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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Pre-Made Layouts?

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The Value of Pre-made Layouts

There are a number of important features to look for when selecting any WordPress theme, with some of the more obvious ones being responsiveness, speed, SEO optimization, and ease of customization. This latter feature is often achieved through the use of multiple layouts, and the means of manipulating them. Pre-made layouts can significantly cut down on website development time, without a risk of sacrificing quality. More is better as far as the number of ready to use layouts is concerned. A theme that can boast 100 or more layouts is usually a much more effective website development tool than one that features a single, or a mere handful of these important features. Layout content and quality is important, but the usability and ease of customizing a layout is the real time saver.

Get started with Pre-made Layouts

The pre-made layouts shown here are just a sampling of the large number that are currently available, and they are excellent examples of the design quality web designers look to achieve, and have a right to expect, from a given theme’s offerings. Every one of these layouts is modern in appearance, and eachis an example of the idea-generating features a designer looks for to get a project off to a rapid start. All it usually takes is to watch a demo of one of these layouts to realize they are concepts and not mere pictures, and how useful they can be to get the creation of a web page off to a fast start.

Examples of pre-made layouts:








Having seen the some of the potential uses and idea-generating features these pre-made layoutsoffer, the obvious question is this:
How does one go about installing and modifying a given layout to put it to practical use?
As you will shortly see, the answer is not a complicated one.

Installing and Editing a Be WordPressTheme Pre-made Layout

If you have a minute to spare, watch this video. That is all the time it takes to show you how to install and edit a Be Themepre-made layout. Installing and initial editing will take more time than watching the video, but not all that much.

Once you get the feel for editing your layout, which will not take you very long, you will find you can do a significant amount of experimenting and editing in a remarkably short time. The following 3-step tutorial shows you how easy it us to install a pre-made layout. As you will see, it is not a complicated process at all, and it will only take a minute of your time.

Step 1 – After installing Be, click on BeTheme Demo data.


Step 2 – Scroll and select your pre-made layout, then click on “Import Demo Data”.


Step 3 – Congratulations, you have now imported a pre-made layout. Go in the Pages screen of your WordPress dashboard and start editing it. You can use Visual Composer or Muffin Builder for the task. You can even use them both at the same time.


To sum up, installing a pre-made layout only required three steps and the entire process can be completed in under one minute.

Core Features

Creating a list of Be Themes’ core features can be somewhat of a challenge, sinceBe is loaded with powerful features. It is, in the view of many, one of the best premium multipurpose WordPresstheme on the market, and to call it a feature-rich theme is practically an understatement. The fact that this theme has been successfully used by more than 29,000 satisfied customers speaks for itself. It takes but a single click to install Be, and many of its features are activated and manipulated by a single-click operation as well.

Pre-made Layouts


The more than 100 ready-to-use layouts is unmatched by any of Be’s competitors, and the sheer number of themes together with the ease of customization, constitute one of this theme’s core features.Every layout iscompletely customizable, and customizing is a lighting fast operation. You can create a page that has the precise look and feelyou want, in no time at all. The layouts configurator option adds even more versatility when working from a specific layout, as it enables you to create totally different layout schemes for different pages by choosing boxed or full width layouts, choosing different grid sizes, or by selecting among a variety of header styles, logos, or skins.

Muffin Builder/Shortcodes – The Muffin Builder feature, together with more than 200 shortcodes, makes this theme a practical web development tool and an ideal choice for those who have limited coding knowledge. If you don’t care all that much for text shortcode, or if you prefer to avoid coding altogether,Muffin Builder, in combination with Visual Composer enables you to create web pages extremely rapidly, and you can use either one, or both.


Visual Composer – The Visual Composer drag and drop page builder plugin that is included in Be Theme, can make a novice look like a page-building expert, plus it gives the developer the ability to create complex layouts without having to resort to using a single line of code. VC gives you total control over your pages’ layouts, and once you have achieved your objective, you can save your newly created layout as a template for later use.

Layer Slider – This feature enables you to embed videos on web pages, create image galleries slideshows, and much more. Like most Be features, it has an easy to use admin interface, and like most Be features it has a way of making you appear to be an expert in its use in no time at all. Layer Slider is responsive. It supports touch features on mobile devices and various other operations, and it comes with an impressive variety of options that will enable you to designa slider down to the minutest of details.



These are but a few of the many features you will find in Be Theme, albeit they are the most powerful ones. Each has been designed to use a pre-made layout to its best advantage. Customizing is as easy as dragging, dropping, and making single-click selections. Visit the Be Theme site and view the demos, and you will quickly discover just how easy it can be to take a pre-made layout, and turn it into a webpage that is informative, practical, and stunning in its appearance.


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