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Useful Services & Tools for Converting Designs to Code

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An experienced website or mobile app developer can sail through the initial design process, only to have things come to a grinding halt when the time comes to convert his designs into SEO-friendly, cross-browser compatible code. PSD to HTML conversion can be a time-consuming task, and an error-prone one as well for anyone who does not do it on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are a number of companies, and several online or downloadable tools, that can do the conversion for you.
Several of the leading PSD to HTML/CSS businesses are listed below, together with a downloadable tool you can use to perform conversions yourself. Browse the list, and see what might work best for you.

PSD To Manythings

PSD to Manythings, as the name implies, is a company that offers a variety of practical services to the web community. Send them your PSD design, and they will return pixel perfect, cross-browser compatible (X)HTML, CMS, and Ecommerce markup, templates, or themes. This company has a sterling reputation. It serves clients in over 50 countries, and it has more than 500 WordPress implementation projects under its belt. This is the only PSD to HTML company recognized by Woo Commerce. Many within the using community will tell you it is among the top 10 companies in the industry.

In addition to their basic PSD to HTML services, PSD to Manythings’s services include PSD to Responsive HTML, WordPress, OpenCart, and Joomla. They will also upgrade and/or maintain your website if you request. Their development team will fully adhere to your specifications and requirements and deliver clean, well-documented, and SEO semantic code on time and at an affordable price.


Chop-Chop.org is another highly-regarded company that can take your PSD design and convert it into hand-coded, multi-browser compatible, pixel perfect HTML and CSS markup. All you have to do is upload your design file, whether it is a PSD file, an AI file, or another standard file type, and send along your payment (PayPal will work best). Your designs will be sliced, or “chop-chopped” if you prefer, and the resulting clean-coded, SEO-friendly HTML/CSS files will be sent to you via email. Chop-Chop.org currently serves over 500 clients in more than 30 countries. With more than 5 years of software development experience behind it, this company has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the best, and possibly the best startup shop in the HTML/CSS slicing service industry.


PSDgator will take your PSD design and convert it into an HTML/CSS thing of beauty. You can rest assured the code will be clean, pixel perfect, cross-browser compatible, and W3C compliant. It will naturally be hand coded as well. In addition to working with new designs, they will re-code and re-slice your working website at your request, using SEO-friendly, hand-coded practices. PSDgator will go over your project’s design, requirements and specifications with you in detail any time you request them to do so. They guarantee you will always receive friendly customer service, as well as prompt customer support should you encounter problems in installing a coded page. Most orders are completed within 48-hours.

Direct Basing

With 7 years of experience, and over 10,000 successfully completed projects behind them, Direct Basing is in an excellent position to offer you top-quality service. They invite you become one of their more than 2,700 clients. You can try their PSD design file conversions to HTML, XHTML, or HTML5 with or without WordPress, Joomla or Magento CMS today. The finished code will be cross-browser compatible, responsive, and SEO-friendly. You upload, Direct Basing does the slicing and coding, and you download. That’s all there is to it.


SlicenPress has the expertise to help you build good websites for your clients. Among their various services, they offer PSD to HTML/CSS slicing, responsive development, and adaptive layouts that are delivered to you as code that has been thoroughly tested across each of the major browsers and devices. If you need on-going support or assistance in keeping your site up to date, SlicenPress can help you there as well.


Like most of the other companies in this list, Pixel2HTML will take your beautiful design, and convert it into and amazing Responsive HTML/CSS markup. Their prices are quite reasonable, which makes this company well worth looking into. Once you have uploaded your Photoshop/Sketch/Illustrator design files, there’s not much more for you to do while your files are being converted into hand-coded websites. At your request, Pixel2HTML can also integrate you markup files with CMS such as Shopify, Tumblr, or WordPress. All you need to get started is to request a quote.


The CSSChopper development team has successfully completed more than 13,800 projects for 9000+ clients. What this means for you is if you choose them to provide your PSD to HTML conversion needs, you have every reason to expect a quality service in a reasonable turnaround time. They accept virtually any standard design format, and your multi-browser compatible, pixel-perfect hand written code will normally be ready for you to download in less than 2 days. CSSChopper emphasizes the point that their code is always designed to be as fast loading as possible.


CodedPSD has great faith in their capabilities. If the hand coded HTML/CSS you receive after having submitted your PSD design file does not meet with your complete satisfaction, there will be no charge. It is a nice feeling to work with a company that does not expect payment until you have received the final result and you are happy with it. Their clean code is W3C validated, cross-browser compatible, and search engine optimized.


The XHTMLized front-end development team adapts Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch design processes, and translates them into website-ready code. They provide back-end support as well. They will take your PSD design, slice it, and convert it into an up-and-running HTML5 or WordPress-based website or website page in no time. XHTMLized developers will also create clever animations for your website, thanks in part to their expertise in CSS3 transitions and animations. Your needs may be nothing more than simple PSD to HTML conversions, but you nevertheless have a full-service software development company at your disposal for whatever assistance you may need.

Reliable PSD

If you’ve ever sent your design off to get coded, and what you got back horrified you, this new service just might be your “beacon of light”. Digital agency Unexpected Ways recently launched a PSD to HTML / WordPress conversion service called Reliable PSD. They too experienced countless frustrations with these services, so they decided to create their own. Louisa Levit, Reliable PSD co-founder said, “We realized that so many designers were as frustrated as us. So we said, ‘If we ran one of these companies, what would we do differently?’ And we realized we were really passionate about fixing this problem.”


MARKUPBOX offers multiple types of PSD conversions, including PSD to HTML/HTML5. They offer reasonably priced, 100% hand-written, pixel perfect markup that is cross-browser and device compatible. AI and PNG conversion is also available. Their markup is easily integrated with the CMS of your choice. Optional features include Responsive, retina display compatibility, and screen reader’s compatibility.


XHTMLchamps enjoys a global presence, and currently serves clients in 60 countries, from Argentina to Greenland. Their services include PSD conversions to XHTML and CSS2, PSD conversions to HTML5 and CSS3, Responsive web design, and mobile template development. As a conversion service provider, they put a premium on delivering SEO-friendly code that is guaranteed to load quickly on any of the standard browsers.


HTMLPanda develops websites and mobile apps. They invite you to submit your latest and best design idea so they can work their magic and deliver a top-quality digital product in return. Their specialty is converting PSD into W3C-validated, SEO-optimized code, whether it is for your website or for a mobile device app. The company is in fact an industry leader in iOS and Android mobile app development, having a broad background in development and coding.


Codly is a Photoshop extension especially for mobile developers and designers. Since it acts as an extension, there is no need for you to learn a new tool to make your own conversions. Everything is drag and drop. You can use this extension as a prototyping tool, use it to produce native Android XML, or generate code for cross-platform use on iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.


With PSDSLICER at your disposal, you can convert PSD to XHTML, HTML5, Responsive, or WordPress. Their hand-coded markup strictly follows W3C guidelines, and is cross-browser compatible, pixel perfect, and SEO friendly. Their pricing is quite reasonable, and delivery time is normally within 24 hours. Express delivery (8 hours) is also available, as is 24/7 online support.

Ending thoughts

Now that you have had a chance to browse this list of use PSD to HTML/CSS conversion companies, give one of these companies a try if you believe they could be of help to you, and let us know how it worked out. If you don’t see a company you feel belongs in our listing, please leave a comment below and tell us which one it is.

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