to this one! It combines multiple effects- animation, 3D perspective, shadows and text customization. I think that the shadows and stroke combination are old-fashioned, but this project is created with the purpose of showing what can be achieved with the help of “Pure CSS”.

See the Pen 3D CSS Typography by Noah Blon (@noahblon) on CodePen.

I hope that I drew your attention to the “magic powers of CSS3”. I purposely added hereonly projects based on HTML and CSS. Obviously, if you add some JavaScript lines of code, the effects will be even more interesting. Anyway, congratulations to the creators of the above projects and let’s hope that you will develop at least as cool text effects as these are!

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