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For many years, I worked in sales and marketing. I was employed by major corporations and part of my work included helping clients create websites, presentations, and advertising. I was able to retire early, but my love for this type of work has opened many doors for me to work on a volunteer basis for businesses like our local Chamber of Commerce, Animal Shelter and as a volunteer with programs through the library. I also help small business owners with their websites and advertising.

My experience has taught me, it matters not how well written something is, if no one reads it. Graphics, pictures and art work are what grab the eye. It is the beauty of the page, website, brochure or church bulletin that causes one to read on. This was a major stumbling block for me. My talent was words – not graphics. Then I found GraphicStock.com and it has changed my life! I wish I had known about this incredible resource when I was in corporate America.


The selections are endless. I have never had a problem finding exactly what I need to make my page jump out and grab a reader. This is saying a lot. You see, I do not just write about the local bake sale. I actually provide a volunteer service to small businesses and community services that are in need of professional, higher quality material but do not have the budget for a marketing team to design it.

With this simple and easy to use site, I have unlimited access to downloads. Everything is on this one site. I can use textures, download artwork, and find buttons and icons for webpages. My work is different from day to day. The industry I am working on today may be polar opposites from the industry of yesterday. But there is such a huge selection (which is indexed) that no matter what idea is in my head, I find the tools to make it come alive.

I pride myself in being unique. I do not ever do a cookie cutter look. I want the site, page, flyer, or ad to be customized to the client. GraphicStock.com is continually adding to their images. The best part is I am not charged by the download, but a flat subscription fee. This is fantastic for people like me who change their minds and tweak a page until it is perfect.


I would like to commend the creators of this site. The quality is second to none. Though you may not see it first hand, because of this user friendly and well-designed system, you allow people like me to thrive. You allow businesses to prosper and give people a quality and affordable option to promote their cause. Thank you! With every project I take on, I share this fantastic site!

Please don’t forget that you can apply for a Free Trail account for 7 days. You can download over 140 sample images from the site to use. It’s yours to keep, even if you don’t want to continue with the membership. Start Your 7 Day Free Trial Now!

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